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Review #1, by H and G potter Farm Gossip

26th January 2009:
definitly the same way! i LOVE it ;o) i can't wait 4 the rest of this, eventhough it probably won't come cause its abandoned *sniff* poor little story, out there all alone in the big wide world. sry bout that, but i really like the story.
~H and G potter

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Review #2, by prongslover13 Farm Gossip

24th December 2008:
I think you should do option 3 and 4 together!
I love the story so far!
Its awesome!

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Review #3, by Lily_and_James_4eva Farm Gossip

26th February 2007:
yay! i love the way you write! please update soon and i believe that you should continue in this style.

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Review #4, by Growlithe Farm Gossip

26th February 2006:
The same way is quite nice. It is nice to have a story I can actually read to my little sister. She loves it. Ummmm, perhaps I would prefer a little magic. This is my first review but I would say 'Keep up the good spelling work!' (I have read a few atrocious stories before.) Keep writing!

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Review #5, by unknown Farm Gossip

27th November 2005:
i very much enjoyed your story. maybe you can do a chappie of each? keep writting!

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Review #6, by s Farm Gossip

6th November 2005:
option 1 i think its fine for now and good

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Review #7, by Ashley Farm Gossip

28th October 2005:
Hey me again..I read all your replies for the first reviews and there you say that you already have chapter 3 ready...I'm still waiting!!! But I don't know what's happening around you right now so maybe you have a good reason... But I really really want to know the end of this story and I'm affraid that you're going to abandon this story:( But to be sure would you please e-mail me at this adress So that I know when you've updated

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Review #8, by antoinette Farm Gossip

19th September 2005:
opt. 4. James's eyes.

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Review #9, by Ashley Farm Gossip

2nd September 2005:
NOOOOO NO Poll you must keep it the way it is now cuz I like story's like this much better not some Pov's it gets confusing you can do some bits out of Lily's or James P.O.V. But not all you must keep the greater thing like this otherwise I'll swear i stop reading it SO you just must do... OPTION ONE(your pretty dence if you hadn't figured it out yet:P LOL.)

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Review #10, by lily Farm Gossip

30th July 2005:
options 3 and 4 please these fariy tale stories rock!!!!

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Review #11, by marietta Farm Gossip

23rd July 2005:
option 4 - out of james's eyes.

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Review #12, by liliana1122 Farm Gossip

14th July 2005:
well, i really really really think im going insane still waiting for u to update with more chapters of this story, coz i absolutely love ur story and ur ideas. the same way u've written so far is far and i like it and it would be better if occasionally it also came from lily's and jame's eyes or P.O.V. or woteva u call it, just to know what each of them are thinking or feeling or how they are seeing things....plz plz plz plz i think im gonna cry, im flippin here, u NEED to post more REAL SOON!!! i will be waiting and looking forward to reading more of ur upcoming stories.

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Review #13, by malfoy_craze Farm Gossip

17th June 2005:

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Review #14, by phonix_fire Farm Gossip

1st June 2005:
the same or either of their p.o.v.s not diary. hurry i love it. update pleeeeeeaaaaase. for me : )

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Review #15, by phoenix fire5 Farm Gossip

18th May 2005:
option 1 definatly. but u got to update really soon.plz plz plz

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Review #16, by GoldenGirl The prince and the porter

21st April 2005:
Um i couldnt even read the summary!

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Review #17, by _My_Lily_Flower_ Farm Gossip

5th April 2005:
Option 1...I <3 the story!

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Review #18, by Thea Farm Gossip

29th March 2005:
I think you should switch between lily's p.o.v., and james's p.o.v. I love the story, but it is confusing in some places.

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Review #19, by luna evans Farm Gossip

7th March 2005:
option 4 - out of james's eyes.

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Review #20, by groovytinkerbellchik Farm Gossip

19th February 2005:
i think that u shoudl alternate between options 3 and 4 well ttys ~T

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Review #21, by Axil Farm Gossip

6th February 2005:
I really like this story!! It's really different! I think option 4 - out of James's POV {eyes}... It would be really different, since the first two chapters were basicly about Lily... Write more really soon, Axil

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Review #22, by Kina Potter Farm Gossip

5th February 2005:
i think option 1.good story by the way

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Review #23, by Arabella Farm Gossip

5th February 2005:
I love this story

Author's Response: wow thanks! I rather like it mysekf, sure if this story was a guy i would proable hold his hand.... but thats me so! meh!

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Review #24, by maria Farm Gossip

4th February 2005:
nice story. love it. option 1 koo

Author's Response: well good knew it's going be option 1!!!! the next chapter is my favorite so far!!

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Review #25, by lilyangel77 Farm Gossip

4th February 2005:
pleaseez continue

Author's Response: okay!

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