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Reading Reviews for An Ethereal Eternity
12 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Casems Stick to the Code

16th March 2005:

Author's Response: no need to say more lol :)

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Review #2, by Alison Stick to the Code

8th March 2005:
This is good! Thanks for recommending it!

Author's Response: Hey Alison! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing and i hope you continue to read it :)

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Review #3, by kimmy An Ethereal Eternity

10th February 2005:
goodness gracious!! when are you going to post your next chapter! i am bored because i have no story to read! oh well, bye.

Author's Response: once mugglenet accepts our chapter 2 we'll post chapter 3 sorry for the wait but you cant rush brilliance

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Review #4, by Bethany The Red Hot Marshmallow Queen

8th February 2005:
I don't mean to be picky but I did find a few errors! Other then that keep on writing!

Author's Response: gawd beth! cant you just enjoy the sexiness of the stpry j/k call one of us so we can fix them

Author's Response: oops see im not perfect! above i meant the sexiness of the STORY

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Review #5, by honeyluvr An Ethereal Eternity

7th February 2005:
It was awesome!!!

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Review #6, by kimmy The Red Hot Marshmallow Queen

7th February 2005:
Bravo! this chapter is better than the first!! i want to have a pillow fight with marshmellows and chocolate!! the begining is freaking hilarious!

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Review #7, by Padfootroxs The Red Hot Marshmallow Queen

6th February 2005:
Now I want to eat marshmallows! Another brilliant chapter :) I’ll start the banner as soon as I get the final choice of pictures! I’ll be waiting for an update ;)

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Review #8, by Padfootroxs An Ethereal Eternity

6th February 2005:
Bravo! Glad that the story is finally up! "He wanted to go to her, hold her in his arms and apologize over and over again but he knew that would only make things worse. He wondered if things would ever be right again between them, but he knew for that to happen he would have to change. He could change, for her… " Poor James, why can't guys be as sweet as that? Well off to the next chapter I go!

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Review #9, by Suzie Q! An Ethereal Eternity

3rd February 2005:
HOLY BOB AND BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!! I FINALLY FOUND IT! i must say i am very much indeed glad and quite honored to have found it! fantastic work i applaud each and every one of you! cheers and cheerio!

Author's Response: yeah suzie q! so glad you found it! and im glad you enjoyed it! hope you like the next chapter just as much!

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Review #10, by Bethany (the one that matters!) An Ethereal Eternity

3rd February 2005:
OMG! I totally can't wait for the next chapter! You guys Rock! Love ya! Whoever edited this was so cool!

Author's Response: thanks beth! :)

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Review #11, by kimmy An Ethereal Eternity

1st February 2005:
good job guys!! when do you post the next chapter?

Author's Response: hey kimmy...look forward to it before friday

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Review #12, by Infamoustrio An Ethereal Eternity

29th January 2005:
i love your fanfic but i cant believe james said that to lily

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