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Review #1, by firefawn Shadow Dancer

26th August 2005:
Wow, the intensity bleeds off the page and the vivid descriptions are amazing! The crystalizing water glass was a great teaser to display her power, yet to tease the reader into wanting to know more about her. The self-loathing is realistic, and the only constructive criticism I can give is about the spacing! lol Try going back into the edit area and seperating the paragraphs so it's a bit easier to read. ;)

Author's Response: omg, thank you for all the compliments, i'm glad you were finally able to review! the spacing was trouble because had it all originally spaced but i edited it then pasted it in to word for saving and spell checks and then i copy and pasted it back and it was all messed up...the trials of life

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Review #2, by SerenityJc17 Shadow Dancer

3rd March 2005:
i like it keep up with the story ^_^!!!

Author's Response: hey, thanks, still working on it

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Review #3, by psychokitten Shadow Dancer

20th February 2005:
Also just a little note it says that you story has been finished! you might want to change that! Write more soon!

Author's Response: haha, yeah i just get a little spacy sometimes and do stupid things lol

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Review #4, by psychokitten Shadow Dancer

20th February 2005:
OOOOH! i like it alot. Good job and make another soon!

Author's Response: i try my best but like in quizilla i spread them out

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Review #5, by therstal Shadow Dancer

17th February 2005:
This is great. Even better then the quizilla. version.....

Author's Response: hey, lol thanks! i was hoping to hear that, i think you'll really like the next one. it gets in to the part i never was able to get to on quizilla

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Review #6, by aquademon Shadow Dancer

10th February 2005:
yay! so far so good. i cant wait for more!! im eager to no more about Elena.

Author's Response: haha, thank you so much. i am working on the second and you will definately get your wish for more about elena but i need to still work on it :)

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Review #7, by BlackRaven17 Shadow Dancer

9th February 2005:

Author's Response: did i send myself a review? oops, lol

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