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Review #1, by jamie summers Think of Me

28th December 2008:
hey i love the story. it puts a twist to the whole James/Lily story. Do you by any chance know the name of the guy you used on your banner? the one just right of the title. i'd love to know. once again i really loved it!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! And I'm very glad you liked it. His name is Kevin Zegers.

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Review #2, by sarahblack Think of Me

3rd June 2007:
Its a good songfic. You didn't use the lyrics in between paragraphs, instead it was all there. In the story & someone who didn't know that song wouldn't even realize that this was based on a song. Which is pretty cool.

Author's Response: LoL, thank you Sarah! :) I'm glad you liked it. ;)

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Review #3, by Belle_Rose Think of Me

12th April 2007:
REMUS! Do you know that you live longer than any of them (other than Peter because your both still alive...)? Don't think that your time is near! Oh do they name Harry after Remus?


~ Leah

Author's Response: Yes they name Harry after Remus, and he was talking about the time of the full moon. ;)

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Review #4, by al3x Think of Me

31st March 2007:
Awww =[ That was sad!! But very good =]

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

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Review #5, by LovelyMioneWeasley Think of Me

15th March 2007:
Aw soo sad. It was increidably well written though. This has actually inspired me to write my own! Thanks!

Author's Response: Aww thank you! And you're

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Review #6, by hillo09 Think of Me

4th March 2007:
amazing...I loved it

Author's Response: thank you! :)

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Review #7, by firefawn Think of Me

21st February 2007:
Wow! Jaggy this is amazing! I am positively adoring the Phantom of the Opera undertones that are found in Remus' thoughts, because that continuity really sets a nice 'tone' for the story, and I like how you managed to portray the passage of time quickly, without it seeming too quickly. When I looked at the word count after reading this I was positively stunned that it was so short, yet it felt very long (and that is a good thing) while I was reading it! :) 10/10

Author's Response: Ok, OMG you've no idea how much you have just made my day. Here I was just answering my reviews to Move Along, and I go back to "All Reviews" and find that my all time favorite author on this site has reviewed not one of my stories, but four. Serious *squee* moment.

Moving right along, thank you very much for your outstanding compliment, I'm glad it seemed much longer than it actually was. And see, this site has some rules about Phantom of the Opera (and all musicals) music, so I had to write it w/o the actual lyrics and still get the message across. It was a challenge. ;) I'm very glad you're pleased with it though! :D

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Review #8, by Unicorn Girl Think of Me

4th February 2007:
wow! this story was amazing. great idea

Author's Response: thanks! :)

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Review #9, by Redneck_writer Think of Me

30th January 2007:
Totally unexpected. I thought He was Remus not James. Good writing.

Author's Response: :D Fun stuff isn't it?

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Review #10, by Lily Lupin Think of Me

23rd January 2007:
Wow, I know I always say"wow" after reading your stories, but still it fits. I love how you don't say who is talking until the end, and I love love love the mystery in it.
Like always.I love it

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm flattered that my work is "wow" worthy! :D

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Review #11, by almost_witch Think of Me

16th January 2007:
Aw... really sweet. I love the idea of Remus and Lily. Well written story. Also I have never heard of Remus having the middle name Harry, maybe she named it after him...

Sorry... just getting side tracked here. But yeah, well written short story.

Author's Response: LoL, he doesn't. His middle name is John, but that's what I wanted the affect to be. It's a bit AU. lol.

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Review #12, by Laugharama_llama Think of Me

12th January 2007:
It's great, but I've never been a fan of Remus/Lily fics. 10/10!

Author's Response: lol, well I'm glad you liked it anyways! :D

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Review #13, by AloneintheDark Think of Me

11th January 2007:
again, normally i leave long reviews but I have only a quick moment before I have basketball practice (that was the "excuse" my last review, i know, and you must be thinking "how could someone have practice, get ack on the comp. and then have more practice?" well, you see, I have but a moment because I play one four different basketball teams, plus soccer, and all my extra curricular actvities, I promis I will evetually get around to a real review, Luna style, for one of your great stories as soon as time is cool with it.) ~LUNA 10/10~

Author's Response: LoL, it's all good. I'm glad you like my stories so much! :D Have a good practice!

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Review #14, by robbiejarvisluvr1 Think of Me

22nd December 2006:
OMG! I feel like crying. That is so touching. BTW, I love you! You put Robbie Jarvis in your banner. Thank you so much. I am in love with Robbie Jarvis, hence my penname. I love the story, just in case you think I am only reviewing for your banner. Great job! Write more. I liked the story even though I am totally anti Lily/Anyother Marauder because none of them would ever do that to James. But anyway, great job and write more. 10-10, even though I am crying.

Author's Response: Awwww, I'm touched that you're crying! And I'm glad that you're glad that I used Robbie. :)

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Review #15, by ohxmyyxwhao Think of Me

12th December 2006:
i LOVE that song!

Author's Response: me too! ;)

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Review #16, by K Think of Me

11th November 2006:
I like this one-shot. The part that's the best is the fact that Remus never say's James's name. He always refers to James as "him" or "her fiancee," which is very tellling. Anyway, great story.

Author's Response: :) I liked that too. Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by padfootlover4eva Think of Me

30th August 2006:
A beautiful story! So sad though. It made me cry. Wonderful story though!


Author's Response: aw! I didn't mean for it to make anyone cry, well maybe Remus, but he's just a poor baby that I love *huggles Remus* I'm so glad that you liked it! ;)

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Review #18, by IrishFaerie Think of Me

2nd August 2006:
hey this was a really good story i hope ou write more like it!

Author's Response: :D Remus/Lily is my fave pairing, like ever. (Although James/Lily runs a close second...followed by Draco/Hermione, Sirius/Lily, Harry/Hermione...)

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Review #19, by wolf2010 Think of Me

22nd July 2006:
Aww, that was sooo sweet! I love how you portrayed Remus!...HEY! You're Jaggy! haha, HI!, this is random. I'm The Wolf from TDA. lol. eek...I hope you're Jaggy from TDA! I bet you are. Anyways, GREAT STORY!!! I'm going to read the rest of them!

Author's Response: LoL, yes I'm the same Jaggy as the one on TDA, and thank you! I hope you enjoy the rest of my stories! :)

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Review #20, by _xSolenneBijou Think of Me

11th July 2006:

Author's Response: thank you my dear. :)

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Review #21, by mrs_heather_grint Think of Me

11th July 2006:
Whoa. You combined the two greatest things ever. Phantom of the Opera and Harry Potter. I love you! Haha. Kidding. But seriosuly. Two greatest things ever. Haha. I feel stupid..I had to read it twice.. Cause... I thought Lily and Remus were getting married and James was telling the story. Oh jeez. I think I need sleep :].

Author's Response: yeppers, Phantom of the Opera and Harry Potter are a fantastic combo. ;) And nope, James and Lily were getting hitched, not Remus and Lily.

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Review #22, by Midnight Seductress Think of Me

10th July 2006:
I loved this so much, it made me cry, poor little remus!

Author's Response: aw! you really cried? that's sweet! and sad. and yes, very sad for Remus. I love him dearly and feel so very sorry for him.

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Review #23, by natnco Think of Me

5th July 2006:
wow gr8 start write more it sounds really good.

Author's Response: it's a one-shot, but thank you! ;-)

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Review #24, by Zaphira Think of Me

4th July 2006:
Awww... that is so sad. I know that there are lots of fics where Remus likes Lily and usually I don't like them because I want all their lives to be perfect...well, until they die...! But your story really convinced me, and the Remus John Harry that like why Lily chose the name Harry? That is so sweet :)

Author's Response: Yes that is why Lily chose the name Harry. ;) I figured Remus should have something since Sirius got the role of godfather. And I'm glad I made a Remus/Lily fan out of you! Whoot! (It is my fave pairing, and has been since the first time I read about Remus talking so fondly of Lily.

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Review #25, by Lantern Think of Me

23rd June 2006:
Think of me, think of me fondly when we've said goodbye. remember me once in a while please promise me you'll try. When you find
that, once again, you long to take your heart back and be free, if you ever find a moment, spare a thought for me. *tear* Hey once more it is lantern. HI! Well, firstly, i will once more compliment you on your suburb choice of song (I adore the Phantom of the Opera) and Secondly i will compliment you on your excellent writing skills. You are now one of my favorite authors.

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you! That makes my day, well night, er morning. (It's 3:30am

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