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Review #1, by rougette It's Not a Violin

9th November 2008:
It was really good, I like how you established characters!!

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Review #2, by RupertsPheonix It's Not a Violin

24th May 2007:
Aww, very nice.

I've played the violin for nearly seven years, and this caught my eye. I liked that you had him playing the viola; sometimes I feel violas are forgotten in the orchestra. (Is that weird?)

The one critique I have is that maybe you could have Ron start off stubling a bit more when doing his speech about the stars and romance stuff. I liked that you started by having him say, "'And then... then,'" but maybe add a little more stuttering at the beginning and have it die off to show his boost in confidence, which then shows his reason for playing the piece. Just a little constructive criticsm. =)

I like that you used "con amor"; it was very appropriate.

This fic is so unique! It was amazing and kept me captivated the whole time. Wonderful job!! =)


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Review #3, by Emerald_Angel It's Not a Violin

10th August 2006:
Wowowowowowowow! That was so bloody brilliant! And sweet! You had the characters in character and still tweaked them beyond JKR's boundaries. I'm impressed! Full rated!

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Review #4, by Welsh Bard It's Not a Violin

1st August 2006:
Ah, a sophisticated, intelligent "how-they-got-together" fic, thankfully not nauseatingly romantic. Warm, and more about loving somebody, than fancying someone passionately.

Kudos to you, m'am.

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Review #5, by goldenretrievergirl It's Not a Violin

6th July 2006:
That was SO sweet! I loved how Ron thought of something to show Hermione which would appeal to her. I also loved how Ron wanted to practice to make sure it was just perfect. This is one of the best Ron/Hermione stories I have ever read.

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Review #6, by SadForSirius It's Not a Violin

11th March 2006:
I play the viola!!!! I got the title even before I read it. I love that you give credit to such an underappreciated instrument. I loved the story too. Very lovely!!!! : )

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Review #7, by Drunk Elves It's Not a Violin

23rd January 2006:
One word. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! {we don't care if that isn't really a word. this story deserved a good aw.} ~Drunkies

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Review #8, by eskimo girl It's Not a Violin

10th December 2005:
Awwwww!! (Why do all the reviews I leave for you start like that?) Seriously, anyone would think you liked writing romance fics, and I liked reading them. ;) Plus, this line is great: "I gave a sympathetic smile to his abandoned piece of parchment and quill. I almost reached out and gave them a small, comforting pat, but decided not to go that far." So funny!! Well done! :)

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Review #9, by fate48 It's Not a Violin

16th November 2005:
wow. What a twist. great job! one tip, don't write in the summary about the musical instrument. It kidna gives it away :)

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Review #10, by JadePotter It's Not a Violin

23rd October 2005:
That was so sweet.

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Review #11, by newgirl It's Not a Violin

4th September 2005:
ah, bravo. I'm a violinist, do you play an instument...most non musicians don't know anything about the technical stuff you put int the fic. Which was written very well by the way.

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Review #12, by bree It's Not a Violin

1st July 2005:
OMG!! that was the sweetest thing i've ever read. i can just picture it in my mind. Ron's words were just so adorable and loving and truly is the most touching thing i've read in my life. this might as well be my favourite one-shot ever. your writing impresses me very much. it was just... BLOODY BRILLIANT!! :)

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, thank you for this extremely lovely review! I admit, I am very pleased with this creation of mine, but I didn't think it was that good. Still, I am very glad you enjoyed it. I had to give the viola some credit, and what better way to do that than tying it into a fluffy one-shot? Thank you very much -- it's been wonderful reading all of your kind reviews on several of my stories. I appreciate you taking the time to read and tell me what you think. ^__^

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Review #13, by Nalani It's Not a Violin

19th June 2005:
I loved it!!! it was soooo good! Im so glad that i read it!! It was sooo sweet how you had him play the viola and that he was writing a song for Hermione. I would never think of Ron playing a instrument. i dont know. Really liked it!

Author's Response: I play the viola, so I had always wanted to write a fluffy fic with someone playing it. I've never written Ron/Hermione before, so I decided to give it a shot. Ron isn't exactly the instrument type. But I think I was able to keep him pretty well in-character anyway. Thank you very much the the review. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #14, by Lassy_Luna It's Not a Violin

5th June 2005:
Although I don't like the ship, I love the plot. It was actually the title that caught my eye because I am a violinist myself. Lovely little story. :) Luna

Author's Response: A violist, here. Hey, I had to give my poor instrument some recognition. I find that far too often, we're sinking under the shadows of the violins -- no offense to violinists such as yourself, of course. ^__^ Thanks for the review! I'm really glad that you decided to give my story a shot even though you aren't very fond of R/H.

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Review #15, by nomikkin It's Not a Violin

24th May 2005:
aww, how sweet. that was a very satidfying one-shot indeed. it's going under my favs. great job my dear! your words wrapped around my heart and made my eyes brim with tears, really. it was very touching. keep up the good work. much love! ;) ~nomikkin

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Review #16, by Darkheart It's Not a Violin

5th May 2005:
Aww that was to cute I could just imagine Ron practicing lol oh and I thought I'd let you know that a couple of people pushed me into writing a sequel ( I'm not complaining) for To love a Stranger its called Married to a stranger :) great story by the way it was so cute!

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Review #17, by Gami It's Not a Violin

28th March 2005:
Yay! *lol* Vurry gewd.

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Review #18, by Amy A. It's Not a Violin

23rd March 2005:
I knew Lavender couldn't always be wrong! Great job! You shure you've never really done Ron/Hermione? This sounded like it would take YEARS of practice! LIke a viola does... I at least know that a violin takes more than 6.5 years.. That's how long I'VE been playing, and I'm nowhere NEAR as good as Ron is! He ahs a musical talent ;)

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Review #19, by DanielRadcliffeandMe It's Not a Violin

11th March 2005:
That was extremely cute! I liked this a lot, especially since our favorite know-it-all could probably learn something from Ron. Great story.

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Review #20, by Sweet Magic It's Not a Violin

4th March 2005:
I love it very much :) The descriptions are awesome, the plot's basically awesome, everything about your writing suggests awesomeness n.n

I'm probably one of your bigger fans, lol. I love everything about your writing, because it's so simple, but so detailed! You have some kind of... grace in your writing that I've never read before.

Please, please continue writing! I love every single letter of your works!

~Sweet Magic

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Review #21, by Maggie It's Not a Violin

19th February 2005:
That may have been the cutest fanfic I've every read. I must have a soft spot for musical redheads, haha.

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Review #22, by Sam Gamgee It's Not a Violin

10th February 2005:
Aww, that was so cute!

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Review #23, by Silver_Lilacs It's Not a Violin

9th February 2005:
Hey! I love this story. it is so fluffy. Besides, I play the viola and I enjoy playing it. Anywho, it was very sweey and sentimental. I like it a lot. ~Grace Kim~

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Review #24, by Ashes of Darkness It's Not a Violin

3rd February 2005:
oh my goodness, that was far too cute for my liking. good but much too, can Ron actually play the viola or did he learn just enough for Hemione?

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Review #25, by Riddle Wood Lupin It's Not a Violin

2nd February 2005:
Simply put, beautiful. :)

Ron/Hermione is most definatly one of my favorite ships of all time. And I love music, so I thought it was perfect. So very sweet of Ron.
-Riddle Wood Lupin

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