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Review #1, by ThreeTurns Fools

16th December 2011:
I'm sorely dissappointed that it appears abandoned (I've been devouring it over the course of three or four days^^) but am still happy to have found it, a nearly instant fave of mine now.

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Review #2, by BlackLioness Fools

29th September 2009:
Whoah, a good twist at the end, it certainly fooled me. I enjoy every time Snape and Dumledore are together in this story, their relationship is a complex one and you write it so well - this chapter feels like a missing scene from one of the books (hey, how the ring was obtained was never explained so it might as well be like this ;) ). Another great installment, a pleasure to read.

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Review #3, by lilausty Can And Can't

17th September 2009:
well I certainly hope that you update soon. This is so good, and I cannot wait to see which way Snape turns in this time frame should be exciting!

I know it is how you have characerised him, but is Harry supposed to act like a brat? I mean, are we supposed to think that he is an arrogant toerag or are we supposed to feel sympath for him? Because at the moment I am not feeling a lot of sympathy lollol!

PLEASE UPDATE SOON! this story is so good and I can't wait to see what you do with it!

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Review #4, by lilausty Reckoning

16th September 2009:
hehe is own personal teddy bear! lol

so Harry is back and it was Draco who sent him. I thought that you had a very poignant point regarding the fact that no plans concocted years in the past can have lasting consequences that you may not like.

As always, fantastic and I look forward to the next!

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Review #5, by lilausty The Easy Way Out

16th September 2009:
gah, four people so which cast the curse? lol

Oh I am so hooked on this story, I can't wait to see what happens next. I can barely take the time to write this review lol!

Great job!

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Review #6, by lilausty Based In Blood

16th September 2009:
hahaha power hungry draco! I love it. I bet harry is just confused and annoyed at being shunted from one nasty to another lol.

great chapter as always!

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Review #7, by lilausty Halo Of Green

16th September 2009:
whew that was an effort! I don't know what to think, is snape good or bad? certainly gives the impression that he is a traitorious bastard lollol.

good cliffe! onto the next

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Review #8, by lilausty Mistaken

16th September 2009:
aw I'm gonna cry! That was so sad, I couldn't help but be mad at Dumbledore! I have never seen Snape's personal anguish put so eloquently. You should be very proud of your writing style it is fantastic!

Well done!

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Review #9, by lilausty Safe Haven, Part II

16th September 2009:
aw that was so awful! I felt so sorry for Emily, I could just imagine the feelings that would have been running through her. Stupid Dudley but I guess some things never change!

So what are the trio going to do now? all alone without any place to hide, things aren't looking good.

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Review #10, by lilausty Safe Haven, Part I

16th September 2009:
hahaha that last sentence probably sums up everything better than a long winded sentence that is for sure!

nice touch with getting Harry to 'guiltily' lower the wards for Snape. For a moment I thought he was gonna just let him stay there lol!

onto the next chapter!

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Review #11, by lilausty Traitor

16th September 2009:
hahaha so the Dursley's rear their heads again lol! It'll be interesting to see if they are still alive, that is for sure!

So does Voldemort actually know that Snape is a traitor now? I assumed that he saw through Harry's eyes, but was unsure if he was definite in his assumption of Snape's involvement.

Ah well, will find out soon I guess! Great chapter as always!

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Review #12, by lilausty I Want To Go Home

16th September 2009:
Trust is such an important thing, yet it can be so fickle. I think that you have gotten a very good balance between having implicit trust and a grudging 'for now' trust.

I am very interested to see what Dumbledore could have left lying around that could help, particularly since I got the feeling that he told Snape pretty much everything.

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Review #13, by lilausty And Forgotten Enemies

16th September 2009:
wow, Draco's a brat isn't he? someone seriously should have slapped him one lol!

Not alot to say, great writing, intriguing plot and a nice long chapter, what more can I want? lol

Onto the next!

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Review #14, by lilausty Forgotten Friends

16th September 2009:
oohh the plot thickens! lol.

YAY! Tonks is back! *does a little jig* I am glad that not everyone was killed off! Nice to see a familiar face, even if it can change lol.

I am certainly curious regarding the traitor. I wouldn't think it is Snape, so that begs the question of whether it is Malfoy or someone completely different.

Great plot! Onto the next!

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Review #15, by lilausty Burnt Bridges

16th September 2009:
So you have had Malfoy kill Dumbledore then? nice twist on a done story! I don't really have a lot to say, your writing is great, fantastic even and there are almost no grammatical errors which means that the reading is nice and smooth.

Good job!

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Review #16, by lilausty Only Three

16th September 2009:
Ergh, Malfoy? Sheesh I wonder why Voldy would have let him still remember Harry? Guess you'll tell eventually lol.

Snape has much better self control than I would have in that situation. Harry was being a bit of a brat wasn't he? lol. Still, can hardly blame him since he has just found out that all his friends are dead.

Great chapter!

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Review #17, by lilausty An Explanation

16th September 2009:
So, future it is then!

WAH everyone's dead! (almost). So, assuming that Snape and Voldemort are two of the people who know harry's name, I wonder who the third is? (assuming it wasn't Harry himself lol)

Great writing, and I am now officially hooked on this story!

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Review #18, by lilausty The Greatest Present

16th September 2009:
well so far my theory of time travel is still the strongest, but I am not sure if it is into the past or future! Very well written as usual.

I certainly empathised with Harry's confusion with the two little old ladies and their turn around in attitude lol.

Onto the next chapter!

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Review #19, by lilausty His Own Personal Teddy Bear

16th September 2009:
mmm interesting, not to mention mysterious and cliffeish! Time turner maybe? though I couldn't possibly guess what the reason for it could be.

Still, you have certainly intrigued me and I look forward to what you come up with for your next chapter!

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Review #20, by lilausty No Safer Protector

16th September 2009:
mmm chain eh? wonder what that was! I thought the scene with Snape and the Dursley's was well done, though I had hoped for a little more action :p.

I seriously thought Snape was going to curse Harry when he asked him for food. Snape cooking, LOL!

great chapter, onto the next!

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Review #21, by lilausty A Reason To Doubt

16th September 2009:
Well, first off, I LOVE your writing style. Your use of adjectives is superb and you have a certain mystery regarding certain paragraphs, particularly at the beginning of the chapter.

I am interested to see how Snape reacts to the Dursleys, particularly if Vernon continues to be a pig lol.

Great writing, and I am looking forward to seeing what you do for this story!

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Review #22, by BlackLioness Can And Can't

16th August 2009:
Wow, this story is... amazing doesn't even begin to cover it... just wow... The concept of time travel into the future instead of the past is original and what a future it is - bleak, cold, grimy and so very, very wrong and yet I found myself buying it almost instantly. The story is so well written that I could put myself in Harry's shoes and experience his anxiety, fear and helplessness in this new terrifying reality and I actually felt relief when he came back to the present. This helps me to understand his current actions (if not approve them, but then again he wouldn't be Harry if he wasn't stubborn and quick to draw (often wrong) conclusions) - he's been through too much to let it go so soon and that makes him blind, but luckily he's got Hermionie to help him out. I also love how Snape was written, you truly did his character justice - I don't think I've ever read a fanfiction where he was so accurately portrayed. Even his future self is completely beliveable - where the books only hinted how thin the line he walks on is, this story describes in great detail just how heavy his burden is and how much it took to finally break him, so when I realised he has fallen I couldn't find it in my heart to hate him for it. Dumbeldore, Lupin, Ron, Draco (present and future one ;) ) and the rest were great too. I am very happy to hear that you intend to continue this story and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.


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Review #23, by snapeangel Can And Can't

15th June 2009:
very intense story so far
hated how the 'future' SS turned out much less how he died, worse yet I hated how Minerva was killed (or at least implied) it was HORRIBLE!!
can't wait to read more

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Review #24, by Stag Night Can And Can't

27th March 2009:
um... hi. So I only just now remembered that I haven't gotten to your newest chapter yet. How long ago was it you told me you'd updated? A month? Why didn't you remind me??? I feel like a big jerk! I remember telling you I'd have to get around to it at a later date, and then it completely slipped my mind after that.

But anyway. I really got into this chapter :) After a few minutes of reading into the confrontation between Harry, Hermione and Draco, I found myself leaning closer and closer to the computer screen. haha. It was good, and I liked reading the argument between them, especially once Harry threw it in Draco's face that Dumbledore knew (as well as Harry himself.) Draco was really great, with all of his sarcasm, and Harry came off as an arrogant bullheaded jerk. I thought he was characterized perfectly. Nothing against Harry, but when he thinks he's right, he doesn't let it go, even if he goes about it all wrong. I think my favorite line was Draco's insult... glorified excuse for a wizard.

I would have liked to see Harry succeed in pursuading Draco against his plans (though I know that if he does, it wouldnt happen in on chapter :P)... but leave it to Snape to come in and ruin things and reassure Draco. argh. Of course, after reading the second part, I know why... I think. So when he says other people would be put at risk, people on Harry's side, I assume he's talking about himself? As he will die if he doesn't fulfill the vow? Or was he talking about somebody else?

Anyway. I really enjoyed the conversation with Dumbledore also. Maybe I have just been away from this story too long. But I had forgotten the vow and the effects it would have, and I really loved the conflict in Snape - save Draco, or save himself.

Im really curious about the Phoenix Tears at the end. For some reason, my mind immediately jumped to... removing the Dark Mark. Remember how gruesome that was in your earlier chapters?

I know this isn't as great of a review as I usually do. it's been a long time since I reviewed, so bear with me :P Plus I find it harder to review chapters with lots of dialogue, because there's not much to comment on. So sorry for my lateness again...

Author's Response: Gah, you're not a big jerk! But you know this already =P And a month is nothing compared to how long I can take to do things. But you probably know this also. But yay, you reviewed! I have always loved your reviews.

Kk, I am glad you liked the Harry/Draco interaction. It was the hardest bit of this chapter, and the reason it took me so long to finish the damn thing. It was just - hard, you know, to get them to shout at each other and say what I needed them to say wihout it sounding forced or contrived. Also, 3 way person arguing is hard to write, especially when one of the people isn't really invested in the arguement. Hermione tended to just fade from the scene a bit too much.

But yes, Snape is referring to himself - not that he would ever admit that to Harry. Mainly because Harry wouldn't care if he thought he was putting Snape in danger, and would just carry on regardless. Threatening him with the safety of other people is the only way to control him, as far as Snape is concerned. So yes, you were right. If he doesn't fulfil the vow he will die, and Harry almost messed it up royally for him. Reassuring Draco was the only way to stop the vow from killing him.

The vow is kinda difficult to write. I almost regret rephrasing it now, as I have left it a bit too open for my liking - but it was the only way I could get later bits to work. Oh well, I guess sometimes you have to make sacrifices for stuff.

You jumped to the Dark Mark with the tears? Huh. Yes, I do remember the chapter, but no, the tears have nothing to do with it =P. It's to do with the request Dumbledore made of Snape a few chapters back, asking Snape to help him survive the protections on the ring so he could destroy it. There is a clue to that in this chapter, but its only obvious if you read that past chapter recently, as the clue is a flashback or sorts. This is what you get for taking so long to update, I guess.

This review is still awesome though. Thank you for writing it =) And see, I can occasionally respond. Now stop apologising.

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Review #25, by Sandra Can And Can't

8th March 2009:
It's great to see you've updated. I look forward to the next chapter, this one was great.

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