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Review #1, by Lucy_Fleur Revulsion.

9th December 2007:
WOW. that was cant wait to read the rest of

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Review #2, by Jennifer Leigh Defiance.

25th April 2007:
Really good. I like the whole story so far.

The Sirius/Bella thing is tingly. And honestly, I'm glad you're not one of those immature authors that refuse to acknowledge the incest going on between the pureblood families. Anyways, good job. (:

My only advice is to show less of her vulnerable side because it doesn't seem very Bellatrix-like. Well, unless you have a brilliant plot involving her soft side. Heh, can't wait to see how this turns out.

Update soon!

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Review #3, by Into_The_Flames Defiance.

17th December 2006:
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Hmmm..I gotta say that this has been intresting to read. I love Bellatrix's character and how you portray her, though my advice is to not let her soft side show so much. I understand about the whole Sirius thing since they are purebloods but more of Rodulphus.

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Review #4, by Monoxide_dreams Defiance.

9th November 2006:
This is great :)

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Review #5, by grey_eyes_are_sexy Defiance.

3rd November 2006:
nice, but stop making her not evil. also get her tomake out with rodolphus, sleep with kaethe then dump him and expose sirius to his girlfriend.

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Review #6, by Hermione_n_Ron4ever Revulsion.

21st July 2006:
Wow. I love it so far. Its really amazing how you write her. its exactly as i imagine the attitude of Bellatrix. =) Brilliant.

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Review #7, by PrincessSai Defiance.

17th December 2005:
Really good belatrix story cant wait for an update!

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Review #8, by pathetic_pettigrew Defiance.

7th September 2005:
I love this - added to my favourites. I await the next update eagerly.

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Review #9, by pathetic_pettigrew Pursuance.

7th September 2005:
Wow, this story is amazing - particularly because whilst it is possible to empathise with your Bellatrix, you haven't made her likable. You can tell the kind of woman she will become - but there is just that tiny spark of humanity left which indicates that things might have been different. Also; as I read the first paragraph of this I went 'damn' - merely because I've posted a Bellatrix fic where Lucius and Bella do that against a wall - please don't think I was plagarising. Now I'm off to read the next chapters!

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Review #10, by bellas blanky Revulsion.

28th August 2005:
ok that was possibly the strangest review ive ever read! just a sweet little note to remind you to update! although you have spoilt us with updates on the art of dating. happy writting!

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Review #11, by ladyspirit Defiance.

26th August 2005:
u suck so much. u make her all happy and shat and we all know it's going to end in tears :p what with her not staying with sirius (however gross the whole cousin thing is) and marrying that other guy and then ultimately killing her bestfriend after spending 16 odd years in prison rotting away. how cud u. pfft. o o and cud u make Sirius dump HER because i dont like her much. thanku o yeah and the hufflepuff he can drop her too... hmmm and maybe she cud get a reeli huge spot on the tip of her nose? that wud make for great reading =D danke!

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Review #12, by bellas blanky Defiance.

1st August 2005:
well horray! so excited that you have updated! the last two chapters have been really great cant wait to see what happens next! keep up the great writting

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Review #13, by EsScaper Defiance.

31st July 2005:
Wow! Another update so soon! You are surely going to spoil us! You did a wonderful job! I absolutely adore seeing the sparring between Sirius and Bella. They can be absolutely wonderful together whan they aren't so hung up on the world around them and what is expected of them. I always thought they would be the perfect couple if they could only be on a desserted island somewhere...but alas not to be.

The Blacks just seem to be destined to be miserable, don't they. That is one of the reasons why it is so great to see them happy in stories like yours.
Excellent job!

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Review #14, by EsScaper Insatiability.

25th July 2005:
Awe, it's over! Damn! I was hoping it would last.
.......Well, you certainly tugged at my heartstrings with that one! "Just follow me, I'll help you through". It really makes me feel so terribly sad for Bella. I hate that she's destined for a life of anger and power, devoid of love. I always wished that she could live "happily ever after"...with a lot of heat, of course... with Sirius. I really can't picture her with a "nice" Hufflepuff boy. But heck, maybe she's going through a "softer" phase. I just hope that she can actually get some happiness.

Esc...who did miss whatever happened behind that locked door. I was hoping for a nice steamy Sirius/Bella scene.

Author's Response: I really like that last tiny bit, im glad it got to you too. I actually believe that Bellatrix is happy with her life 'on the darkside', atleast before Harry, which makes her an extremely warped and perverse person, but fascinating nonetheless. And 'nice steamy Sirius/Bella scene' may or may not be on it's way ;) Thanks for the awesome review!

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Review #15, by bellas blanky Forbidden.

25th May 2005:
I would have to agree with EsScaper, dont dump this story, i know its been ages since you wrote it and i keep checking for an update, and have been since....well forever. so please reconcider if you were thinking of dumping this cause its really good and i miss it.

Author's Response: i won't ever dump this story, its my favourite! and it's being updated now! i missed it too

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Review #16, by EsScaper Forbidden.

14th May 2005:
I really hope that you haven't abandoned this story!! It is SO very good! I keep checking, but you haven't updated in such a very long time. It really is too good to leave abandoned on the side of the road!

...feeling inspired to write??

Author's Response: yeah i know its been a long, long time, and i would never never leave it on the side of the road. Oh and yes, i am feeling inspired.

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Review #17, by scarlett Forbidden.

27th March 2005:
really good story, great insight

Author's Response: thank you thank you

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Review #18, by Bella's Teddy Bear Revulsion.

13th February 2005:
I love this story there are so few stories about bella on this site and even fewer that do her evilness credit which is why i love your story so much, you dont water down just how nasty she is or attempt to turn her and rudolfus into some big, epic love story, which makes her so much more belivable and definatly interesting to read! i have only one suggestion.....update! now!

Author's Response: i know, i really hate it that there are very few, let alone good ones. I personally hate fics where evil characters are totally nice (unless theyre written so well and have a point of the niceness). Like in this fic, Bellatrix is still young and isnt completely mad (but obviously she still has a bad side) and she has those good moments, with Kaethe and Sirius. Really, this story is just about finding herself, and that is the evil woman we see in the books.

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Review #19, by jane Revulsion.

7th February 2005:
im stupid. i'll shut up now and forever

Author's Response: no no not stupid... confused. and cool.

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Review #20, by jane Forbidden.

6th February 2005:
im kinda confused my Bellatrix's name. is this a new character that has nothing to do with Bellatrix Lestrange?

Author's Response: this is bellatrix before she married rudolphus lestrange. it's the same bellatrix/

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Review #21, by Nick Forbidden.

2nd February 2005:
Hurry up and update!!!!!Soon!!!Pleaseeeeeee!!!

Author's Response: i will i will dont worry!

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Review #22, by EsScaper Forbidden.

31st January 2005:
How could you stop it there?!? OMG!! You can't just leave me on the other side of their locked bedroom door! ARGH! I absolutely HAVE to read more! I LOVE this story, especially the Sirius/Bella relationship...too hot! My problem is that I am VERY new to this site, and I don't know how to receive author updates. PLEASE e-mail me when you update, or just let me know the correct way to have the updates sent to me when you post. My address is Your story is just too good for me to miss your future chapters!! Love your work, Esc.

Author's Response: thank you thank you so much! i love the Sirius/Bellatrix relationship too (i try to ignore that theyre actually cousins) because its extremely twisted one. I find it extremely interesting to write the two of them together because i feel each of them bring out something in the other, something that they don't necessarily like but do feel for. yeah so thanks for reviewing lol

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Review #23, by jane Revulsion.

30th January 2005:
sinister. i like it.

Author's Response: thank you.

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Review #24, by lizzie_uk Forbidden.

29th January 2005:
This is excellent, I really loathe Bellatrix but feel compelled to read on regardless. I love the way that you're portraying Sirius in this fic, your writing is always brilliant but this is the best so far! Keep it up :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! yes i agree, I obviously do not like her per se but i find her extremely interesting and, like you said, very compelling.

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Review #25, by ladyspirit Forbidden.

28th January 2005:
=o i kno i like sirius but noooooooooooooo not like this! lol shes so nasty :p n wats wif da stoopid hufflepuff? can u kill him of?? =D im lovin dis! update!

Author's Response: yeah i Kaethe kinda sucks but i needed him to show that she still has human emotion left and not just the creepy kind for Sirius. yeah he'll probably get killed off.

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