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Review #1, by Trina216 Puppet Master

3rd November 2006:
wow! evil dumbledore! its really good...and really scary, just the thought that Harry could be on the wrong you really think that or is it just something that came to you?

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Review #2, by km Puppet Master

14th March 2006:
That was a really interesting, well written story. I love the plot, probably the only fic I've ever read portraying Dumbledore as a puppet master. It makes perfect sense too. Great story.

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Review #3, by WhiteLillyFlower Puppet Master

6th July 2005:
Thats amazing, how did you come up with it?

Author's Response: Truthfully? I was listening to my beta critique my not-so-nice version of Dumbledore in another fic and I thought "Hey -- what if it was just an act? The grandfather thing?" It just sort of clicked after that. Throw in the whole 'true Slytherin' bit borrowed from a discontinued fic and viola!

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Review #4, by Bowles Puppet Master

14th June 2005:
Oh. My. God. That completely makes me rethink everything, although I still think Dumbledore is on Harry's side, but that was... amazing. Brilliant.

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Review #5, by UMBlueMusic Puppet Master

25th April 2005:
This story was absolutely wonderful. In that scary, chill-giving, kind of way, of course. I love that you took Dumbledore and played out a different view of him. Your writing style is terrific. Amazing job.

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Review #6, by U Puppet Master

1st April 2005:
Brilliant, this is the best fan fiction story i've read on Albus Dumbledore. In my opinion i would have placed him in either Slytherin/ Ravenclaw for obvious reasons. Their have been three Powerful Wizards i dare say that others cannot rival, Dumbledore, Voldemort & Bartemius Crouch Senior in the 1st war. The way Barty rose through the ranks within the Ministry. Funny how they are leaders in their own right, OoTP, DE's & Barty would have probably become MOM if his son was not caught. Anyway great story.

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Review #7, by ash Puppet Master

31st March 2005:
a truly fantastic original story

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Review #8, by Madame Meow Puppet Master

27th January 2005:
Excellent; a work of art. How did you come up with the plot? It's ingenious! :)

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Review #9, by chibi_n_padfoot Puppet Master

24th January 2005:
This is a really good story. Very well written. :)

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Review #10, by shadowfist Puppet Master

23rd January 2005:
simply amazing! that was great!

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