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Reading Reviews for The Ha-Ha's Come To Hogwarts
28 Reviews Found

Review #1, by SNAPEY13 The Smile of Secrets

3rd February 2008:
whatever, man, it's your story! have fun with whatever story you are otherwise working on hehehehe;)

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Review #2, by SNAPEY13 Rise of Slythindor

6th January 2008:
That's sick, man i LUV it!!! i'm just going to go with a guess here is the two ppl at the end o' the chap Licius and Snape? Probably not, but i like to guess stuff!


Author's Response: we appreciate the review and the praise. and i regret to inform you that rose, alee, and myself aren't working on HHGTH anymore.

However, my cousin may write her own stuff and add onto it. But that's not a guarantee.

I'm really sorry!


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Review #3, by lucky friday 13 Rise of Slythindor

11th December 2005:
huh? NO CLIFFIES, I'M GONNA KILL U! k, now that that's over with, i liked it. alot!

Author's Response: thanks!!! we are gonna update as soon as possible...we already have the 4th, 5th, and part of the 6th chapters written it's just taking forever to type!! thanks for the positve review!! luv.cici.

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Review #4, by your face.. Rise of Slythindor

26th October 2005:

Author's Response: WOOT FOR CICI

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Review #5, by holly Rise of Slythindor

25th September 2005:
lol ur stories good cant wait 4 more

Author's Response: thanks, yea..this story is kinda on hiatus. i written the 4th chapter and part of the 5th, but im busy with school and major drama...so sorry luv.cici.

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Review #6, by BLanka Rise of Slythindor

17th June 2005:
Hi girls! I am a girl from Hungary, (and can't speak english very well, so I'm sorry if I do mistakes.)And I'd like to tell you that, this story is very, very good, and I Can't understand all of the sentences, but it's perfect on (?)this way too! So, please WRITE Sooooooo much! :-)

Author's Response: uhh gracias muy mucho..... me no hablo ingles, pero yo leo ingles. yo soy como tu hablas "weird".... amor.cici.

Author's Response: Ummmm....Yeah, Cici is being muy stupido.... As usual...... Yeah, sorry I haven't responded lately (HPFF wouldn't let me sign on and my parents hate HP). Anyway, Thanks! Hungary is cool, man. Seeya, The Rose

Author's Response: oh, and translation to my previous response: uhh thanks very much.....I don't speak english, but I read english. i am how you say "weird".... luv.cici.

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Review #7, by punkrockfrog The Smile of Secrets

12th June 2005:
so sry it's taking so long to update! i'm in oh-high-oh rite now...plus this computer won't let me log in, so a grrr!! we'll try to update asap! luv.cici.

Author's Response: btw...i'm not in ohio anymore...havent been since june 21st

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Review #8, by pyronicrose Rise of Slythindor

25th May 2005:
this is soooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: we will as soon as we can...i'm soooo sry it's taking so long....plz be patient with us! luv.cici.

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Review #9, by Dracoslove The Smile of Secrets

11th May 2005:
Hey! I just wanted to tell you that chapter 11 is up. Hope you read and i really hope you update soon! ;)

Author's Response: ya ya! ok i'll go read imediately! we're trying to update. we're almost finished but we need to think of a good way to end the chapter. cuz on the last chapter, we knew what the last line would be before we even started writing the beginning! crazy i kno! luv.cici.

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Review #10, by Jesszzz Rise of Slythindor

8th May 2005:
Lol, Wow!!!! This is really good!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!! It`s so funny!!!! I feel kinda sorry for our dear Prongs, Padfoot, Wormtail, and Moony for having to deal with the Ha-Ha`s!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Well, being a Ha-Ha myself....i don't really feel sry for them. hahaha. well, at least we didn't use the entire gang in the story, cuz in real life there are 9 Ha-Ha's

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Review #11, by angel13 The Smile of Secrets

19th April 2005:
Yes! Kick him! hehe. Kick him again! sIRIUSLY ("wHA? sOMEONE SAY MY NAME?")

Author's Response: haha thanks. i plan to kick snivellus many many times in the story! sirius is so....ah....crazy...ok, i might be lil bit crazier

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Review #12, by punkrockfrog Rise of Slythindor

14th April 2005:
weee, i'm reviewing myself!

Author's Response: i'm answering myself too! weee!

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Review #13, by Dracoslove Rise of Slythindor

12th April 2005:
Hey girl! Hey, u e-mail when the next chapter comes out! hehe. Great chapter. I loved it and i'm very anxious to read the next!! :) Update soon! Oh, and the next chapter of Texas Witch is up! :) Later

Author's Response: thanks so much. i promise i'll email you when the next chapter is up. of course i'm gonna go read Texas Witch rite now!

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Review #14, by Devin Rise of Slythindor

11th April 2005:
'Bout time it came on! hahaha Anyway, its good. Update soon okay! I love ya'lls story...i could just tell you this at skool but both now and there is good...i guess...i'll never hate your story even when pigs fly! Look theres one now! hahaha! Go Haha's!

Author's Response: PIGS ARE SEXY!

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Review #15, by psychokitten Rise of Slythindor

11th April 2005:
Good job! make more soon please!

Author's Response: thanks! we'll try to finish the 4th chapter as soon as possible. plz check back soon. ~*CiCi*~

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Review #16, by Dracoslove The Smile of Secrets

9th April 2005:
I decided I would review again since you've reviewed mine so much! Well, again, i love the story and I can't wait for chapter 3. Hope it gets validated soon!! :) ;)

Author's Response: thanks! i hope it gets validated soon too! man come on hpff staff!

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Review #17, by Madame_Puddifoot Train Rides and Trolleys

3rd April 2005:
That was a really cool story please update soon!

Author's Response: updating right now!! thanks for the review! ~*Cici*~

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Review #18, by Dracoslove The Smile of Secrets

20th March 2005:
Since you left all those review I'm reviewing your story again. Maybe I'll leave ten when the next chapter comes out. Well, love the story and can't wait for more!! later! :)

Author's Response: hahaha thx. tryin to update soon peace out (sry i'm listen to yeah by usher) -cici

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Review #19, by Dracoslove Train Rides and Trolleys

16th March 2005:
hehe! I thought it was really funny. I wrote a story with all my friend and me in it. Check it out if you get a chance. Anyways, I thought it was funny and you and your friends sound funny. lol. I'm putting this on my favs. Oh yeah, I hope you don't take offense of how I portrayed Topanga. Some reviewer from Texas was upset about how I made her. I didn't really see why, I love her. Well, good story!

Author's Response: no, i take no offense to that. Some people from Texas really are like that (me not being one of them......well except for maybe the attitude) Thx for the compliment. The third chappie should be out soon. We are finished writing it, but i still have to type/edit/reword it, and maybe add some stuff! ~*Cici*~

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Review #20, by Dracoslove The Smile of Secrets

16th March 2005:
Love it so far! It's really funny. I liked it when she kicked him! lol

Author's Response: Yes, I do love to kick people! It is rather fun! hehehe ~*Cici*~

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Review #21, by Amanda Blankenship Train Rides and Trolleys

8th March 2005:
great story. Can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Thx! The next chapter will be up soon. It is longer than the others and is still not been finished because of writer's block and being busy with school. But this week rose and I are both on spring break, so we will probably get it done sumtime soon! Thx for reviewing and keep checking back for updates! ~//Cici\\~

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Review #22, by CuppaJoe Train Rides and Trolleys

3rd March 2005:
lol... Go stick yourself up an attic...lol i love it

Author's Response: thx so much. sry the 3 ch. isn't up uet but keep in mind it's way longer. and the line "go stick yourelf up an attic" was inspired by one of are best friends alison (yes ally is her). one of our usualy crazy days at lunch *//Cici\\*

Author's Response: Woah. Not everyone gets that that quick...Lol...Oh, yes here's another inside joke: Are you Happy or HaPpY? Lol... it will probably be in a future chappie..........**||Rose||* (ps: don't you just looove spoilers?)

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Review #23, by Natalina Train Rides and Trolleys

19th February 2005:
PLEASE UPDATE!!!! I love this story!

Author's Response: o.O;; Well, errmm...We ave writers block and we'll finish like really soon... =^.^= *~||Rose||~*

Author's Response: Thx for the compliment tho. Much appreciated. We will post soon. Tell people about this story too. *//Cici\\*

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Review #24, by Devin Train Rides and Trolleys

18th February 2005:
Hey Cici and Rose awsome story! I like. Where is the 3rd chap.? I no Cici u r going to say "Where is your 4th chap.!" but what ever! U better get the 3rd chap. done soon or i might kill u. I no were u live!

Author's Response: Hey! Rose is short on inspiration and she won't give me the journal back. Although she only had, like, two chances this week to give it to me. Well, whenever I get it back we'll see if I have writer's block. Whoa, I'm almost typed writer's black........ *-Cici-*

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Review #25, by `Stephanie Train Rides and Trolleys

11th February 2005:
fun, fun, fun anyway the absoultley DORK question I asked forget it! it wasnt a dork question!!! need to think of better dork questions Steff

Author's Response: ? *-Cici and Rose-*

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