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Review #1, by Ashley McCartney Accio Notebook

9th December 2006:
Oh my god! That story is so darn sweet!

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Review #2, by bobby Accio Notebook

18th January 2006:
awww.. sweet, short and to the point. i loved it, great work. i love this style of writing, its very unique. keep it upxoxo

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Review #3, by Seductive_Swan Accio Notebook

16th January 2006:
Make a sequel. I command you! sorry. PLEAAAAAASE, write a sequel. please?

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Review #4, by PrincessPotter Accio Notebook

27th December 2005:
I really liked this story, I loved the writing style, somehow the short sentences and thoughts worked brilliantly but still captured their characters. Well done! :)

Author's Response: whoop, double post.

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Review #5, by PrincessPotter Accio Notebook

27th December 2005:
I really liked this story, I loved the writing style, somehow the short sentences and thoughts worked brilliantly but still captured their characters. Well done! :)

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch! It was different from my usual writing style, but I loved varying. Thanks so much! I'm glad it was appreciated!

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Review #6, by SadForSirius Accio Notebook

11th September 2005:
I have one word for you. Beautiful. I love G/H stories, and this one deffinatlly tops them all.

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch! I'm so glad H/G is canon now!

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Review #7, by Brandee Accio Notebook

24th August 2005:
wow... that's awesome... yet somehow it feels sad and morbid?...

Author's Response: It does have sad undertones, doesn't it? I wrote it when I was feeling particularly odd and out of place. Thanks for the compliment and review, though!

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Review #8, by TakeMeAway Accio Notebook

5th August 2005:
Great story, you're a brill writer! Carry on! Plz r/r my fic ! Thanx!

Author's Response: Ah, shameless fic promotion. Beautiful. -grins- Thanks for reviewing, I'll take a look at your fic.

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Review #9, by bloodyrose978 Accio Notebook

3rd August 2005:
This was really different and seemed somewhat stalkerish at first but then I decided that no, he was just being curious. I most definitely liked it because it was interesting and fun to read. =]

Author's Response: -laughs- I've never gotten that response before! I never thought of it that way. I'm glad you liked it, though, and thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #10, by CourtneyFaith Accio Notebook

19th July 2005:
~Oh. that was really good. I just loved it.~

Author's Response: -grins- Thank you! I'm glad it was loved, and thank you for the compliments and reviewing!

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Review #11, by the downfall of the rising Accio Notebook

17th July 2005:
Awhhh, such a cute story, add more if you can, you're a very talented writer, I'd like to see more of this story. ~Valerie~

Author's Response: Hmm, perhaps someday I'll expand it... maybe... Haha, thank you so much for the review and compliments! They mean a lot!

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Review #12, by Fantail Accio Notebook

14th July 2005:
Very nice, my dear Fuzzbutt! I was bored, and I haven't read this in awhile. It's still wonderful!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you, Fantail! Haha, I'm glad it's still wonderful!

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Review #13, by x_emeraldeyes Accio Notebook

13th July 2005:
Wow. This si really intruiging. It`s so different and I really like it! You shoud be proud! =] Just one question; what is the font you used to write "Accio Notebook" with on the banner?

Author's Response: Thank you- for the compliments and for reviewing! The font used is Carpenter, and you can get it at

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Review #14, by The Lioness Accio Notebook

12th July 2005:
Wow this was incredible. It was so beautifully written the words just seemed to flow. I loved the perspective you wrote from, and it proves how talented a writer you must truly be.

Author's Response: :blushes: Aww, thank you. :D Thank you for the kind comments and for reviewing and liking the story.

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Review #15, by Mike Peluso Accio Notebook

3rd June 2005:
another good oneshot.. i'm impressed with this one. I don't usually review, but tonight i seem to be finding stories worth spending some time. What I like best about it is that you can take this story and insert it into any of the HP books and it would work.

Author's Response: Aww, that really makes me happy. I feel honored that you find my story worth reviewing. Thank you very much!

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Review #16, by sierra Accio Notebook

27th May 2005:

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #17, by FireFawn2 Accio Notebook

9th May 2005:
that was really good! you should add more, and not have it completed! (that didn't make sense-hopefully you know what i mean!)

Author's Response: It made sense. ;) However, this was a one-shot, and although someday I may have the urge to expand it into something huge and what not, that day is not now. I'm very very glad that you liked it, however. Thank you for reviewing! :D

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Review #18, by Leah Weasly Accio Notebook

5th May 2005:
awwwwwwwwww ~ ! nice way of writing! it was beautiful

Author's Response: Thank you very much. : )

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Review #19, by Felix Felicis Accio Notebook

6th April 2005:
Oh wow, that was amazing. Harry/Ginny's one of my favorite ships and you certainly did justice to it!! WOW!!! Lol, Harry's quite the stalker at first, isn't he? jk. Anyway, you need to keep writing! You and fantail both. Thanks.

Author's Response: Haha, Harry was a bit obsessive at first. I'm very glad I did justice in your eyes, it means a lot to hear that from readers. Thank you for reviewing and for the wonderful compliments!

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Review #20, by Amy Accio Notebook

16th February 2005:
I love it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad to hear it! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by alliemarie Accio Notebook

31st January 2005:
beautiful. i love good one shot fanfics!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks. :D I'm feeling special. ;)

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Review #22, by jailey21 Accio Notebook

27th January 2005:
Wonderful, Beuatiful even your short words and frases speak volumes in there sinceraity. ~LATER~

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch! I greatly appreciate reviews like this. Glad you liked it, and thanks for reviewing.

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Review #23, by Kait Hobbit (not logged in) Accio Notebook

23rd January 2005:
Wow this was good, haven't read a welll written and beautiful Harry/Ginny for a long time. So wow and good job .And the banner was awsome!!! xD

Author's Response: Thanks so much! You make me feel happy! :D Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #24, by Theonewhodoesn'tgoonethesitemuch Accio Notebook

23rd January 2005:
I like it very much! Very cute, very good use of writing techniques, a very good story!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading it, you crazy person, you. And thanks for reviewing.

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Review #25, by Tallus Accio Notebook

23rd January 2005:
Hmm...interesting. I thought it was good. Of course, it's "Of a ship I don't support", but it's still good. I do have some criticisms, though. ::shrug:: Then again, it could just be me. Anyway, congrats, keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, and for discussing your 'criticisms' with me, Sir Doesn't Believe in Fuzz n' Fan's Good Ships. XD Thanks for reviewing.

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