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Reading Reviews for Behind Pale Blue eyes
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Review #1, by A_Sirius_Crush Unseen Answers

13th January 2007:
erm... so is this story still in progress?

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Review #2, by liandhate Unseen Answers

30th August 2006:
AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! why did u have to stop writing there!!!!!!!! u better write fast!

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Review #3, by BrassRing184 Unseen Answers

4th June 2006:
Oh my God!! I am soo in Love w/ your Fic! THis story is m-azing! Please keep up the good work! Please!! Please!! This is Awsum stuff!! I am soo looking foward to your next chapter!

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Review #4, by Kimberly Unseen Answers

23rd May 2006:

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Review #5, by Neva_Guna_Die Unseen Answers

8th February 2006:

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Review #6, by A_Sirius_Crush Unseen Answers

24th January 2006:
Hi. This is PotterChic. I started a new account on this one beacasemy old one crashed

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Review #7, by hpluver Unseen Answers

1st January 2006:
this is an awesome story, pleaze continue writing it!

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Review #8, by black_as_night Unseen Answers

11th November 2005:
ohh i really like zeez stoey... must take a lot of thought for all the visions and stuff... i know i couldn't to save my life... of course your life isn't my life... so yeah... good story please write more

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Review #9, by rosie Unseen Answers

11th September 2005:
wow i like, plz update soon!

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Review #10, by PotterChic Unseen Answers

10th September 2005:
WOW! I love this story! When will you post more?

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Review #11, by emlover Unseen Answers

3rd September 2005:
~well u heard from me before, if not ask around i'm the infomass emlover!!! well i think thur should be some more action fluff as ppl put it, maybe in the r.o.r??? well just think about it, well u will hear a lot more from me in a awhile i'm reading ur other ficts so, i'll keep reading if u keep righting!!! remember RotgaL!!!! (don'y know wat it means check our other reviews for that oliver/you story!!) u can do it!!!~

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Review #12, by Ashley Unseen Answers

23rd August 2005:
Yo your story's are all really great I've read them all but you really need to update and you really need to do it fast cuz I aint wanna wait much longer I'm waiting for 3 fics of you and you just don't update so hurry your butt up!

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Review #13, by jo Behind Pale Blue eyes

12th August 2005:
love this story cant wait till you update

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Review #14, by kdawn7 Behind Pale Blue eyes

5th August 2005:
Ok I read some of the people that reviewed and some of them are really stupid. If there are mistakes I pretty much ignore them especially when there small. Big errors like the ones you can't make out what it is I just don't read the story anymore. Mainly because they don't make sense. Any way..you are doing a descent job and people make mistakes so I won't get on your for missing an e on a name or something! Ok well update when you finish the other story.

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Review #15, by blackcat69 Unseen Answers

1st August 2005:
good chapter. i can't wait until the next one is up! have a good day! hope you get over your writers block! much love, blackcat69

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Review #16, by Julia Unseen Answers

6th July 2005:
AH i love it! you are the awesomest (i somehow doubt thats a word... w.e)!!! i love this fic! PLEASE update it ASAP! or at least update Promises, i don't care, SOMETHING! =P keep up the awesome work! don't worry, you will fight back the writer's block! i wouldn't have been able to tell, this chapter was so awesome! update as soon as you possibly can!!!!!!! -JuLiA

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Review #17, by Sacred Candybar Behind Pale Blue eyes

4th July 2005:
Update, update, update, DAMMIT!!!!!! It's driving me to insanity!!! I can't stand it another minute!!!!!!!!! MUST.....JUMP.....HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!! *hops ontop of Harry and gives him a thorough frisking*

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Review #18, by LW Unseen Answers

1st July 2005:
this story is good to keep up the good work!!

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Review #19, by nobody's listenin' Pink Panties

23rd June 2005:
Your grammar is horrible. Again, proofread.

Author's Response: not really my fault i use auto correct and when mis type something it corrects it wrong and if you want updates you'll have to deal with the fact i don't have time to proof read

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Review #20, by nobody's listenin' Sorting Hat, Peeves and a Vision?

23rd June 2005:
Drug isn't a verb.

Author's Response: damn, whooo hooo you found a mistake... i don't proof read don't have time....

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Review #21, by nobody's listenin' Uncle Who? and Hogwarts Express!

23rd June 2005:
Dumbledore has an "e", moron.

Author's Response: i'm aware of that, this is the fic i started before i read all the books and went into full harry potter mode... and i'm not a moron... god don't you have better things to do then leave bad reviews?

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Review #22, by nobody's listenin' Uncle Who? and Hogwarts Express!

23rd June 2005:
Paper doesn't taste like anything. If you ate it, you wouldn't be able to tell what it was.

Author's Response: Congratulations your an idiot!

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Review #23, by nobody's listenin' Uncle Who? and Hogwarts Express!

23rd June 2005:
Katie is a year younger than Alicia and Angelina. If this takes place during sixth year, which it seems like it is, then Katie would still be on the quidditch team.

Author's Response: well... i don't care.. i think i said this was my story and i'll change anything i please.... if you haven't noticed this is a FAN fiction...

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Review #24, by CuppaJoe Unseen Answers

21st May 2005:
yay keep going

Author's Response: k

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Review #25, by sour_grapes Unseen Answers

15th May 2005:
that's really good but..... how cld you leave it on a cliffhanger type thing????? update soon p.s. i am extramely slow and ill so i haven't got the visions yet* smacks self over head then winces* OOOWWWW!

Author's Response: lol, no worries, but this story is on pause until i get my butterfly kisses sequel done, sorry

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