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Review #1, by fairy919 Home Sweet Home

22nd November 2006:
I love it!
That was funny when Draco says"What will be ever more amazing is the stuff we'll do on it."
I could totally picture Draco saying it! You are an awesome writer! :D

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Review #2, by noir_nuit [[not logged in]] Home Sweet Home

27th October 2005:
i just started reading the story before this and this one and i never stopped to review. lol. :D sorry! i couldn't stop reading! ugh. harry disgusts me. lol. :D i love your stories!

Author's Response: wow thanks i had almost given up on them, thanks for review you totally made my day! thanks so much!

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Review #3, by skyler1 My Baby's Daddy

26th July 2005:
Hey Jess. I got your e-mail however I need the HTML code under the banner in pix8. I would love to put up your banner, so if you could get that to me I'll put it up. ~ Court ~

Author's Response: i didn't give you the html? geez, i'm stupid.. ok i'll get that to you asap!

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Review #4, by luna45 Home Sweet Home

24th July 2005:

Author's Response: I'm glad! :D

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Review #5, by luna45 A Father Unveiled

24th July 2005:

Author's Response: Why thankyou!

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Review #6, by luna45 My Baby's Daddy

24th July 2005:
LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: most appreiciated

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Review #7, by viperhoney05 Home Sweet Home

11th June 2005:
Thank You! I have been waiting for a new chappie! Your such a good writer, you really catch a reader's attention.

Author's Response: well thank you!

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Review #8, by andie Home Sweet Home

31st May 2005:
great chap.Can u make me a banner plz.

Author's Response: Make you a banner? sure if you want me to

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Review #9, by SilverCloud Home Sweet Home

31st May 2005:
I've been waiting for an update! lol that basement sounds huge. Well for a basement lol. Great chapter, update soon. =)

Author's Response: alrighty :d yewah i'm happy it updated so quickly :D like as in got approved so fast, lol. glad you like and yuppers the basement is hugeo! lol. thanks so much for the first review!

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Review #10, by skyler1 A Father Unveiled

25th May 2005:
Hey there. Long time no chat huh! Well I just wanted to let you know I updated my story a couple of days ago. Speaking of updating, it looks like I'm not the only one guilty of neglecting my fic lol. I haven't been on in a really long time. I've been extremely busy with that pesky think called life. I'm just entering my fourth month of pregnancy, so that is keeping me quite busy along with my two-year-old. Well chat at you later.

Author's Response: Yes Yes, LONG time no chat. It's nice to hear from a good friend on here. And i'll be sure to check out your story. Thanks for the chat courtney :D

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Review #11, by viperhoney05 A Father Unveiled

22nd May 2005:
Please, it's been months. im begging u to write a new chapter! Why do u have to be such a good writer?

Author's Response: i just finsihed it, as i type this i am in the middle of reviewing it for spelling and stuff like that, so it'll be up soon! :D

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Review #12, by Nelle A Father Unveiled

15th April 2005:
I like how Draco's the father .... Better lookin kid j/p really though the two are good!!

Author's Response: why thank you for the awesome review! :D i haven't had themn in so long i did know if anyone even read my stories, lol. Thanks again!

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Review #13, by skyler1 My Baby's Daddy

1st March 2005:
Hey there, ho there. I updated finally. Check it out. It's not a fun chapter, because well you'll see. The next chapter should be loads of fun though.

Author's Response: alrihgty sweet sweet, i'll r and r asap!

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Review #14, by SilverCloud A Father Unveiled

23rd February 2005:
Wow... That was a shocker.... Can't wait for more!!!

Author's Response: heheheheh, exactly as planned! *gives an evil laugh and grin...* lol, well thanx for the review! you rock!

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Review #15, by viperhoney05 A Father Unveiled

21st February 2005:
I don't mean to sound pushy or snotty, but WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG! i check in everyday and im on the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter. WHY MUST UR STORY BE SOOOOO GOOD!

Author's Response: wow, lol i think i will have to write the next chappie soon, i won;t let you down!

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Review #16, by CrystalClear A Father Unveiled

21st February 2005:
dum dum dum....drama filled chapter!!! Plese update soon!

Author's Response: i hope you mean dum dum dum as is dundundun! lol, anywayz, i'll update asap! thanx for the review!

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Review #17, by sakura storm A Father Unveiled

12th February 2005:
woooooooooooooo wright the next chapter if not i will hunt you down and kill u

Author's Response: hehehehehehehe that's the way.. uh huh uh huh i likeit uh huh uh huhuh

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Review #18, by viperhoney05 A Father Unveiled

10th February 2005:
OMG! I can't wait for the next chapter and Harry's reaction when he finds out. You HAVE TO write another chapter or I might go insane with curiousity! =)

Author's Response: hmmm, another victim to be intracnced with my story! YAY!!!! lol, thanx for reviewin! I'll have the next chappie up as soon as i have time to finsih it.....Peace!

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Review #19, by skyler1 A Father Unveiled

4th February 2005:
I knew it, I knew it! Ha! Oh this should get very interesting. BTW, I love your banner!

Author's Response: yes yes it should get very interesting....Even old dogs can learn new tricks as well...... uh, nvm bout that.. oh, legolasprinceofmyheart made it.. I LOVE IT! IT SO TOTALLY ROX! she could even make you one if you'd like, check the FAQ on the home page of, them go banner helps, and their should be something along these lines that says the dark arts.... it took me a while to find but once you have it's cake! Oh, and i love the banner u made me! anywayz, much luv!-StormGurl

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Review #20, by skyler1 My Baby's Daddy

25th January 2005:
Very clever little missy. Harry=5, Draco=5, Potter=6, Malfoy=6. Way to leave everybody hanging, but only Harry would have already been there right? That and I couldn't picture Harry saying "I'm here because my beloved is having my child." That is so Draco. What kind of effect will this have on our poor Harry. Update soon.

Author's Response: hehehehe! glad you reviewed. Yes yes, harry draco same amount of letters....*sigh* that was one of my more brillant ideas -(note that is sort of what dumbledore said hpps)I love to keep people hanging... maybe i can get the next chappie to end like that... and 'm not saying anthing about harry or draco being there.... Your always too smart for me court! *winks* Anywayz, I'll have the next chapter up as soon as i can! Thanx again for the review!

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Review #21, by j. bob My Baby's Daddy

24th January 2005:
who the hell is the father. what kind of weird conicidence is that tell me tell me. TELL ME NOW


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Review #22, by SilverCloud My Baby's Daddy

22nd January 2005:
Ahh you tricked me (and the other readers!) Both Harry and Draco have five letters in their first names and six in their last. AHH now I have to wait to see who it really is?!?! You're so evil. But eh... I tend to write cliffhangers to, so I guess you aren't the only one who does. But that was harsh.... lol Just kidding. I really do hope you update soon though, or else I'll die in suspense and would you want that burden on your shoulders for the rest of your life? Hehehe. <3

Author's Response: lol, no no, i wouldn't want that burden... hehehe it took me awhile 2 figure out that harry and draco had the same amonut of letters in their first and last names... lol, well anywyaz I'll update as soon as i can... and yes i like cliffies! lol they're fun to write. well gtg work on da next chappie.. lata!

Author's Response: in the mean time can i suggest reading 'The Life of the Hart' by missy_hart77

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