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Review #1, by Jordanna The New Girl

14th February 2005:
ZINEB!!!!! lol. thanx. yea. but i havent heard from elisha in a while. but i have sent her the 4th chapter. so she should be posting it soon .:) glad u like it. thanx 4 the review. ttyl

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Review #2, by zineb Who They Are

12th February 2005:
hey this story is da bomb ne wayz are you adding more to it cause i cant wait to read it

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Review #3, by Jordanna Who They Are

4th February 2005:
woot!! i could have made some inprovements now that im reading it. and i think i need to get more into there feelings than just talking. what do u think Elisha??

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Review #4, by Jordanna The New Girl

2nd February 2005:
lahbiba u are so weird. lol so..u liked the story?? hhmm hhmm. of coarse u did. lol u told me u did at school. lol so..yea. ttyl

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Review #5, by lahbiba Getting to Know You

1st February 2005:
hey was ^ lol im really hyperright now nEwAyZ cool StorY im eating chocolate and you know how much i love chocolate yeah talk to you on rupertgrint later ok bbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee lylas ttyl g2g you know fa show!

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Review #6, by Jordanna The New Girl

26th January 2005:
SCABBERS_WEASLY!!! hey. my comp. doesnt have the right cookie thing. so Elisha posts my quzzes 4 me!! :P . no, thats not offending!! im going to give more info on her. but u dont get to find out till later in the story!! :) her past isnt exactly like harry's. but she can sort of relate to him! THANX 4 reading!! im gonna send elisha the new chapter either today or tomorrow!!

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Review #7, by scabbers_weasly The New Girl

25th January 2005:
Hello! Thanks so much for reading my fic!! I like the storyline that you have, but I think it would help if you gave more background info on Rissa. I got the impression that maybe she kind of shared a similar past to Harry's and that could be a good way to start it, rather than have her wake up one day and Dumbledore is just there. I'm just trying to be helpful, I hope you don't get offended.

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Review #8, by Jordanna Getting to Know You

23rd January 2005:
yay!! my story is FINALLY UP!! woohoo!! thanx Elisha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Lol no problem

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Review #9, by ron_242 Getting to Know You

21st January 2005:
wonderful *starts crying* simply wonderful

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