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Reading Reviews for An Unlikely Slytherin Match
16 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Rebecca Black Head Over Heels in Hate

4th May 2005:
Yay, a new chapter!! Really good one too. Hope you update soon.

Author's Response: Hehe .. thanks. I've got the first part of the next chapter started .. it shouldn't be TOO long now .. <33

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Review #2, by angel13 Head Over Heels in Hate

30th April 2005:
ugh...why did he call her becky? is it some sort of nickname? or did you get mixed up with your other story? whatever. great chapter, please update soon.

Author's Response: Haha yeah .. I must've. Oh well .. I fixed it. =P Thanks for calling that to my attention. <33

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Review #3, by angel13 Gossip Interruptions

18th April 2005:
yay! i love this story! and an update soon! yay!

Author's Response: =D thanks so much! Funny that you mention that update, actually, because all I've got to do is type it up! Expect it today or tomorrow. <33

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Review #4, by angel13 Broom Shopping

14th April 2005:

Author's Response: =D thanks! <33

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Review #5, by angel13 An Unlikely Slytherin Match

14th April 2005:
i was under the impression the slytherin gals actually worshipped malfoy?

Author's Response: Well .. not Beckie. There's a first for everything. =P <33

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Review #6, by angel13 Gossip Interruptions

14th April 2005:
yeah, blaise and malfoy are my favourite slytherins. they rock. please update soon.

Author's Response: Hehe, yeah, they're my favorite too. I've actually got the next chapter almost completed. It shouldn't be too long now. <33

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Review #7, by Wierd_Sisters An Unlikely Slytherin Match

1st April 2005:
happy april fools day!

Author's Response: thanks! =P Happy Aprile Fools Day to you, any everyone else, too! also, Happy Birthday to Fred and George! <33

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Review #8, by ilovedracoandharry Gossip Interruptions

21st March 2005:
Oh I love it! Update update update update!

Author's Response: Yeah .. like I said, I have little plot bunnies hopping around up in the old noggin', but they're only bunnies. I need to wait for them to grow into rabbits. hehe. Ill try to as soon as i can. <33

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Review #9, by ilovedracoandharry Broom Shopping

21st March 2005:
That was so awesome! I'm loving your story! Keep up the great work and please please update very soon!

Author's Response: I'll try. I've been brainstorming on this story for quite awhile .. so when I do update .. it should be good. <33

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Review #10, by Rebecca Black Gossip Interruptions

13th March 2005:
I just read all the chapters and I think this is going to be a really good story(it already is!). I hope that you get the next chapter out sometime soon.

Author's Response: thanks! i've been brainstorming for awhile on the next chapter .. and i hope to get it done sometime very, very soon! <33

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Review #11, by Wierd_Sisters Gossip Interruptions

13th March 2005:
BRILIANT!!!! and Blaise is not that bad, he is my favorite Slytherin, seriously, whenever i looked at some chacrter ppl from the books, i announced him as my favorite slytherin! lol, anyway, BRILIANT!!! hope you update soon

Author's Response: yeah, him and Draco are my favorite Slytherins, and i thought, alot of people neglect Blaise, he needs some to shine! =D <33

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Review #12, by Wierd_Sisters Broom Shopping

13th March 2005:
lol, to bad potter isn't like that! but, it would be cool to see him the way she imagined.lol, BRILIANT!!

Author's Response: yeah, I know it would. haha. thanks. <33

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Review #13, by Wierd_Sisters An Unlikely Slytherin Match

13th March 2005:
BRILIANT!!! isn't Ferret boy a pain in everyone's asses?

Author's Response: yeah, at times. he has his moments though ;) lol <33

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Review #14, by Nijntje Gossip Interruptions

21st February 2005:

Author's Response: thanks! <33

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Review #15, by Nijntje Broom Shopping

20th January 2005:
:D it was a very funny chapter..-XxX-Marjolein

Author's Response: hehe thanks. Can't wait till i get the next chapter up .. it should be good. it's a long one too! lol =D

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Review #16, by Nijntje An Unlikely Slytherin Match

18th January 2005:
Its great! -XxX-Marjolein

Author's Response: Thanks! =D

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