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Review #1, by Hermytwin027 Lady In Red (RW/HG)

5th July 2007:
Really liked was short but sweet...only thing I think was missing is that age old R/Hr banter...(and he should have kissed her and then said he loved her)...but yeah, great story! :D

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #2, by MrsMalfoy0908 Lady In Red (RW/HG)

26th May 2007:
there were a few spelling mistakes you may want to fix

Author's Response: Thanks for the tip

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Review #3, by hprbdfan Lady In Red (RW/HG)

27th April 2007:
lol but i love ur story it was very good!!! romantic!!!

Author's Response: thank you.

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Review #4, by Hana Lady In Red (RW/HG)

11th April 2007:
That was awesome.
It worked well with the song and was just a really nice, cute story.

One tiiiny thing, a strapless, backless dress?
How would it stay up?

Author's Response: i cant believe no-one else has noticed that, will go chnage it now thnk you

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Review #5, by kevin. Lady In Red (RW/HG)

30th November 2005:
nothing in here to mention under the 'adult' category. nice story though.

Author's Response: thank you

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Review #6, by theblackcat Lady In Red (RW/HG)

18th November 2005:
This is an amazing story. I luffs it! ^_^

Author's Response: I luffs u ^_^

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Review #7, by Rachel Lady In Red (RW/HG)

17th November 2005:
wow... this is so beautiful... i can't even put my finger on what i like about it... it absolutly captured my heart and soul! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: awwwwww I feel like writing now!!!

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Review #8, by I sold it on ebay Lady In Red (RW/HG)

21st October 2005:
usually i don't read ron/hermione fics but this one was really good!

Author's Response: thank you, there are other ships in my couples of hogwarts story, although im not sure that those ones are as good.

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Review #9, by Female Marauder1627 Lady In Red (RW/HG)

2nd October 2005:
very cute!

Author's Response: thank you you should read the couples of hogwarts should get cute in a bit.

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Review #10, by Nina_wife_of _Fres Lady In Red (RW/HG)

13th September 2005:
=D woot woot awesomeness.... Hermione is a little too girly looking but hey she was forced into it so its forgiven .... damn her for stealing my Ron how dare she .... loved as usuall hugs and ♥ Nina x

Author's Response: Lol sorry hon u get rupert she gets ron. Thanks for reviewing honey.

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Review #11, by Isabelle Lady In Red (RW/HG)

5th September 2005:
Hmm. How can Hermione's dress be strapless and backless? There's nothing holding it up! Anyhoodles, this is interesting. You've made Hermione a bit of a Mary-Sue. When in the books has she gotten highlights or worn makeup? They just aren't Hermione. And now she's tan and all the sudden gorgeous? All the guys want to be with her? She's not like that in the books, at all. Try a Mary Sue Litmus Test to try and get her back to canon.

Author's Response: I am soory most of these things were courtesy of ginny, lavender and pavarati deciding they'd had enough of the tension between her and ron but nm i thought i'd put that in there hmm thanks for the tip and way.

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Review #12, by someone Lady In Red (RW/HG)

28th August 2005:
where didya get the inspiration for this story? cuz lady in red is really old... Anyway, watch out for your spelling & grammar. Otherwise, OK story. *thumbs up*

Author's Response: I have a friends that has a tendency to send me really old songs, i guess I was just bored so I threw this together.

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Review #13, by bree Lady In Red (RW/HG)

1st July 2005:
that was sooo CUTE!!

Author's Response: thank you please r&R my other stories

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Review #14, by Laura Lady In Red (RW/HG)

30th June 2005:
Love the story i think it's brill can't wait to see if you are doing anymore

Author's Response: well I'm working on a seqel to my story meant to be at the mo. Please r&r my other stories.

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Review #15, by GoldenGirl Lady In Red (RW/HG)

25th June 2005:
Aww *sniff* how sweet!

Author's Response: thanks hun

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Review #16, by PottersPrincess Lady In Red (RW/HG)

20th June 2005:
i hate r/hr concepts but i loved your fic u should be hounered cause this is the only R/hr i have ever read. But it's going in my favorites! ! ! !

Author's Response: oh yea!!!!!!!!!!!! cool cool cool. All my fics are r/hr but please see if u like those too!

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Review #17, by NarakuHimitsu Lady In Red (RW/HG)

19th June 2005:
As you requested, I've come to review. ::tips hat:: hmmm....for one thing I'm not really one to read fanfics that center around Ron and Hermione. They're good, but I've just no interest in them. This story was good, though. It's actually the first I've read that centered with these two as the main characters. Well down! I actually enjoyed it! Maybe a bit too much description at the beginning, but I liked the ending. I'll get around to reading your other fics...but right now I'm short on time. ::tips hat, vanishes::

Author's Response: thanks a lot ::tips hat:: lmoa.

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Review #18, by kate Lady In Red (RW/HG)

10th June 2005:
absolutly loved it! my friend and i have an ongoing joke about lady in red, and well, i'm absolutly dying for ron and hermione to get together!!! this just made my day!

Author's Response: thanks a lot hon.

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Review #19, by k.mcelroy Lady In Red (RW/HG)

19th May 2005:
Great story, loved it

Author's Response: thanks please read my other ones.

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Review #20, by gracey Lady In Red (RW/HG)

5th May 2005:
WOW!!! that's all i can say.... WOW!!!

Author's Response: thank you so much.

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Review #21, by gracey Lady In Red (RW/HG)

5th May 2005:
WOW!!! that's all i can say.... WOW!!!

Author's Response: and again thank you

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Review #22, by TomFeltonIsDeadSexy Lady In Red (RW/HG)

24th April 2005:
wonderful story. very cute. great job writing.

Author's Response: thank u

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Review #23, by hick from the sticks chick Lady In Red (RW/HG)

22nd April 2005:
sweet story, but you might wanna check your stories more carefully for grammer and spelling. luved it though. :)

Author's Response: yea I know about the grammer thing im a really bad speller

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Review #24, by CourtneyFaith Lady In Red (RW/HG)

31st March 2005:
~That is a really good story~

Author's Response: thank you

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Review #25, by Lexington Lady In Red (RW/HG)

19th February 2005:
utterly sweet!

Author's Response: thank u please read my other stories losing you and meant to be

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