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Review #1, by toughcookie No More Nice Girl

17th December 2005:
I really like this story. Usually im not into angst story, but I really like this one. Hope you are going to continue this one. I really would like to find out what happens to Ginny and the six other teens.

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Review #2, by sunshine No More Nice Girl

27th June 2005:
what is taking so long... the story was just getting good.... my way of incuring you to write more. he he!!!

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Review #3, by vanes No More Nice Girl

23rd May 2005:
i really think this could be a good story, you should continue. i'm excited to read what she comes up with for revenge!!!

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Review #4, by ash No More Nice Girl

29th March 2005:
when r u goin to update?I would love to see the revenge she takes

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Review #5, by blackpanther54 No More Nice Girl

13th March 2005:
Girl add more soon!! Hurry want to see gInny kick but for once

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Review #6, by No More Nice Girl

23rd February 2005:
It's me again. Just wondering when you were going to update with the next chapter. Oh and by the way, why did you have everyone dis her for reasons that weren't even true?

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Review #7, by Preteen*DramaQueen No More Nice Girl

9th February 2005:
ohhhhhh.... good, real good. write soon! lotsa tension! me wanna read more, & SOON!!!!!!!!!UPDATE!!!!!

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Review #8, by Anonymous No More Nice Girl

21st January 2005:
This IS going to be a romance story, right? If so, have the good grace to make sure Harry treats her with more respect. A LITTLE BABY? Honestly, make sure you continue with this story (sincere), I would just LOVE to hear the other things you think they sy of her (sarcasm). Reply to

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Review #9, by homerhiter No More Nice Girl

16th January 2005:
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGood gollie gosh, i LUUUUUUUUUV ur story, keep posting! your storie rox my sox, if u stop posting, i WILL CRY!!!!

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