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Review #1, by Jamie18 Truth of Lies

31st March 2014:
Why did all the names change?? I was really liking the story...

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Review #2, by vintage90vinyl Back at Hogwarts Again

29th November 2012:
I like this story, especially the POV, I don't think I've ever read a second person before :]
I'm interested to see where this will go.
The only thing I don't get is how not even Hermione knows her, when they share a dorm...

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Review #3, by Willow_Lupin Hogsmeade Weekend

14th September 2012:
Really funny! i loved it and the quills seem really cool!

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Review #4, by Willow_Lupin Start of A New Term

14th September 2012:
interesting ive read your other story that includes her parents so Cool im going to comment but i suck so i might just make faces :)

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Review #5, by draco_lover12 Aboard the Hogwarts Express

31st May 2012:
This is so hard to read with you all the time. Sorry but give up after the first chapter. I'm sure your other readers will love it.

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Review #6, by PoppyLuna Beauty in the Ice

13th January 2012:
oh my god.
i can't stand it anymore.
it's the first time i read something this.
it was the worst mary-sue story i've ever read.
what happen in here.
why is everyone always easy to forgive amelia.
i liked the idea of this story, but crap.Amelia is such a bitch.
swearing a lot,,
and why it seems like she alwaaayysss right and EVERYONE loved her.
and i'm not find the character of Amelia is likeable.
Rose in "Delicate" story is swears a lot too,, but she still likeable to me.
omg,what happen in here..
are this amelia character is based on you?

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Review #7, by Jeanne Amelia's Living Nightmare

11th January 2012:
aww,, poor amelia :(
but hope she's okay,, she's a strong girl.

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Review #8, by Jeanne Pain of Living

10th January 2012:
geeez,, im dissapointed with this chapter :(

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Review #9, by Jeanne Amelia's Diary

10th January 2012:
well, it's kinda cool you know..
the tople.. i mean the tapless thing XD

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Review #10, by Jeanne A Bend of the Mind

10th January 2012:
Amelia is getting my nerves >:O
but i cant stop reading it.
and i love HARRY of course

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Review #11, by Jeanne Expecto Patronum

9th January 2012:
hmmm,, i wonder what will happen in thenext chapter,
but i have to go to sleep,i have class on 5 pm DX

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Review #12, by Jeanne Hufflepuff and Gryffindor

9th January 2012:
aahhh,, i love Amel and Harry moments

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Review #13, by Jeanne A Puff of Green Smoke

9th January 2012:
wuaaahhh,,its getting more exciting!!!

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Review #14, by entropy Back to Another Life

6th September 2011:
I wasn't sure about the 2nd person perspective, but it seemed to work out. A few places it threw me out of character, usually when I had girl issues.
Great story though, and I'm glad I can just start reading the next couple.

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Review #15, by mRz_ScorpiusM12 Aboard the Hogwarts Express

27th August 2011:
you have written a good story, but i am sad to say that i could only read the first chapter and that was very difficult. if you want to write a story in second person, i.e. you, then you should know that you are making the reader the main character, so you should not give the main character a name while writing in this point of view. sorry for the negativity, but i thought i should just let you know while the story is wonderful, the point of view needs to be changed. you will recieve more readers if you do change it, i am sure. keep writing, just change your point if view. i am giving u a 10/10 rating for creativity but your writing is a 5/10

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Review #16, by Morinden Back to Reality

25th August 2011:
This is such an emotional roller-coaster you let your characters ride, I hope Amelia and Harry come up on top. I've really felt sad for Amelia, I'm glad that things are looking slightly brighter for her now. Will keep up reading!

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Review #17, by Morinden You Don't Know

25th August 2011:
This is some scary stuff...

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Review #18, by Morinden Miseries of a Gryffindor

25th August 2011:
Dear me! I've just returned to this website after a long absence and stumbled upon your fic. And it's only by looking at the reviews that I find my own reviews, so I realize that I've read your fic over a year ago. I never finished it though, and I think I can recall the plot. So I can pick up where I left. I can see from my reviews that I liked Amelia, and I still do after this chapter. Eh, she should put a curse on Harry - poor boy should have learned not to trust his dreams.

Thanks for answering my old reviews, I didn't realize until now that you posted answers.

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Review #19, by Tonksiloveyou Halloween

13th August 2011:
I'm really enjoying the story so far- it's pretty brilliant, even though I usually really dislike 2 second view. But I really think this is ridiculous. how could Amelia and Harry think that detentions and house points is in any way equal to a life sentence in azkaban? Seriously, it was an UNFORGIVABLE curse. That means they could have easily taken him out of the picture for good with one memory in the pensive shown to the aurors.

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Review #20, by matt Dueling Stelangre

6th August 2011:
Has anyone else noticed that Stelangre is an anagram of Lestrange?

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Review #21, by Katie Start of A New Term

28th July 2011:
I know that anyone reading this is probably a big harry potter fan! And I love the sstart of this story it seems so promising!p.s. for all harry potter fans vote for harry potter and tom felton as best villain for playing draco malfoy at teen choice award (.) com

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Review #22, by Indigo Hogwarts Weekly

6th June 2011:
omg! I love this story!

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Review #23, by Rosie j xx You Don't Know

23rd April 2011:
It was a fairly good chapter but personaly I think it would have been a much more interesting story line if amelia had chosen to keep the child because she was against abortion even though she was raped.

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Review #24, by case of the trotts Amelia's Living Nightmare

11th December 2010:
I really don't know what to say to you concerning this chapter especially about the rape part and I thought that before I comment about it I wanted to see the other comments on what people thought about it.

After reading the ten reviews and reading your above A/N: PLEASE DON'T KILL ME FOR MAKING HER BE RAPED!!! *hides*

There is only one thing to say. You who ever you are have a case of the trotts. If you don't you know what that means than allow me to tell you. You give me the shits that's right the SHITS. You are probably one of the worst writers that I have come across and as far as I am conerned you can bugger of.

Also while I was reading your reviews I saw and noticed in one review that you don't like to be flamed. Well guess what mate you're now receiving your second one and I can tell you I support the words of the review and at least that person had the guts and courage to tell you what he/she thought about your work.

Also with your response

Author's Response: Hm nope unable to care. I don't get paid for this, nor did you pay to read it, so feel free to leave at any time. I have suitable warnings labeled on my stories and you have no right to flame me for something you don't like. Have a nice life.

With your reply I find that you can't stand the fact that someone stood up to you and told you what they thought of your work. As far as I am conerned you are nothing more than a hippercrite. That's right a hippercrite and for the record I have just glanced through this chapter again and the chapters index and found no warning whatsoever that concerns the rape.

In closing I am going to take my leave and to see other stories to read.

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Review #25, by Hpluvver Start of A New Term

3rd November 2010:
Why are you reffering to Amelia as the reader or "you"???

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