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Review #1, by MissLilyEvans Hope's Children

10th May 2007:
This chapter was just repeated. I'm kind of confused by your switches..and what not. Post each chapter, but don't repost parts of the last one. Your story needs more organization. It's a very good story line, very common, but it needs more of it's own plot. You skip around a lot in your story as well. I'm really not trying to put you down, but I'm trying to give you advice on how to make your story better. Maybe you should think of getting a beta..I guess now to explain about what I like about your story, I really like the fact that you try to be original. What's with the Italian? I guess I missed that part. I'm interested in seeing where this goes, please update as soon as you can.

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Review #2, by lothlorien Hope's Children

19th March 2007:
please continue this story. please. if you abandoned it for the lack of reviews then i promise i will review every chapter you post as soon as i find it. twice. 10 times if it will help. have to continue. this story is amazing. *puppy eyes* i will love you forever if you continue. what do i have to do to convince you?

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Review #3, by lothlorien Hope's Children

13th January 2007:
it's interesting. did you know you posted one chapter twice? anyway post the next chapter soo.

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Review #4, by Emzy Hope's Children

28th January 2006:
Um.... I really like it... its really great and everything... but I think u forgot to post a chappie cause u posted The Full Moon Day and All Hallows Eve twice and I got confused... but otherwise it was really good!!

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Review #5, by Lills Hope's Children

11th January 2006:
love it keep updating

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