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Review #1, by Della Reese Not Gonna Get Us

26th July 2011:
I just finished reading your story, I see your underlying intentions when writting this, which definitely have potential. I noticed that your characters were all 'out of character', but i guess that is fine and it's your perogative as the author to do that using your artistic license. :)
However, I think it was a little too easy for them for them to run away, and much of the story was not believable! They just happen to have enough money to buy a one million dollar mansion and Ginny gets a 45 carat ring? Meanwhile the grief of their families is mentioned only in triviality? It also went against the theme of your story at the start which seemed to be that love is the most important thing in the world. Instead, the ending of your story equates happiness with money, not love, you could have shown that their decision to run away was okay even if they had little money, that would have made your point more poignant.
Anyway, I think if you have time you could rewrite this story and make it into something great! Like I've said I could definitely see the potential and the interesting intentions of this plot and characters, but for know I think your story remains a diamond in the ruff, or resurrection stone in the snitch, if you will. ;)

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Review #2, by andrea Not Gonna Get Us

13th January 2005:
the last was a bit over reaching and Dumbledore would not have gone and looked for them because they hav a will of there own and if no one saw that then they had every right to run (even if they don't have the left)

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Review #3, by kirby_felton Not Gonna Get Us

30th July 2004:
excellent fic--to bad 4 the parents 4 not accepting they being 2gether!

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Review #4, by Kayla Not Gonna Get Us

31st January 2004:
I like reviews *smiles* lol

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Review #5, by Ginny Not Gonna Get Us

23rd June 2003:

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Review #6, by Anon Not Gonna Get Us

19th June 2003:
That was awsome!! Perfect story to go with the song!! Write another one.

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Review #7, by Anon Not Gonna Get Us

17th June 2003:
It\'s good!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #8, by SilverMirrror Not Gonna Get Us

15th June 2003:
Really good.

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Review #9, by Angie Not Gonna Get Us

7th March 2003:
Hey Kayla!!! I\'m only half way done but I am soooo loving it!! My eyes started hurting cuz I was staring at the screen for the longest time so I\'m gonna have to print this story out. But I REALLY LOVE IT!!! It\'s soooo good!! ... so far anyway. But I\'m sure it\'ll get better as I read on. hehehe ... oh and thanks for reviewing my stories!! They really mean a lot. And good job on your Stole story too!!! .... It\'s SOOOOO GOOD!!! (<-- I dunno if that italic thing will work so if it doesn\'t ignore it) KEEP WRITING!!!!

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Review #10, by ~*sHaDoW*~ Not Gonna Get Us

7th March 2003:
I LOVED IT!!!!! i always liked Draco! luck ginny......... lotza love, shelby xoxo p.s Please read a review my story \"Broken\". I worked really hard on it! THANX!!!!!!

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