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Review #1, by Jimmi Epilogue

26th December 2017:
Hi, I don't know how to contact you and if you are still here, but we would like to translate your story to Slovak language and ask you for permission. With full credit for you, of course. Thank you

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Review #2, by GeekMom13 The Serpent's Son, Part One

1st December 2016:
I can't be a silent reader anymore. this story is amazing. like, twist my brain and make me crawl in my skin and makes me super jumpy.
I seriously have been in a totally different world the entire night and I feel like I'm wrapped in a blanket I can't escape but I'm 100% sure I do not want to

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Review #3, by courage14 Poetic Justice, Part One

11th February 2016:
I'm a but confused... Is this supposed to be later? how long after the hospital wing? Am I missing something??? Help!!! Besides that, I'm enjoying the story... :)

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Review #4, by oxx0mary Guardians of the Blue Room

13th July 2013:
WTF?! This is a really toxic relationship and I so wish that Hermoine wasn't such a fucking doormat.

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Review #5, by kitchen princess Nightmare Game, Part One

12th March 2013:
Thing is, I absolutely adore this story, but I'm afraid to read past this point. :(
I know it will be amazing, but Gods!
You do too well writing.

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Review #6, by writing_magic Epilogue

14th February 2013:
Great job! It was super creative and the details and imagery were awesome. :) I adored this story.

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Review #7, by ovia Epilogue

10th December 2012:
hey , it is really an excellent story , but u know its quite unfair , to leave us hanging like that .How about a sequel ?pls think about it .

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Review #8, by goody2shoes The Daily Grind

26th October 2012:
I must say... Thus far, I'm really liking your story. (: It's probably the only Dramione on this site (aside from Hunting the Hunters) that I plan to read all the way. I prefer creepy Draco to OOC fluffy Draco... Which is how all the other authors on this site seem to portray him. I'm just wondering how their relationship is gonna work? I mean, he said to her face that he wishes her dead... And he'd be the one to do it. If someone said that to me, I'd be hurt beyond words because no one should ever wish ill on anyone, and I'd never be able to forgive him much less love him.

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Review #9, by Amiee Epilogue

19th July 2012:
Fab, Absolutely Fab-U-Lous! (Or however you spell it ;) ) It was probably the 2nd best FanFic Ive ever Read, And I've read many!

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Review #10, by Holly Jean Epilogue

2nd April 2012:
I loved this story you did a great job!!

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Review #11, by Gin-gin06 The Colour of Magick

24th February 2012:
This chapter like the first was so... intense. the way you word what's happening is astonding. Have you ever considered writing a book of your own?
The mind can be a powerful but frightening thing it seems. Too many truths about ones self or another's self can be found in it. Much as I'm Draco and Hermione are to find out in Magik class.
Amdeus is interesting. Is he an animagus? He seems a little shifty, but then again most of the best character in works of literature are, such as Snape, or if you've ever read
Beautiful Creatures, Macon Ravenwood.
thanks for the book suggestion. Itr sounds familar, so I think i'll read it.


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Review #12, by Gin-gin06 Peace Treaty

24th February 2012:
Great first chapter! I love the way you portray Snape's character in it. And them having to spill secrets to each other: perfect! Grammar was fantastico (I think that's how you spell it). Expecting another one as good as the first.

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Review #13, by sanni Nightmare Game, Part Two

18th January 2012:
I don't actually know whether you (and other storytellers) read/receive reviews for completed stories, of if they help at all, but I don't think couraging and constructive critisism never hurt too much :)

There are two minor spelling mistakes in this text that for some reason bother me. The word "bare" is mentioned in the scene in the desert by the lake, but it's probably unintentionally spellt "bear". The other one is about the word "hell", which comes up quite a few times in this and the following chapter. I would not write it with a capital letter, but perhaps it is a matter of style :)

I'm dreading to finish this novel but at the same time I don't want it to end!

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Review #14, by sanni Trust Issues

17th January 2012:
Did I magically miss the part when Malfoys nose got healed o.O I thought Ron broke it earlier but I might have added it myself : D

Your way of writing is very catchy and fascinating, although there are too many split chapters - why not just name them differently?

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Review #15, by gocnocturna Epilogue

9th January 2012:
great story, really powerful. It was constantly surprising and kept me on edge. Sad at times when I thought it wasn't going to work out and when I thought Ron was dead. But it's all great by the end and I loved it! Great job!

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Review #16, by UnlikelyShipper Epilogue

3rd January 2012:
I just hope that they had the happy ending I imagine they had. This is so beautifully written- I read it all in a day! I hope you can continue to write, wherever you are in your life!

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Review #17, by Alex Epilogue

28th December 2011:
This is so nice! I like how original this is and the plot, well, it's really well-thought of! Great job! Hope to read more. :)

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Review #18, by Amber Epilogue

4th November 2011:
I absolutely love this story!! It's very violent, but not so graphic. SO graphic... It's very intimate between Hermione and Draco, and I love that because it actually explains in physicality how much they love each other, and I love their emotional and mental problems together. It's funny and deep at the same time. My favorite part is when Draco tries to bring Hermione's mind back by reading to her, talking to her, and stuff like that. It shows Draco's true feelings. And I love Draco in this story, how he goes from a freakin' physco and evil creeper, to a soft, and loveable guy.. His man vs. man conflict is AWESOME!! All in all, I love this story and how you've made the characters. Yes, I'm late in reading this, but I want you to know that this story is AMAZING and one of my absolute favorites. You're very good at Dramione fanfiction... Keep going :)

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Review #19, by joelfong123 The Colour of Magick

3rd November 2011:
wow. amazing opening.

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Review #20, by MrsRonaldWeasley Epilogue

12th October 2011:
TOOK BLOODY LONG ENOUGH (their love being declared, i mean) i love Dramionee and this story is AMAZING

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Review #21, by Sarah The Colour of Magick

28th August 2011:
WHOA. That was really well done. The plot was really imaginative and very original. Nice work.

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Review #22, by Karina Epilogue

24th August 2011:
my friend showed me this story .. and you know what? i've been stucked with my computer everytime i had chance to just read!

you are a really good writer! you really catch your reader. and i like the way you describe things to detailed.

keep up the good work ;)

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Review #23, by Augustara Potter Epilogue

26th July 2011:
Great Job! Loved the story! Good Dramione fanfic is tough so congrats on a job well done! :)

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Review #24, by annalee Poetic Justice, Part Three

7th June 2011:
I'm sure I have missed something here. Man, I need to re-read again. I mean, because of the separating potion, they are not able to touch each other apart from their hands up to their elbows, right? So how can they kiss? I mean... I must have missed something. I need to re-read.

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Review #25, by annalee Poetic Justice, Part One

7th June 2011:
Okay... Is the story a bit like... jumping around... or am I the one missing something here?
A bit confused, but still super curious about the next chapter.

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