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Review #1, by Vira One bad dream

27th November 2011:
Wow... That's a seriously crazy dream... It's weird, interesting, and slightly creepy. Great One-Shot by the way!

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Review #2, by real_life_sucks One bad dream

30th May 2005:
gah, sounds like dreams I get. I don't want to do it, but I do x.x would like to know why they have to walk on lava though

Author's Response: You get weird dreams like that as well? Neat! Uh well the lava part was part of my dream... It very weird... I know... I did worte a new chapter for this story but it was to short and afterwards I didn't have the time to write more... -XxX-Marjolein (who tries to start writing again as soon as possible)

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Review #3, by hellsrebel1221 One bad dream

17th March 2005:
wow, nice plott line; but you need to slow down a bit. I had to re-read it a few times, the way you jumped around and repeated your self made it rather confusing. Try re-reading it and add more detail to it to. I am interested in reading more chapters on this story, so keep writing.

Author's Response: I'll try to write more, but I'm in the middle of exams...
I often forget that other people's minds don't work like mine, so apparently a lot of people find it confusing... but thank you for your respons I'll think of it with my next chapter -XxX-Marjolein

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Review #4, by Lionpaws One bad dream

12th March 2005:
Okay. Interesting! But slow it down. You move through all the scenes in a rush, and it becomes somewhat confusing. Go into detail and reread your chapter. You seem to repeat yourself a lot. But, hey, I like this story plot! It's very unique. You should definately continue! I look forward to reading your next chapter. Keep up the good writing :) Much love, *~Lionpaws~*

Author's Response: :D Thnx, I will remember that I have to re-write the second chapter cause it wasn't accepted :D So I'll try to move somewhat slower in that! thnx again! -XxX-Marjolein

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Review #5, by maddie One bad dream

12th February 2005:
its good keep going

Author's Response: Thnx, I will!!! -XxX-Marjolein

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Review #6, by Diana Marie One bad dream

12th February 2005:
Confusing, a little. You should space out each 'paragraph' in your story so we can read it better. Good job, too.

Author's Response: Thnx, I'll try to remember that when I write a new chapter, which will be soon, hopefully!-XxX-Marjolein

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Review #7, by GoldenGirl One bad dream

31st January 2005:
ahhhhh!!!!! dont do it Hermione!!!!!!!! UPDATE PLEEEEEEEEEEASE! I CANT STAND WAITING!!!!!!

Author's Response: I'll update as soon as I can, first priority!!! -XxX-Marjolein

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Review #8, by Larissa James One bad dream

28th January 2005:
LOL! Good story so far! It makes me giggle! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: :D I'm glad it makes you giggle, now I'm going to write a new part soon. -XxX-Marjolein

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Review #9, by Amber One bad dream

6th January 2005:
Gd but confusing

Author's Response: thats cause it isn't finished yet

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