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Review #1, by ChizzaLazty Malfoys beauty Queen

18th December 2005:
Eh... It sounded like you just wrote the lyrics twice...!

Author's Response: OK

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Review #2, by HarryPottersLilGrl15 Malfoys beauty Queen

29th August 2005:
TOM FELTON is SEXY and MAROON 5 is AWESOME... hmm... none of the sonfics i've read were like this... they don't repeat the song in the story... It has a story with lyrics in between paragraphs... idk if that makes sense but... it was good.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #3, by jiggly_puff Malfoys beauty Queen

2nd August 2005:
omg this is my friend and my FAVOURITE fanfic keep up the good work more maroon 5 songfics to come please (harry potta)

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #4, by kilala_babe Malfoys beauty Queen

15th June 2005:
i think he is hot to

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #5, by yup Malfoys beauty Queen

15th May 2005:
tom felton IS hot, so I agree with you...and your story/song was cool! now you got the song stuck in my head!

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #6, by RWsGirl4life Malfoys beauty Queen

13th February 2005:
i have to say that thats is an ok story and that tom felton is hot and maroon 5 is a great band!!!!

Author's Response: thanks tom is hot and maroon 5 are veery cool

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Review #7, by Krissy Malfoys beauty Queen

19th January 2005:
Um.. this has potential, but repeating the song EXACTLY as it is from Draco's perspective isn't really writing. Try writing more background, and put your own spin on things, not just a copy-and-paste job :)

Author's Response: thanks for your advice try reading some other stuff you might prefer it im not that good at songfics thanks feltonlover

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Review #8, by Malfoys_No1_Girl Malfoys beauty Queen

6th January 2005: much to say...

First of all, I absolutely LOVE Maroon 5 and therefore enjoy any fanfic based on one of their songs. This fanfic was no exception. I would've liked to see a little more elaboration on your words though, as opposed to it being mostly just the song.

Secondly, I read your summary about your mom passing away...mine recently passed away too, in September, the day after my birthday, so I feel your pain. I know how hard it is to go on, but one must do what one must in order to survive.

Lastly, thank you so much for adding two of my stories to your Favorite Story's such a great honor and I hope you continue you enjoy my other two stories that didn't make the cut :) as well.


Author's Response: erm thanks its hard but i will survive

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Review #9, by midgets 'r' us Malfoys beauty Queen

5th January 2005:

Author's Response: thanks cooper see ya soon gnome

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