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Review #1, by Jessie C. Since You Been Gone

24th December 2009:
Very cool, I liked the part about Ginny dyeing her hair, it sort of broke the sterotype of the Weasley's and being Harry
Potter's girlfriend

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Review #2, by kumydabookworm Since You Been Gone

4th August 2005:
Kinda cliche...but good anyway...hey that rhymed! cool!

Author's Response: yea it is kinda cliche ill admit that but... ima cliche kinda person lol!

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Review #3, by singergril Since You Been Gone

22nd May 2005:
wowowowow kewl!

Author's Response: ty so much

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Review #4, by Tinkerbell76 Since You Been Gone

25th March 2005:
This is good i played and paused my CD at the same time of the music! I have a songfic in limbo with Because of You and I Hate Myself for Losing You as the songs, hopefully it gets up and maybe you can read it!

Author's Response: OMG!!! I do the same thing w/ songs like that!! I will definatley R/R those cuz i luv em!!!!

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Review #5, by bert 'n ernie Since You Been Gone

16th March 2005:
bet you do.

Author's Response: ...

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Review #6, by bert 'n ernie Since You Been Gone

14th March 2005:
erlack, kelly clarkson, she's so annoying, but it was a one shot so i understand, but in this case it was the wrong fluff.

Author's Response: yes i think i see where ur comin from

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Review #7, by flamedancer Since You Been Gone

13th March 2005:
that's sweet!

Author's Response: ty

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Review #8, by meluvshp Since You Been Gone

5th February 2005:
hey trish! how goes it? i'm back! wahoo! well not really srry i'm @ jen's n e hoo thiz waz fantastic evn tho u told me about it @ SCHOOL srry i hit capslock hey guess wat? i got a part in the play! details Monday

Author's Response: tankies melly!!! i really gotta make sum changes tho!

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Review #9, by punkprincess Since You Been Gone

26th January 2005:
I loved it, write more like it. it was wonderful

Author's Response: i will but that was a 1 shot songfic! however, my other story will turn into hte detaied version of this songfic explaining everything!

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Review #10, by ariannariddle Since You Been Gone

6th January 2005:
i loved it are you planing on writing more

Author's Response: yeah im thinking about writing a prequal about how everything happened! but first i want ot finish my other fic, the vampires roses!

Author's Response: Sorry im such an idiot sometimes its the Roses of Vampires!!!

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Review #11, by draco's_gurl Since You Been Gone

5th January 2005:
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww that's so sweet! Ginny and Draco is my fav ship! That was great! Luv ya (not Bye! ~* Draco's Queen~*

Author's Response: lol really its one of my faves too!!! thnx for no flame!!

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Review #12, by Redemption Since You Been Gone

4th January 2005:
Oooh *very* nice. I'm a huge Kelly Clarkson fan so *claps* you rock!

Author's Response: really thnx!~ so am i! i have two of her cds. breakaway and thankful. i luv em both!!!

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