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Review #1, by MiszRiddle Hogwarts: In love with George Weasley

1st April 2005:
Hey, aren't you that dutch writer, nijntje-in-brand, from quizilla??

Author's Response: :D Hi, Yeah that's me! -XxX-Marjolein

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Review #2, by hellsrebel1221 blue, detention

17th March 2005:
ok i dont want to sound as though im being mean but, Your writing has good plott lines; but your not really that dicriptive. The way your charecters talk is rather confusing and plain at the same time. Try re reading it or try to get someone to help you out if you need it.... If it will make you feel better start seriously critisizing my writing, god knows that mine need alot of work too.

Author's Response: Your not mean! Your honest! I think that the way my characters talk maybe confusing, cause its the way I talk, everything I do is confusing to people :D Uhm I'll try to make it not so confusing in the next chapters...
Thank you for your honesty!!! -XxX-Marjolein

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Review #3, by magical_genie In for a scare

5th January 2005:
hey honey!!!! nice job updating, just make sure to check your spelling before posting, i know its a pain, but it can make a world of difference. I loved it!! leave it to george and katie to dress in costumes! that was really cute!!! PLEASE add more soon!!!!!!!!!! ~angie~

Author's Response: I am now (chekking the spellings in advence) started in chapter 3 I think.... :D but thnx! -XxX-Marjolein

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Review #4, by Betty Hogwarts: In love with George Weasley

4th January 2005:
Average,I'd say,but do check your spellings.

Author's Response: i thought I did check my spellings but ok, I'm a bit off these days, -XxX-Marjolein

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Review #5, by magical_genie Hogwarts: In love with George Weasley

4th January 2005:
hey!!!!!! i had to read this story when i noticed my favorite twins ever were in it and im glad i did, great job! i cant wait for more so update soooon! ~angie~

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