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Review #1, by Jessie C. Losing You

24th December 2009:
*Sigh.* That's the sweetest thing ever!! Even though my fav. ship is Draco/Hermione, i still love it!
PS I agree with you 100% about the Tom Felton thing!! ;)

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Review #2, by Emily Gail Losing You

15th February 2009:
that was so cute! really good job incorporating the lyrics in. they fit perfectly.

Author's Response: Thank you very much.

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Review #3, by Hana Losing You

11th April 2007:
I mean...what is not to love?
Busted AND a pure fluff RW/HG fic.

Your disclaimer also made me laugh =D

Author's Response: thank you very uch

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Review #4, by Tigerlilly Losing You

2nd April 2007:
OMG! That was so good. I love how Ron actually sang in front of everyone. That is so good. there are a few spell mistakes and some grammer to but wow! It was so good! 10/10!

Author's Response: thank you i thought it was a little occ ut thanks

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Review #5, by Tine Weasley Losing You

27th November 2005:
that was SOOOO CUTE!!!

Author's Response: thank you

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Review #6, by Laura Losing You

19th November 2005:

Author's Response: I'm assuming that that was good so thanks...I guess.

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Review #7, by lillys_best_pal Losing You

27th September 2005:
Awww! This is an awesome story and the song rox! You are an awesome writer. Keep it up!

Author's Response: aww thanks honey you should read couples of hogwarts my other song fic

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Review #8, by Trisha Losing You

31st August 2005:
awwwww thats such a cute story!! *tear tear*

Author's Response: thanks read my other songfic story. The couples of hogwarts, its just as cute.

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Review #9, by ronsbiggestfan09 Losing You

16th August 2005:
omgosh! that was the cutest, sweetest story!! omgosh! it was so good!!!

Author's Response: thank you checkdy In out Lady In Red if ya liked it.

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Review #10, by lime flavoured bertie bott Losing You

31st July 2005:
this was a great fic! i really loved how you wrote ron- i think thats every girls dream! and you gave me a good laugh in your disclaimer about tom felton! haha

Author's Response: thank you, I don'y know what inspired the fic but my disclaimer was inspired by a friend telling me that if she owned Rupert Grint she'd lock him in a cage and make him say "Harry" in his squeky voice over and over again. I tole her I could think of a better use for all three lads!

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Review #11, by Angel of Grief Losing You

29th June 2005:
Interesting... I've got a little story in progress, in which Draco joins the order of the Phoenix. I'll tell you when it's over. Maybe you'll like to review it ! Anyway... a perfect story for us, hopeless romantics!

Author's Response: thank you I will deffinetly be reading any story that makes draco good, he's so hot. PLease review my other stories.

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Review #12, by Nina_wife_of _Fres Losing You

7th June 2005:
Aww that was really cute =D I spent ages trying to remember who sang that song....I was like OMG this is annoying me who sang it ... and then it clicked .... it was Busted wasnt it?!? They are awesome! Well done *Nina*

Author's Response: Thank you so much it is a great song I love it sooooooooo much!

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Review #13, by redheadwizard Losing You

30th May 2005:
wow that was really cute. i love the glass slipper part. my only advice is watch some spelling errors. great job!!! and if u have time maybe read/review some of my stories!

Author's Response: cool I'll have a lookI'm gonna get a beta reader for my next story please read my other two.

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Review #14, by nami004 Losing You

9th May 2005:
coolest of all!!please make some more,please,im begging!!!!!

Author's Response: thank you I'm gonna write more soon but at the minute both computers r just so suicidel.

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Review #15, by gracey Losing You

9th May 2005:
wow!!! just love it,i read it for the third time

Author's Response: thanks for the third time, please read my other stories or go back and review it if you have.

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Review #16, by gracey Losing You

5th May 2005:
SWEEEEEET!!!! I just fell in love with your work keep up the gud work

Author's Response: awww you r so sweet!

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Review #17, by tomfeltonisdeadsexy Losing You

1st May 2005:
aw. what a cute story. i loved it! great job writing it too! you are radical!

Author's Response: radical, lol that is such a cool word thanks hon.

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Review #18, by hulaprincess102690 Losing You

26th April 2005:
*tear* oh. my. god. that was sooo unrealistic, but thats what makes it a fan fic right! it was a WONDERFUL 1-shot. i usually dont read these b/c they suck, but this is different. I LOVE CINDERELLA TOO!

Author's Response: thanks a lot, if you liked that one u should read lady in red.

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Review #19, by Traitor Losing You

19th March 2005:
That is the most beautiful and cute thing evr! I grinning like an idiot the entire time they were in the great hall! splendid job! I loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot you've been a realy nice reviewer.

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Review #20, by Sarah Losing You

17th March 2005:
omg i loved it its soo cute, just awwwwwwww

Author's Response: thank you.

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Review #21, by Krista Losing You

12th March 2005:

Author's Response: thanx!

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Review #22, by Krista Losing You

9th March 2005:
How romantic. I really liked it..

Author's Response: Aww thank you.

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Review #23, by a girl not leanne ure best friend Losing You

10th January 2005:
woohoo liz the story rocks it made me cry totally awsome keep writeing iam a crap speller 2 lol URE A CODFISH p.s i dont no this girl

Author's Response: yes of course i do not no this codfish of a friend- i mean stranger. Thanx for the review u random maniac.

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Review #24, by anna Losing You

3rd January 2005:
Very cute. sweet enough to rot your teeth, yet cute all the same. a few comments: try using 'you' instead of 'u'. other than a few spelling mistakes i thought it was great. keep it up. and keep writing Ron/Hermione stories.

Author's Response: Yeah I am a terrible speller but I'm trying to get better and I will continue the r/h thing.

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Review #25, by liz_anya Losing You

3rd January 2005:
'And they all lived happily ever after' awww... so sweet. A modern fairy tale. Cute :)

Author's Response: thanks a lot.

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