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Review #1, by Jonia Epilogue

17th July 2014:
Loved your stories! Thank you!

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Review #2, by Hena Epilogue

14th January 2014:
This is my favourite fanfiction so far :-) I absolutely loved every moment of reading it, and it was extremely well written! I believe you have a brilliant talent and you have honestly managed to make me enjoy every single moment of reading this, it was truly captivating :-)! I hope one day you will write more, whether it be Harry Potter or something else, but I'm a big fan of your writing now! Best of luck with writing future fanfictions/books, you've made a fan out of me!

Please let me know if you ever choose to write more, as I would love to read more stories written by you :-)!

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Review #3, by meldtonax9210 Epilogue

19th December 2013:
I really enjoyed this story! It's definitely my favorite one on here! This was my second time reading the whole thing (: Just one question... What happened to Harry and Ginny's bond in the epilogue? Does it not exist anymore? Or did you just not mention it?

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Review #4, by uh6091b The Nightmare Returns

8th July 2013:
A very nice way to bring Ginny to the forefront much more than she was in the books and way more than in the movies.

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Review #5, by carrie Epilogue

21st February 2013:
One of my favorite chapter in the book. I love how lily acted.

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Review #6, by aisha Epilogue

27th November 2012:
it was amazing, breathtaking to tell the truth

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Review #7, by atty_jannie Epilogue

17th May 2012:
OMG!!! seriously, this is one GREAT fan fiction! I'm just soo over the top reading this. It made me laugh, cry, and nervous of every moment.

kudos to you dear author for one helluva job!
one of my favorites definitely!

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Review #8, by Hannah Epilogue

15th May 2012:
I SINCERELY hope you're writing your next fanfic novel!! Maybe one in the future?

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Review #9, by Hannah Controlled Destinies

10th May 2012:
For the record, I absolutely love this. And thanks to you have completely fallen in love with Bill Weasley. Thank you very much for this. :) I hope you continue to further your fanfiction writings, because I would love to know more.

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Review #10, by Dramione4evr Changing of the Guard

22nd April 2012:
ENOUGH WITH THE PITY PARTY!! Everyone's feeling bad about everything and saying how it's all their fault and Ginny wouldn't have gotten hurt if they did this or did that! It's no ones fault! And then with all this apologizing! What the bloody h*ll do we need all of that for??? Harry and Ginny are apologizing to each other EVERY FIVE SECONDS! It's like I'm sorry did I hurt you? I'm sorry you thought that I totally led you on! I'm sorry we can't do this or that! Good god! And WE GET THAT THEY LOVE EACHOTHER! Honest to god do they have to say it every fifteen seconds!? And while everyone's sitting there and watching them!? That's pretty awkward! AND FOR GODS SAKE ENOUGH WITH THE SEX SCENES WHERE HARRY AND GINNY ARE ABOUT TO DO IT AND SOMETHING STOPS THEM!! Just frickin get it over with!!! I know I sound mean but you needed to hear this. It's a really good plot and idea you just have so much filler fluff and crap that I'm skipping everything!! Thank you for your consideration!

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Review #11, by Diana Lake Epilogue

22nd February 2012:
Please please don't stop writing.. I love ALL your stories. They've totally affected me in such a beautiful way.. so please don't stop..

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Review #12, by Weasleyking2011 Epilogue

18th January 2012:
Great story. I hope you like it as well i love the ending the most though i think it really finishes off the story

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Review #13, by snapmagess Words Unspoken

20th December 2011:
aww! :) my first review for this story since i havent longed in, for a while. i hope more comes! :) for going to keep reading away!

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Review #14, by Ken Breaking Away

18th December 2011:
Hi Sugar,

I have been reading this story non-stop and haven't even taken time to stop to review (I figured it wasn't that critical since the story is complete anyway). I LOVE this story and the link Harry and Ginny have! You are an excellent writer.

I actually predicted what Harry and Ginny would do regarding marriage back when Mrs. Weasley was going on and on about planning their wedding for the next 18 month! :) Having said that, on the one hand it seems a touch out of character for Harry to disregard Molly's feelings considering the trouble he went through to ask for Ginny's hand in marriage, but on the other hand, even if I am a bit disappointed in him for that, I am totally happy for him and Ginny! (yes, I know it is just a story :).

At any rate, I can't wait to find out how everything ends! Thank you for writing such a superb story! 100/10 for sure!


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Review #15, by Betty Epilogue

27th October 2011:
That was an awesome story! I loved it - all the different elements to the prophecy and the different plots :) The only criticism I have is why did you have to kill Charlie!?! He's my Weasley and every fanfic I read he gets killed :'( I cried more when he died than I did when Ginny died - twice! Just kill Percy next time - noone likes him too much :P Anyway, that was a great read :) Thank you!

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Review #16, by Sierra Epilogue

27th October 2011:
your story is amazing though very different from the actual story but nice.I like the way you've written about Harry & Ginny teasing each other in real or through their connection & also the way they love and talk to each other.Having Bill and Ron as an overly protective brother for Ginny is a nice touch.The twins and their pranks on Percy is fun to read.The epilogue of Harry & Ginny having twins,its definitely great way to end your story.Can't imagine Fred and George reaction after finding out.Would love to read more if you were to write a sequel :)

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Review #17, by YeCatsJ Epilogue

29th September 2011:
Absolutely loved your story!!! Great job!!!

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Review #18, by Clarkie Epilogue

26th September 2011:
I have to say, you are an amazing writer. I have loved both of these novels, in my view, they are better than the actual HP novels, like i said you are AMAZING. Would love to know when/if you will ever have a book published, i would love to read it. :D

Best of luck

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Review #19, by thescolar Epilogue

20th September 2011:
This story and the prequal (a dream unlocked) was FAB just started to branch out in to the world of HPFF very impressed
thank you so much look forward to seeing more from you please please please X

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Review #20, by Hpfreak Epilogue

16th August 2011:
This is an amazing story. I love how you managed to include everyone instead of just focusing on two characters. Amazing work! Keep writing!;)

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Review #21, by Adam Epilogue

22nd July 2011:
That was an amazing story. Loved it.

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Review #22, by acameron488 Changing of the Guard

20th July 2011:
This and the story before it is by far my favourite story on this site yet. It seems like Rowling wrote it. Your an amazing author!

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Review #23, by H/GFAN Expect the Unexpected

26th April 2011:
Great story, love the way you explain the romance parts. I think your story is better then JKR's on the love parts and that maybe when your done with what your writing or planing on writing, that you make a rewrite of all 7 years. i have read a few fanfics that do that and i loved them. Mainly all it is is their way of the story, something like Harry started liking Ginny earlyer and just different things like that. You don't have to, its just an idea if you run out or anything. BTW keep up the good work!!! =D

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Review #24, by lemondropsmel_ Reflections of a Dream

25th April 2011:
this review is for the entire story!
it's AMAZING!!
you could be like a real writer, the plot and all was so well!!
keep it up :)

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Review #25, by Janner Epilogue

28th March 2011:
I found this story on Friday afternoon. I finished it on Monday evening. That's one advantage of being a retired senior citizen.
This is an awesome piece of work. Only one spelling mistake, but in an incredible story...who cares. Nice to see the older brothers drawn in more detail. Percy; well he just doesn't get it does he? We see Snape's 'other' side. I would have liked to see him survive to receive the accolades he richly deserved. It's a pity Hermione missed the final battle, I guess she was in the library!

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