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Review #1, by Kate Hamilton The Forbidden Love

28th April 2016:
Make the story a bit longer.

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Review #2, by Hogwartsgirl13 The Forbidden Love

12th January 2007:
THe best ever

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Review #3, by adhishree The Forbidden Love

3rd February 2006:
um im sorry but the story was not as great as i expected

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Review #4, by HP_rules The Forbidden Love

17th September 2005:
what was comming?? update please

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Review #5, by HP_rules The Forbidden Love

17th September 2005:
how cruel! its well written from my point of view!

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Review #6, by plz The Forbidden Love

29th June 2005:
plz update soon. i have a suggestion every time someone talks could you put it on a different line? it is kind of hard to read when the dialouge is in the paragraph. thank you allie

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Review #7, by jn The Forbidden Love

9th April 2005:
wat does dumbledore weant to tell draco? this story is good plz update soon thnx

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Review #8, by Kristy The Forbidden Love

7th March 2005:
wow!! good! waiting for the next chapters!

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Review #9, by Aaliyah The Forbidden Love

2nd February 2005:
Ohh I cliffy...well not really all that cliffy but please update A.S.A.P OK? PLEASE im begging u on kness right now!

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Review #10, by squeelysp The Forbidden Love

1st February 2005:
ok it was. good. cant wait to hear the rest of it. well read it at least

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Review #11, by Football_girl The Forbidden Love

30th January 2005:
I think it's a really good story and a good idea, but I would strongly advese separating conversations and paragraphs in general. It's too hard to read as a big whole.

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Review #12, by Pensieve The Forbidden Love

29th January 2005:
This is really well writtin! You really should update soon; the faster you update the more intrest you spark! Keep it up so I can read more!

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Review #13, by Tracer The Forbidden Love

2nd January 2005:
I think that you are starting out good. But you need to fix the parts where they are talking. Because a few times I was questioning who was saying what... But other than that, you are doing a great job... update again, soon, please... ^_^

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