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Review #1, by lightinthedarkness07 Epilogue

22nd December 2007:
This story truly, deeply touched my heart!! I sat at my computer and cried during most of the story and the entire epilogue. This was great!! I'll be r&ring the rest of your stories soon!!!

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Review #2, by Hermionesclass101 The Prophecy Revamped

29th September 2007:
O my gosh...that means Harry is going to die and Julie is going to have to kill Voldemort, doesn't it? That's so sad. Poor Julie.

Great writing by the way. No CC here. It's pretty close to perfect. =)


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Review #3, by kissmeimirish3 Epilogue

9th July 2007:
ok, i sat at my computer and sobbed for an hour!! i'm adding this to my favorites. great job

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Review #4, by kissmeimirish3 Lone Lay the World

9th July 2007:
great great story!! this one always makes me cry. keep writing

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Review #5, by Fuego Epilogue

10th December 2006:
Oh that was so sad!

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Review #6, by potterfan624 Epilogue

8th July 2006:
this was so sad i will admit that i am a guy and i cryed at the end of this story very good but i wish it ended happyer.

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Review #7, by Phoenixgem Truth Be Told

1st June 2006:
Though some of the facts aren't right (the timing of the OWLS, and the fact that they done the patronus charm in the fifth year) I really enjoyed the first chapter of this story. I think the story line is great and really engaging, I can't wait to find out how Hermiony drops the bomb on Harry.

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Review #8, by Ginny Weasly Truth Be Told

26th March 2006:
cool story

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Review #9, by prince1 Lone Lay the World

20th February 2006:
This is a great storie. I love it very much. I think that you should have used Cho or Ginny as the mother, though. Two thumbs way up.

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Review #10, by firefarieyofusa Epilogue

13th January 2006:
omg im crying it so sad yet lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you make a sequel but where hermy and seriues get togethor using these memorys it would rock once again i love youre story fariey

Author's Response: Well I'm planning a series of sorts and Julie happens to be one of the main characters. Thanks for reading.

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Review #11, by Programmer Lone Lay the World

11th January 2006:
OMG! This is one of the BEST stories I have EVER read! It's a shame it isn't longer; I would have loved to read more! This is DEFINATELY going on my favorites! I can't wait to read more of your work! ~Programmer~

Author's Response: Thank you for your compliments. I've started putting up some of my more recent fics.

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Review #12, by Riley 257 Epilogue

9th January 2006:
OMG YOU MADE ME CRY, ONLY ONE THING TO SAY TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: why thank you. I still get shocked to get reviews. Its coming up..well in like June on its one year anniversary Thanks for liking it.

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Review #13, by ravenclaw22 Truth Be Told

18th September 2005:
I'm re-reading and it's still awesome! :D

Author's Response: thanks so much hun!

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Review #14, by katieweasley Epilogue

16th August 2005:
i love this story it in my favorit story file

Author's Response: thank you. I'm glad you love it. I had a great time writing it. It will always hold a special part in my heart.

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Review #15, by Megan Hogan Epilogue

31st July 2005:
I really liked this story! It kept up pace with the actual stories in details but they plot was totally origional! Well Done!

Author's Response: thanks.

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Review #16, by Tinkerbell76 Epilogue

30th July 2005:
I loved it... i don't normally like harry and hermione sories either... this was just really good.

Author's Response: thanks. Glad you iked it. I usually don't write Harry/Hermione stories! Most of mine are about Snape.

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Review #17, by Sorceress Cassandra180 Epilogue

28th July 2005:
That was so cute, and a bit sad too. Thanks for the posting the great story. It's one of the best fic's I've read so far.

Author's Response: thanks for the compliments. I'm glad you like it. Its my most popular story.

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Review #18, by Midnight_Witch Epilogue

25th July 2005:
great story.i think it's one of the best that i have ever read.i really like how you had harry come back in a sort of ghost form.keep writing cause i think your really great at it.

Author's Response: thanks so much for reviewing. I'm still always surprised when I get reviews for this story since its complete.

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Review #19, by MileenPotter Epilogue

22nd July 2005:
This story was so awesome! It was so heartwrenching too, you did a great job!

Author's Response: Thank you very much.

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Review #20, by Lions_Rule8065 Epilogue

6th July 2005:
I like that ending, one of the first I've seen when someone comes back as a ghost, loved the whole thing is what I'm trying to say!

Author's Response: why thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed that tale. Took me 7 months to write it..

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Review #21, by ravenclaw22 Epilogue

27th June 2005:
Thanks for reading it! I really appreciate your tips and opinions! Im a bit confused though by what you mean (i replied to you there im not sure im supposed to really advertise)

Author's Response: i'll go see what you wrote and I'll send you a note through contact ok.

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Review #22, by Ginny Weasly Epilogue

25th June 2005:
That was awesome! It truly was a very good and touching end to your story! i am sad that it is over now, though. I hope that you will continue writing! I look forward to reading your new stories!

Author's Response: thanks for reading. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #23, by ravenclaw22 Epilogue

23rd June 2005:
Your so welcome! I would really appreciate if you would review my sotry if/when its published so I can improve,your a really great writer and I value your opinion very much. If you dont want to it's completely fine.

Author's Response: Sure, I'll take a look at your story when its up. I'm glad my opinion means so much to you.

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Review #24, by ravenclaw22 Epilogue

23rd June 2005:
Oh my gosh! I am crying so hard! That was awesome1So great,so sad! I love it! Your a great writer!

Author's Response: thank you hun!

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Review #25, by crozier88 Epilogue

20th June 2005:
i really enjoyed your story there near the end of the story it really made me sad to see Harry leave the way he did.

Author's Response: aww. thanks for reading though. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm happy I can give people a story they like.

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