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Review #1, by tonks Being A Death Eater

28th July 2010:
please finish it's so good so far!

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Review #2, by gee_xx Being A Death Eater

17th July 2009:
are you ever going to finish this?
it is very good but the last time it was updated was 2005
i also love your other story, recovery
i hope that u haven't abandoned it, it would be a shame
you have talent in writing
i do hope though that you finish this story; time to travel
best wishes writing
don't disappear off the face of the HPFF site for too long people start to worry


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Review #3, by hp4eva786 conversation with the dark lord

4th January 2009:
i love his comeback "Because I'm the boy who lived"

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Review #4, by hp4eva786 death eaters come to Hogwarts

4th January 2009:
wait they got james right

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Review #5, by hp4eva786 DADA

4th January 2009:
that was rather short oh well

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Review #6, by hp4eva786 to the ministry

4th January 2009:
the bit with malcolm ,, good thinking

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Review #7, by hp4eva786 wrong side of the marauders

4th January 2009:
wow james is so touchy

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Review #8, by hp4eva786 meeting the parents

4th January 2009:
im loving it already

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Review #9, by hp4eva786 time to travel

4th January 2009:
i think this might be a happier one than recovery

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Review #10, by Sophia Being A Death Eater

18th November 2008:
OMG...what next???
harry cant die can he...???
nice chapter ... but eagerly waiting 4 da next 1..!

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Review #11, by Hunky Dory Being A Death Eater

1st February 2008:
This is really good please continue!!

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Review #12, by Con Being A Death Eater

18th January 2008:
UPDATE SOON? you are making me nervus,

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Review #13, by XxHellsangel_GinnyxX DADA

2nd November 2007:
a few grammar mistakes but fine

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Review #14, by XxHellsangel_GinnyxX meeting the parents

22nd September 2007:

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Review #15, by bob the sadguy Being A Death Eater

10th September 2007:
its bloody death eaters not d eath eaters

Author's Response: yer....

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Review #16, by PunkRockerSine Being A Death Eater

25th August 2007:
Angela, finish the Dratted story already! And all the other ones for your poor, dedicated fans! Pch, over a year between updates when you and I both know there is more to this already written :P

Author's Response: ahhh *hides behind pillow* yer but i'm completely stumped on this story!!! true i've got a lil bit writen afterwards but not enough for a whole chapter and then i have no idea what to do! :S

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Review #17, by emi potter time to travel

9th August 2007:
haha harry looks lyk ron! this is great i thought since recovery is so gd id read sum mre of ur storys and this 1s gr8 so far

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Review #18, by RoseHermione conversation with the dark lord

6th June 2007:
Nice to know that Harry learns BETTER control of his occlumency.

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Review #19, by RoseHermione to the ministry

6th June 2007:
I think you got dates wrong. They died 1981,not 1983. I like the fact he meets his grandpa!

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Review #20, by Harry_Potter_Lover Being A Death Eater

9th May 2007:
Please, Please update! I want to know what happens! You are a great writer. Keep it up and finish the story! 10/10

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Review #21, by lilyandjamesfan Being A Death Eater

12th March 2007:
oooh i really cant wait to see what happens pls i really want 2 know!

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Review #22, by lila Being A Death Eater

19th February 2007:

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Review #23, by mrsmolly time to travel

26th January 2007:
please update

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Review #24, by Daniqueje Being A Death Eater

5th December 2006:
You're mean! Stopping with a terrible cliff! Please let the next chapter come soon! :)

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Review #25, by Silverwing Being A Death Eater

15th October 2006:
COOL , BRILLANT, WICKED .... this chapter and story is just so cool!!!! Great idea about the meaning of the philosophy, didn't see that coming plus never thought of it that way. Can't wait to read more. Please keep it up!

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