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Review #1, by madness Kissing Me

22nd July 2010:
Wow. Thankyou so much. Yours are deffinatley the best lily James fanfics. Thanks. X

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Review #2, by girly1393 Kissing Me

4th January 2009:
I was right. You have written another beautiful story. Thank you, Astrid Elisabeth, once more, for your writings. This world does not deserve to see your words, but you have given them away anyhow. Thank you.

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Review #3, by JSB 073 Kissing Me

23rd May 2008:
Awww. That was really rather cute.

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Review #4, by napoleonsolo Kissing Me

7th April 2008:
good one-off and you are correct, that song is perfect with what you have written.

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Review #5, by super Granger Kissing Me

26th February 2008:
So sweet, and I love your way of speaking thats makes a girl happy. Norwegians rule!

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Review #6, by Missy Kissing Me

15th November 2007:
It was okay but too short and lacking in detail unlike "My reflection" (Which might I add was the most awesome thing I have ever read!)

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Review #7, by Thommi Kissing Me

7th November 2007:
Excellente! keep it up, write another chapter soon.

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Review #8, by abc123 Kissing Me

4th July 2007:
very good. liked it :)

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Review #9, by goodbyetrain Kissing Me

14th April 2007:
Postively amazing. [:

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Review #10, by blackpearl_ Kissing Me

6th April 2007:
Ohhh! That was a spendid songfic! The content matched the lyrics with such ease, rare for a songfic (At least, the ones I read). 10/10

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Review #11, by PrincessAngel Kissing Me

1st April 2007:
Aw...That was so sweet!


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Review #12, by Fallen__Tears Kissing Me

1st April 2007:

That was so sweet!

I loved it!

10/10 (I wish I could give you more.)

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Review #13, by jesi lily Kissing Me

25th March 2007:
Love it, there's that something in it that makes it almost, apologise for the pun, Magical.

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Review #14, by Belle_Rose Kissing Me

25th March 2007:
You know, I think that might have actually been the way that they got together...


~ Leah

P.S. The song is beautiful.

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Review #15, by AlexaRae Kissing Me

6th November 2006:
Cute. Very very cute. Good job. :]

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Review #16, by kate. Kissing Me

29th October 2006:
awesome song.
its too cute
i love it.

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Review #17, by LiLyEvAnSpOtTeR72389 Kissing Me

15th August 2006:
That was really amazing! I listened to the song Kissing Me on my computer while I read the story and it was beautiful and Maria has such a beautiful voice, that it fits lovely with this story. It is so precious how you write Lily and James together, always together even if they are just sitting there, it's still precious and romantic.
I have read all 3 of your stories and My Reflection took me the longest because I was reading it during school and here we are going back to school again. The summer is almost over and all I've been doing is writing and reading fanfics and your's are still the most beautiful ones ever, that the way you write them, seems almost real, as if I were in Lily's place. I bet almost all the people reading your stories feel that way, though.
It would be wonderful if you could write more, but I know you already said that you wouldn't. Maybe you will just find a longing to write another one, though? Who knows, but it really would be great. I am writing one now, but It hasn't gotten in yet and it is a L/J fic.
Keep up the great work. I love all your stories, they are just amazing and so are you!

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Review #18, by Hunny_Baby_Doll Kissing Me

3rd August 2006:
Aw. Ended? &So soon?? Lol. Lvely. [[:

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Review #19, by AnikaR Kissing Me

25th July 2006:
Fab, just fabulous. I love this story along with the other stories you have written. You have a great talent as a writer. I wish you would write more. Live you life to the fullest and thank you for suppliying us these great stories.


Author's Response: Thank you Anika, that's very flattering:)

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Review #20, by Jamsie Kissing Me

2nd June 2006:
aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww:))))))))this is so sweet:)i luv james and lily. btw 'my reflection' was really great:)too bad there won't be a sequel..but maybe that'll do the story more justice.

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Review #21, by anna Kissing Me

23rd March 2006:
beautiful! i really, REALLY love it!

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Review #22, by bumi924 Kissing Me

28th February 2006:
OMG its so butifull ! girl you have a reall talent in writeing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #23, by amgaija Kissing Me

28th February 2006:
short, cute and impressive - perfect songfic!

Author's Response: *smiles* That was so nice of you to say! Thanks a lot :)

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Review #24, by Lily Jane Kissing Me

23rd February 2006:
Aww i thought that this was really sweet! Keep up the great stories!

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Review #25, by StarLover1 Kissing Me

15th January 2006:
Big fan of your writing! And this is just plain out AwEsOmE!! Kudos!! lol!

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