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Review #1, by angel May Roses Bloom

16th March 2018:
so cute. how do you go to the next page, though?! i wanna continue reading.

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Review #2, by hp_gal May Roses Bloom

11th March 2007:
I love this stoy too! I'm go to ask all my friends to read it! How do you do it?

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Review #3, by jocie May Roses Bloom

12th December 2006:
wow.want a banner?

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Review #4, by DanRsWife May Roses Bloom

3rd May 2006:
Cute! Dont delete it please! I really like it! I give it a perfect 10.

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Review #5, by Bill May Roses Bloom

18th March 2006:
In the words of ron "Bloody Brilliant!" you should keep on writing u r really good

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Review #6, by cedric_diggory_lover May Roses Bloom

3rd February 2006:
cute story

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Review #7, by TGIF May Roses Bloom

22nd December 2005:
this is good, mabye you should continue

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Review #8, by m.lawson May Roses Bloom

26th November 2005:
the story is gr8 and u shud carry it on coz i wont 2 no wot happens nxt. but the chapter cud b a bit longer tho

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Review #9, by Sara Smile May Roses Bloom

23rd November 2005:
it looks like it might be interesting

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Review #10, by chad May Roses Bloom

28th October 2005:
it'll well be good if you wright another chapter

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Review #11, by fantababe64 May Roses Bloom

29th August 2005:
tis is a gr8 story plz do carry on it is fab bt its ur story so its ur distion if u can't carry on ten don't bt if ya can ten do anyway tats jst my advise lv fantababe64xxxxxx

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Review #12, by hullo May Roses Bloom

13th July 2005:
I like it. When people are asking out, I always think it's funny for some reason, so I'm laughing my head off now . . .

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Review #13, by Yeesha May Roses Bloom

25th June 2005:
Hermione with "pearly white" perfect teeth... Darn, no one can call her otter girl anymore. Anyway, short chapters do not bother me (the chapters from my own story tend to be short as well). It's nice even, since it keeps readers focused on smaller things. This is probably just me, but third person point of view with a conversational tone throws me off slightly. Maybe it's your intended style, so I won't comment much on that. Make sure you update this, though.

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Review #14, by Meganelf May Roses Bloom

15th June 2005:
You should TOTALLY keep this one going! You have so much potential coming from this. Good work.

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Review #15, by Meganelf May Roses Bloom

31st May 2005:
nice. Very short though. There could have been more detail in it as well.

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Review #16, by Fawkes_Everlasting May Roses Bloom

25th May 2005:
nice. short yet to the point and full of suspense! if you have time could you read mine? its only 1 chapter. your story is really good. plz write more!

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Review #17, by fire_rider May Roses Bloom

23rd April 2005:
I LOVED this story please continue i espeacially like the bit with the rose and all and ohhh its so sweet the characters are just like they are in the books and i like the way its written to put it plainly its just good

Author's Response: Thank you! I might start a different story though, I'm not really sure I like this one myself... The characters don't stay the same though, it takes a bad twist... *grins evilly* ^v^ thank you!

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Review #18, by play girl 7 May Roses Bloom

9th April 2005:
It is pretty interesting and some thing new i like it!(please read my stories)

Author's Response: Thanks! i'll review yours as soon as i get a chance to read them! I submitted the next two chappies so they should be up soon!

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Review #19, by harry n hermione May Roses Bloom

13th February 2005:
Please continue!!! I want to know what happens next!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks I'm glad you like it! But I won't be updating for a while because my computer crashed and I have to fix it and then retype my whole story from scratch! It sucks because it is the same news for my other story, "May Roses Bloom" I'm really sorry!

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Review #20, by Cassandra May Roses Bloom

30th January 2005:
I can't wait fer more

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing! Bff, kenzie

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Review #21, by shannon May Roses Bloom

16th January 2005:
OHHHHHHHHHH that was so cute. great job please update soon

Author's Response: Thank you for taking time to read my story! 8>o

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Review #22, by Ash Black May Roses Bloom

15th January 2005:
>> Oh, that's so cute! Harry is very much the same as JK's, and Hermione's reaction was perfectly believable. nice chapter!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for reviewing! My computer is annoying me, so it will be a bit longer before i get the second chapter up! ~

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Review #23, by Marvolo May Roses Bloom

15th January 2005:
Oh, that's sweet. So did he just suddenly fall in love with her or what? But he is in canon, especially the last line! Kind of funny that he brought Cho into it, lol. Enjoyable and I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Cho was brought in because he wasn't sure what he was supposed to say to ask her out and he... just kind of, blurted.

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Review #24, by Marvolo May Roses Bloom

3rd January 2005:
Even though this isn't long, it holds plenty of detail and suspense. I like to think myself critical of stories, and this one definitely is good. You manage to express the whole wizarding world in so few, concise statements, and I can really get a feel for your expression of the characters. I can't wait for your next update, you should definitely continue writing this story because it has much insight and hold so much interest. Please, write more, if only for people who can appreciate excellent fan fiction!

Author's Response: Thank you SO much! You are so kind! 8>)=

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Review #25, by birle_09 May Roses Bloom

1st January 2005:
good. i liked it..but a bit confusing...but you did say you were fixing it..LOL. cya *-*

Author's Response: thanx but how is it confusing?

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