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Reading Reviews for Stranded
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Review #1, by Gušlaug Savior

17th June 2011:
Hey I really like the beginning of your storie, can't wait to read more, I'm sure It'll be quiet interesting!

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Review #2, by Miss Izzy Of Anxiety and Anticipation

26th March 2011:
Great chapter! Please update soon.

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Review #3, by AddictedToFF Of Anxiety and Anticipation

2nd May 2010:
I'm getting really into this, the plots really great. It's not too big and outrageously dark that the story will be too hard to end =).

Please update soon!

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Review #4, by MyLittleHeartShapedBox Of Derision and Diversions

7th April 2010:
Great story. Very exotic.

Here is my email for the mailling list: chrystasrose -at- gmail dot com

You can't type emails in these things I guess.

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Review #5, by flippinwinder Of Anxiety and Anticipation

29th December 2009:
Came across your story in a search for more dramoine stories, and this one had me at the edge of my chair. I'm a little disappointed that the last update was made over 2 years ago---would have loved to have some closure. If life allows, I ask for you to please continue!

Also, I have to give you (and all writers) kudos for posting their works---since this is an endeavor I don't think I would even know where to begin!

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Review #6, by ashurichan24 Of Leaders and Lagoons

2nd July 2009:
wiat i don't get it they're stranded but why is everyone is there

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Review #7, by Hermionetwin Of Anxiety and Anticipation

27th February 2009:
I really like the story I hope you update more!

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Review #8, by harryfanZOG Of Anxiety and Anticipation

6th December 2008:
Please get the next chapter out soon! I love this story so much!

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Review #9, by harryfanZOG Of Instinct and Irrationality

6th December 2008:
I really like this chapter great job!

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Review #10, by harryfanZOG Of Derision and Diversions

6th December 2008:
please put me on the mailing list! I'm pianochick1995 at yahoo .com

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Review #11, by harryfanZOG Of Doom and Desolation

6th December 2008:
i love your style of writing!

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Review #12, by harryfanZOG Savior

6th December 2008:
This story is great! i really enjoy it!

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Review #13, by Deni Of Anxiety and Anticipation

5th December 2008:
Please update quickly, I love this story!

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Review #14, by love4eva13 Of Anxiety and Anticipation

30th November 2008:
WOW addicted!
Great! are you leaning toward a pansy/harry thing cause that would be fittin wit all harry best friends with hermione and draco best friends with pansy
well anways you got me hooked!

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Review #15, by me_? Of Anxiety and Anticipation

16th November 2008:
Great chapter!
So is it Minerva MG who died?
Is it there going to be a Pansy/Harry pairing?
Please update asap
obviously a 10/10 :)

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Review #16, by young_lana_witch Of Anxiety and Anticipation

18th May 2008:
Ahhh good chapter... great story... please update soon... this is really good

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Review #17, by Trinibaby1012 Of Anxiety and Anticipation

12th May 2008:
I luv it e-mail me when you gat a new chapter at trinibaby1012@yahoo.com

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Review #18, by AmyMarie Of Anxiety and Anticipation

29th April 2008:
I absolutely love what you have done with this story so far. I would love to hear how you are going to continue it...what a cliffhanger to leave!!

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Review #19, by AmyMarie Savior

28th April 2008:
Great beginning! Very interesting plot. Can't wait to read the rest.

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Review #20, by wonderkid93 Of Anxiety and Anticipation

25th April 2008:
Love the story! I wouldnt have thought it ws possible to make such a great creation.

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Review #21, by x_leigh_x Of Instinct and Irrationality

12th February 2008:
ooohh who did they find??!!!

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Review #22, by X__leigh__x Of Derision and Diversions

12th February 2008:
LOL!! haha i love ron and harry. and Draco. aww poor pans is still lost. Yay for you for incorporating another requirement!

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Review #23, by x__leigh__x Of Doom and Desolation

12th February 2008:
lol YAY FOR YOU! you've incorporated another requirement!

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Review #24, by x__leigh__x Of Hunger and Honey-Brown Eyes

12th February 2008:
lol cake makes everything funny >.

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Review #25, by x__leigh__x Of Leaders and Lagoons

12th February 2008:
LOL loved the lagoon scene >.< aww they arent alone anymore. and Harry isnt the leader..
you'll probably have some great plot picked out XD
they are relly great!

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