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Review #1, by suppastar101 Strange Dreams

16th January 2006:
This is really good but i reccomend making the chapters longer...

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Review #2, by slyswn180 Strange Dreams

31st October 2005:
I understand if you are not finishing this story but I really like your style and it would be awesome if you started a new one.. even if it's a one shot... just come back to the writing world please? =) ~SLY~

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Review #3, by slyswn180 Strange Dreams

31st July 2005:
Hate to be a nag but seriously my dear the summer months are nearing and end and still no update.. come on you're killing me here... please update at least once? and thank you !

Author's Response: I think i may have given up on this story. My summer is absolutely PACKED cuz i have a job, i am doing driver's ed, and i have a boyfriend and summer homework. I will TRY, but I can't promise anything.

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Review #4, by gothickllr3393 Strange Dreams

17th April 2005:
i beg u pleeze update! i want to no y ben asked hermione and wut Professor Trelawney says! PLEEZE HURRY!!!

Author's Response: lol i'm flattered, but im also really sorry, i likely wont be able to update till summer, school is BUSY.... and im trying to get all a's. im sorry, but i will update a lot in the summer.

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Review #5, by slyswn180 Strange Dreams

29th March 2005:
Me again.come on more please?

Author's Response: lol. I have one big problem when writing, its so hard for me continue even the best stories... so i will really try and push myself to finish this one.

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Review #6, by slyswn180 Confrontation with the Charmer

29th March 2005:
Didn't sign in sorry, I hope you update this soon. rock on!

Author's Response: I will try to update soon, same thing as the other response.

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Review #7, by slyswn180 Strange Dreams

29th March 2005:
OMG no I'm sorry I haven't but i love this story. addng it to fave deck now!

Author's Response: yay! *grins*

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Review #8, by VietxInxSikeston Strange Dreams

8th January 2005:
I get to give you the first review for this chapter! Yay! So it was fantastic! Keep up the great work! Update soon! =3 ~TIeu Ni

Author's Response: thnx! If you like this story, make sure to reccomend it to others and get them to review because i haven't gotten a lot of reviews.

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Review #9, by Anonamusly_anonamus_rmd Confrontation with the Charmer

28th December 2004:
that is great i am soo loving this story! Maybe add Draco into it alittle more (but lyk dnt make it random) I hope to see a love triangle soon

Author's Response: It's hard to add Draco in just yet, prolly in a couple more chapters! thnx for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Anonamusly_anonamus_rmd 1- The Leather-Bound Journal

28th December 2004:
i feel a love triangle comming on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope so anyway! thatd be a gud story line.

Author's Response: Thnx... Im not sure how the love triangle is gunna work, but its gunna be a while before anything starts.

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Review #11, by slyswn180 1- The Leather-Bound Journal

23rd December 2004:
I like it so far. Write more!

Author's Response: thank you. i have added another chapter, i dont know if you have read it yet

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