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Reading Reviews for Love Doesn't Need Words
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Review #1, by J_O_I_Rowling Fights

7th March 2009:
*in indignation* hey! i was just getting into the story! when are you planning on updating? soon, i hope...
well, i don't have much to say, except *smirks*draco in fairy boxers! and crabbe and goyle! god, where do you come up with that?! ha ha!
*ten minutes later* haha! fairy-f-fairy boxer shorts!

cya soon!

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Review #2, by J_O_I_Rowling Help

7th March 2009:
hey! you shouldn't dumb yourself down! if you can write a story, and invent the plot of said story, then you are smart!

oh! and ennervate doesn't necessarily work only when you've been stunned. it just brings someone to consciousness.

gtg! the next chapters calling!

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Review #3, by J_O_I_Rowling Great, just great

7th March 2009:
*laughing in hysteria* crabbe and goyle! kissing!
ha ha!

oh...*breathes out* got to get the these giggles out of my system.
pros about story-
*draco topless
*did i mention draco topless?
*developing plot
*sexy topless draco

i guess you can kind of tell what is going through my mind.

cons about story-
*(can't think of any)

be back soon with another review

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Review #4, by jailey21 Fights

10th March 2006:
Once again you have done a wonderful job, I comend you. Wonderful story. ~LATER DAYS~

Author's Response: hey hey hey. thanks so much, long time no talk! lol LATER DAYZ lmao

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Review #5, by jailey21 Help

10th March 2006:
very good, I am off to read the next installment

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Review #6, by Ms_Malfoy Fights

28th February 2006:
p.s.-update asap!

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Review #7, by Ms_Malfoy Fights

28th February 2006:
i think its kinda funny how you protray harry and hremione like 2 gossiping girls staying up all night... hehe... good chapter... draco's mean... i wouldn't mind being in the room with him if he was only in his boxers...lol

Author's Response: I no wot u mean, draco in boxrs is 2 die 4....ah lil harrys so cute, i lyk him beta wen he is bein all nice n not all broodin n look at moi. :P

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Review #8, by Ms_Malfoy Help

28th February 2006:
that was cute!

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Review #9, by Ms_Malfoy There's Something I Need To Tell You

28th February 2006:

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Review #10, by Ms_Malfoy Nice Punch

28th February 2006:
hahaha... great punch... hahaha... hermione punched pansy... hahaha... i obvioiusly think that this chapter was funny! hahaha... oh i finally updated... gonna go read the rest of your story... hahaha *laughs jovially*

Author's Response: Yay Im glad you lykd it, i luv a gud punch up it reminds me of the tyme wen i broke dis guyz nose coz he was bein a dik head. fanx fo readn

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Review #11, by Ms_Malfoy Great, just great

27th February 2006:
hahaha... crabbe and goyle... hahah... you might want to put *slash* as a warning though

Author's Response: Thanks fo the review, i thought i did put slash in *shrugs shoulders* oh well i better put it in then :D

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Review #12, by aussie_princess_94 Fights

4th February 2006:
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You updated!!!! *starts dancing happily* lol anywaiz, that was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!! HAHA...fairy boxers...hehe! BUT he was in nothing but his boxers...*drools* lol. Update sooooon!!!!

Author's Response: Hey THanks!!! mmm draco in boxers, thats alway my fav part about stories that have draco in boxers, visualisation!!! i mean if ron wer sitting there in fairy boxers he'd prbably get told to put his shirt back on and then get payed out for the rest of his life! LOL... me thinkz next time I might put him in Lil Miss Naughty boxers (I hav a pair of those hehe) n e who thanks for reading!

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Review #13, by Elena Fights

1st February 2006:
I like the story :)

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Review #14, by aussie_princess_94 Help

23rd January 2006:
OMG! That was so good!!!!!!!!!! You have to update plzzzzzzzzzz i wanna read more!!!!!!!!!! Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz? *stares at you with puppy dog eyes*

Author's Response: Okay seeing as u asked so nicely LMAO ill update asap, ill start writing another chapter now so it may be ready to go up tomorrow seeing as its australia day....WOOHOO free day off! thank ya 4 reading!!!!

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Review #15, by aussie_princess_94 There's Something I Need To Tell You

23rd January 2006:
OMG! I LOVE this story! It is sooooooooo going in my favourites!

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Review #16, by aussie_princess_94 Nice Punch

23rd January 2006:
lmao, your story is so funny! lol. YAY!!!! Hermione punched Parkinslut!!!! WooHoo!

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Review #17, by aussie_princess_94 Great, just great

23rd January 2006:
Oh gross! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Crabbe and Goyle? That's just wrong! lol Great story! OMG shirtless Draco *drools* lmao!

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Review #18, by arinonna Help

11th January 2006:
can't wait for more.

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Review #19, by danyagirl Help

19th December 2005:
this is so good! I love it! and, by the way, you can use "rennervate" instead, its used towards the end of HBP.

Author's Response: LOL, thanks! i actually read that at the end of HBP but i was only half way thru tha book wen i wrote the chappie and then i was 2 lazy 2 change it lol! n e way thanks fo tha review!!!!!!

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Review #20, by hp77fanactic There's Something I Need To Tell You

17th September 2005:
OMFG!!!!! MALFOY HIT HER WITH HIS CAR!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! or maybe Ron. . . .IDK!!! PLZ WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: LOL, nope draco nor ron hit her, just a random old man hehe, thanks for reading next chapters going to be posted in about 30mins.

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Review #21, by bethy There's Something I Need To Tell You

11th September 2005:
i like this story. you should continue it

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Review #22, by forever in our hearts_sirius There's Something I Need To Tell You

15th August 2005:
hmm...intrestiing...(I mean that in a good way) update soon please

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Review #23, by MrsDMalfoy There's Something I Need To Tell You

7th August 2005:
It's good!!! Update soon!

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Review #24, by Alex There's Something I Need To Tell You

6th August 2005:

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Review #25, by SusanTheTrumpetSlayer There's Something I Need To Tell You

24th May 2005:
Suspence is mounting

Author's Response: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D wunda what will happen

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