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Review #1, by Zoya The Dragon

24th December 2015:
Nice story Astrid but could be better

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Review #2, by Bambi The Dragon

12th November 2011:
I don't really understand the Dragon part but I really like how you wrote the whole story, how Emma comes and messes with Lily's emotions. That was good. I didn't know that lily plays well with a Quaffle? Does she? Or is that something you made up?

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Review #3, by happy_person Chat in the Night

22nd November 2010:
it's a pretty great story so far, but you keep on jumping from 1st to 3rd person perspectives, and it can get somewhat confusing at times. other than that, a job well done :)

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Review #4, by Julia The Dragon

3rd September 2009:
that s the most wonderful LIly story I ve ever read. It's purely amazing and I am sad that it's over. You have a great talent to play with words! Is English your native tongue?
ANy further stories in mind?

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Review #5, by Jane_Volturi As Long as You Decline

9th July 2009:
Well, that was a bit unfair on Lily, James got jealoud and now Lily's been dumped, i'd be so annoyed if i were her, sand she's in love with him too, great part anyway, a definte 10/10

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Review #6, by Jane_Volturi Quidditch Tryouts

9th July 2009:
Ha lol, this was a brilliant chapter. i like this Lily, i dunno, there are so many different versions of her in different fanfictions but i think this is one of the most similar to jk's own.
It's probably the same with Jame's, he's very beleivable so far, you've convinced me to read on though, your paragraphs, i've found to be pretty short, and some of your spelling is a bit off, and you could do with a wider range of punctuation but you can tell you've tried very hard with this chapter and the storyline is also very good, i'll give this a veryu good 9/10, because i loved it but i still feel that there is something missing right at the moment, i also love your banner, it's very pretty.

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Review #7, by girly1393 The Dragon

4th January 2009:
I find this truly unfair. You have written not just one, but two amazing stories, hitting the nail on the head with James and Lily in both of them. Both so different, but so similiar. Still, I am in love with your writing style, your voice. And when I read the one shot, I'm positive it will be just as amazing. Thank you, once again, for writing. The world would be a sadder place without your words.

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Review #8, by 14lilyflowergirl As Long as You Decline

31st December 2008:
EVIL potter! I really can't believe he did that to Lily. Jermeny is only a little bit of a jerk. I can't believe that Potter did that!

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Review #9, by dramaqueen728 The Dragon

26th March 2008:
beautiful :]

honestly amazing job

you kept the story flowing and knew when to bring it to a close.

yay for intelligent and eloquent writing!!!

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Review #10, by dramaqueen728 Obviously

26th March 2008:
aww... this is kinda sad!

i really relate to lily in these past couple chapters [actually i'm sure ALL girls relate to her lol] with the whole 'he could never like me' thing

it's nice to know they'll get together in the end... it gives us all hope :] great job!

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Review #11, by dramaqueen728 Quidditch Tryouts

25th March 2008:
i really like the way this is turning out...

the best part is the way you have james/lily set up:
"I said clearly that I was a girl he never would catch into his sticky web. The result? Him trying to prove me wrong, by asking me to go out with him so often I have memorised all his attempts and twists in wording."

i love that there's an actual motive behind it, rather than the typical 'he likes her because shes pretty'

really great job :]

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Review #12, by saphira777 Quidditch Tryouts

13th March 2008:
good job! nice humor. just wanted to mention though, so far i think i like "my reflection" better than this one. i couldn't stop reading that one- i was addicted.

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Review #13, by MissJessx3 The Dragon

10th January 2008:
absolutely amazing! i had to read it non-stop it was just brilliant!

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Review #14, by doglover Quidditch Tryouts

22nd December 2007:
i love it! keep up the good work!

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Review #15, by Rose The Dragon

5th December 2007:
great story! but i don't get the dragon?? like is it real and was it really there? or is lily imagining stuff or does it symbolise something? *confused face* i think i'll reread that bit.

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Review #16, by Louisa The Dragon

4th December 2007:
that was such a sweet story. my favorite fic to read are james/lily and this is one of the best i've read.
i've been reading since 11.30pm (when my movie finished i went net surfing) and now its 1.44 am and im nearly in tears of joy, the story was so sweet. i wish i had my own james! (or sirius!)
I thouroly adored this story, thankyou for a good read!

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Review #17, by ginny_weasley_54 The Dragon

24th October 2007:
wow. amazing story.

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Review #18, by prongs'gal The Dragon

30th September 2007:
That was such a sweet story! I read My Reflection first and I loved it so I figured I had to read your other stuff and I was not disappointed. You are a truly gifted writer.

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Review #19, by Ppa The Dragon

15th September 2007:
10/10! ^_^

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Review #20, by stunned_writer Rejection

13th September 2007:
YAH it is good i love it you sould right more stories!

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Review #21, by mrsspotter The Dragon

13th September 2007:
yeah it was great. i happened to agree with sirius in this chapter though. a bit too fluffy.

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Review #22, by Charisma_tn The Dragon

31st August 2007:
I think she should've been more angry at him for reading her private thoughts. She went from hating him to loving him a little too quickly. She forgave a little too quickly. Also, all her friends from the beginning of the chapter disappeared.

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Review #23, by Charisma_tn Complications

31st August 2007:
He was an ass for reading her diary, her most private thoughts. That's betrayal. He blackmailed her into letting him read them. He shouldn't be this easily forgiven.

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Review #24, by blackpearl_ The Dragon

31st July 2007:
Oooh... I'm curious. Is the dream real? I couldn't figure it out...

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Review #25, by blackpearl_ Rejection

31st July 2007:
OMG! Only one more chapter... Wowzers.

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