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Review #1, by taylorj828 The Moon's Blade

31st August 2007:
So when I decided to read this one, I didn't really realise it would be a sequel. That was an accident! hehe. This was definitely a lot more emotion and thought, rather than action and dialogue. It was a good look into Ginny after what happened...

I think my favorite part was Ginny's thoughts on the final night of the Last War. I love how you have it waiting for her, sitting and waiting. Beauitul personification and embodiment, and the way it haunts her. Just really superb and lovely.

I enjoyed this story, sequel, although I don't really understand the last line about the item and the Moon's Blade. I might be being a bit daft here. Please pardon me if I'm slow! Maybe you're referencing something that I'm unaware of, oblivious to??

Anyway... wow. She loved him! Lovely! I could TOTALLY see a Draco/Ginny thing happening, for real, I mean. I think Draco would be better matched to her than Harry, anyway. Heh. Well, I'd love to read some more of yours... And even some Draco/Ginny where, um.. no one dies so they can actually get together. HEHE!!! I'm terrible.

Nice story, dear. I do hope to return to your author's page some day soon!

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Review #2, by BurntRubberCheesecake The Moon's Blade

17th February 2006:
wow!!!! im so depressed but so utterly blown away!!!! you rock, squaredancer!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks hon!

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Review #3, by littleaquarianprincess The Moon's Blade

21st June 2005:
huh, i no this was written awhile ago, but i was taking a wander around ur page... found this and decided to read... soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing... along way from ur first story, aye? right now off i am to the traitor i am.

Author's Response: TRAITOR! *kicks katie* Moh.

Slightly different from my first story, yes... :P Better I would hope. ^_^

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Review #4, by Chelz Potter The Moon's Blade

12th March 2005:
I loved it. You wrote it very well. I'm almost crying.

Author's Response: It's lovely to think that I can make people cry with my writing... but then it's sad that you're crying :( Please don't cry! *hands tissue*

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Review #5, by Alene The Moon's Blade

5th February 2005:
^_^ so good, i <3 this story a lot~

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it

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Review #6, by Lynx_Black The Moon's Blade

4th February 2005:
I don't get what the Moon's Blade is? Can you explain it?

Author's Response: I'll email you as soon as I get a spare minute :D For anyone else who doesn't know and is checking here: The Moon's Blade is really just a metaphor. It's like a mixture of the blade that Ginny pulls from the drawer in the kitchen and what the blade actually looks like (no, that doesn't mean it looks like a moon :P ). Ginny comments on Draco's eyes earlier in the fic somewhere, saying something like 'molten silver, the colour of the moon. His eyes cut into me like the moon's blade' or something to that effect. That's my pathetic attempt at a foreshadow... and so the knife Ginny pulls from the drawer is really just Ginny's perception of Draco - a Moon's Blade: Silver (like the moon) and extremely sharp. *shrugs*

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Review #7, by Football_girl The Moon's Blade

26th January 2005:
Wow!!!! Just... WOW!

Author's Response: Thank you *blush*

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Review #8, by jendarran The Moon's Blade

20th January 2005:
*sniff* *sniff* *sob* I'm crying. You're such a great writer. I've read some of your other stories and stuff. they're AWESOME! *sniff...*

Author's Response: Thanks much, I really appreciate it :D

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Review #9, by dracofan The Moon's Blade

30th December 2004:
once again i gotta give ya props totally like awesome

Author's Response: once again I've got to ask you what props are :P

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Review #10, by VidelKM The Moon's Blade

25th December 2004:
Oh my gosh! This story is beautiful! Beautifully written!! Bloody brilliant! I can't give anymore phrases to describe this. I read Electrified Amber first, and I thought THAT was wonderful, and I saw that you had written a side-story so I read this before reviewing. Ah, I'm rambling. Anyway, wonderful work!!!

Author's Response: Don't worry, all geniuses ramble *smods* Thanks for the reviews! I appreciate it

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Review #11, by ciara The Moon's Blade

23rd December 2004:
come on dont write such a sad story it realy did make me cry *sniff*

Author's Response: I'm sorry, I didn't do that on purpose... *shifty glance* Okay, yea, I did :P

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Review #12, by morough The Moon's Blade

20th December 2004:
wow, really good have really good descriptions for all these things. Personally, I've never been one to favor the idea of everyone dying in the end, but you've managed to put me into the position where it is very, very believeable...REALLY GOOD...

Author's Response: I'm really pleased you like it. Wasn't too sure of it myself ^_^ Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Anonymous The Moon's Blade

17th December 2004:
Wow! I love your fics! You are the most poetic person in this fanfiction site, I do believe. Great work on every piece, and great detail and description in every verse. I think you are one of the few who can properly and brilliantly write a free-lance work and do it perfectly! I have no complaints, except for asking you to write more, more, more. Wonderful job! :P

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review! I appreciate it!

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