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Review #1, by Marvolo Chapter Two

21st January 2005:
Ooooh... *shiver* I really like the end. Such a cliff-hanger, but written... patiently? I loved it. Sorry I haven't gotten around to reading and reviewing more of your story--finals. Well, about the chapter--I really liked the Cass and Jared parts, and it was nice to get such a clear view of characters. It's amazing that you have 3 stories up, and so many chapters and ideas and all that... great ideas. My only suggestion would be changing what Remus says. Do you think that Hell is in his vocabulary? I don't know. It seemed a bit out of canon, but could be intended... you'll have to explain that to me more. Not much more that I can say but that I loved it and was amazed and inspired. Cass is so cool!

Author's Response: Okay, but it is a different time too. Thanks so much.

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Review #2, by shym quill Pendent of the Serpent

17th January 2005:
I liked it a lot! It's a really good idea... and I can't wait to find out what happens. Heh heh nice job with the tags. I'm not completely sure what is going to happen, so I'm hoping that more will be revealed next chapter! Great character details.

Author's Response: Thanks. Around chapter five is when there are several surprises. Only one person knows a certain secret and it goes onto other things. Keep reading and thanks!

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Review #3, by I_love_Malfoy Chapter Three

15th January 2005:
Awsome story! Write more.

Author's Response: Thanks and I will.

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Review #4, by Marvolo Pendent of the Serpent

12th January 2005:
I really liked it! Really! Don't worry about the # of words thing... shorter chapters appeal more to me, unless there are too many of them. I laughed, and I cried (well, almost). The funniest part: <<“I never knew you had a daughter, Lupin.” Snape acknowledged. >> Awesome dialogue--especially because I can completely imagine that degree of obliviousness. Okay next chapter! This one was superb.

Author's Response: why thank you very much. i know about the # of words, i just wanted it to be about that long.

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Review #5, by me Pendent of the Serpent

11th January 2005:
Great story, I really like the censored caracters

Author's Response: Uh... Thank you?

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Review #6, by Harry Seeker Pendent of the Serpent

11th January 2005:
This story is pretty good instantly hooking me right in. I like how you switch from the present to the flashbacks of Remus' past. Don't worry. Keep writing and your next chapter will be over 2000 words. Update :)

Author's Response: I updated last night and I was really tired this morning because I wanted to get it done. Thanks.

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Review #7, by Emerald_Angel Pendent of the Serpent

9th January 2005:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINA! See I remembered (mine's the same!) Great fic, but you must update soon, because it's vital that you do

Author's Response: i'm trying. my friend said it was going good, but it's really short and needs more info. thanks.

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Review #8, by Your Bloody Nightmare Pendent of the Serpent

29th December 2004:
I love it and hurry your self up and write more please

Author's Response: i'm still currently working on the next chapter. it's taking a while, sorry bout that.

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Review #9, by whataboutneville Pendent of the Serpent

24th December 2004:
it's really awesome! =] glad you told me to read this. i'm such a dedicated reader. *grins because am pleased with self* okay, enough with that. wonderful job! i can't wait till the story unfolds.

Author's Response: you should be pleased. i'm working on hte next chapter now

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Review #10, by Meisha Pendent of the Serpent

19th December 2004:
I teally like your plot, and the story is great

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #11, by Tinka 4 Ever Pendent of the Serpent

19th December 2004:
Love the story so far! :D. Awesome chapter :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I love your stories, they are the best, well at least some of the best that I've read.

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Review #12, by Angela Black Pendent of the Serpent

14th December 2004:
i love it, Cassie. Everything. I like jared and Cass i don't know why. I just think its cool.Yeah. EEEEEEKKKKERRRRSSS!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks Stephie. Me too, I'm trying to make Cass like me, only the looks are slightly different, I mean I have short brown/blonde hair and she has long blonde hair. She'll enjoy what I enjoy and hate what I hate. P.S. You and your lovebucket!

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Review #13, by makotochi Pendent of the Serpent

14th December 2004:
Good start I look foward to more

Author's Response: I'm hoping that you won't be disappointed when you read the next chapter, which I am currently working on.

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Review #14, by milliegraydon Pendent of the Serpent

12th December 2004:
wow i like it a lot! your writing has a very jk ring to it- cant wait for another chapter!

Author's Response: thank you so much! I'm glad that you like it a lot. I'm working on the next chapter now.

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