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Review #1, by quidditch_chic18 Part I: LOW

26th February 2006:
lol nice comparison

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Review #2, by jn Part I: LOW

3rd April 2005:
this story is great u started it off well...plz update soon thnx

Author's Response: thanks! i'm writing right now and things are nuts.... things are moving, but pretty slow...

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Review #3, by Erin Part I: LOW

6th February 2005:
Not much time or I'd write more, but great story so far!

Author's Response: thank you very much!!!

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Review #4, by DruscillaHawke Part I: LOW

5th February 2005:
i liked it alot... i hope you continue very soon... it would be a shame if you didn't... wasting such a wonderful story... ~Dru~

Author's Response: you know, I almost deleted it, but i decided to continue with only a few changes.... *see below* thanks for the reveiw!

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Review #5, by bellgirl Part I: LOW

3rd February 2005:
i really like it so far are you still writing it?

Author's Response: ok.... major changes to the story now! it will now be a SEVEN part story in ONE SHOTS, but i will keep it under the same thing, I'm changing the title, etc. Look for: *Just Say the 'L' Word: Part 1, LOW* they will be long SHOTs tho, I mean, it's like just me condensing what would otherwise have been a tedious thing and besides that, my computer time is being monitered (it sucks) so I have limited time on the computer and even less with which to write, but it will happen!

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Review #6, by ErintheBiblophile Part I: LOW

19th December 2004:
Does Malfoy seem sort of UNBLIEVILY EVIL, well..... Malfoy does actually mean evil in Latain. Hermione and Olliver ummm..... strange?

Author's Response: hey...... Malfoy IS evil... Incredibly, obnoxiously, UNBELIEVEABLY evil..... and somehow I doubt that will ever change... actually, JK Rowling has smashed the entire possibility of this ship so I figure the only way to get them together is this way..... And hey, Hermione and Oliver have always sounded like a cute couple to me!

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Review #7, by ErintheBiblophile Part I: LOW

19th December 2004:
This is the third story in a row that mentioned Pride and Prejudice, I mean it's a good book but come on

Author's Response: Well sorry, I'm not in other authors minds and what they write has nothing to do with what I write. Don't complain to me about other writer's writing. I make it a point to always add a Jane Austen book in each of my stories because she is, in my opinion, one of the greatest authors of all time and I love her books! the woman had incredible ability to make up fantastic plots! Just because you're getting iritated about it being mentioned repeatedly, doesn't mean you have to bash my opinions of great literature. I'm sorry, but i find myself slightly offended at that.

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Review #8, by Cheesehead Part I: LOW

14th December 2004:
o0o0o0o0o!!! I like it so far!! Good job! and please update soon!!

Author's Response: thanks.... I'll try to, though it may be a while due to a cross counrty move.... but it will happen eventually!

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Review #9, by Devon Part I: LOW

10th December 2004:
good story! please update soon!!!

Author's Response: i shall attempt to fulfill your request, but I am in the middle of a move so it may be a little while before that can happen!.... but thanks!

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