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Review #1, by GNcat Forty-Seven: Returning to the Dursley’s One Last Time

21st September 2015:
I enjoyed the story very much.

Thank you for writing

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Review #2, by Robert Schoen Forty-Seven: Returning to the Dursley’s One Last Time

26th January 2013:
If you are able to get someone to proof read the chapters first, that way the mispellings could be corrected before bein g posted. That way, you will not need to go back and maybe correct each chapter. I liked the story, none the less.

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Review #3, by dona682 Thirty-Three: A Quidditch Experience

10th April 2011:
best chapter so far for action, character portrayal and cliff hanging

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Review #4, by yfdbbbfy Forty-Seven: Returning to the Dursley’s One Last Time

8th April 2010:
that was awesome, sorry for waiting until the end to review but yeah didnt even see john/bryce being the same very nicely played:D cant wait to read more

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Review #5, by sinwillys822 Twenty-Six: Visiting Hours

25th March 2010:
this story is still going awesome can't wait to read what happens next.

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Review #6, by sinwillys822 Sixteen: A World of Grief

24th March 2010:
i like the story and cant wait to read more.

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Review #7, by Edgar Bonez Thirty-Four: Bandages, Punishments, Tears, and the Guilty

15th November 2009:
I think you are an incredibly talented writer and keep up the good work.

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Review #8, by Artemisia Forty-Seven: Returning to the Dursley’s One Last Time

4th January 2009:
I loved it !please update soon!

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Review #9, by Potter n Mione Forty: Confessions of the Heart

23rd January 2008:
What!? How could Harry just give her up like that??? I don't get it! My fic is updated, by the way...

Author's Response: You have to remember, Ron is like a brother to him and he'd never want to hurt him. Sometimes, we sacrifice everything for those that mean the most to us. (Sucks, but we do it anyway.)

Thanks again for leaving a review! - Jenn

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Review #10, by Potter n Mione Twenty-Four: Catching up with Friends

18th January 2008:
Hey, Jenn! Great fic, u have here! Is it HHr?

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it so far. This series is one of my favorites.

As to your question, it is and it isn't an HP/HG, but I'm not going to say anything more so I don't spoil it for you. =) - Jenn

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Review #11, by Lyfer Aeris Forty-Seven: Returning to the Dursley’s One Last Time

14th December 2007:
your story was very good

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review, I'm glad that you've decided to start on this series, as it is closely related to my Discovering series. Hope you enjoy the next book just as much - Jenn

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Review #12, by Shane Forty-Seven: Returning to the Dursley’s One Last Time

14th August 2007:
I enjoyed the story very much

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! - Jenn

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Review #13, by J.A.P. Forty-Seven: Returning to the Dursley’s One Last Time

5th August 2007:
my first review. its a bit late but i only found this FF a few days ago. any way, brilliant, gonna read ur next 1 tomorow.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you've taken the time to review and that you're enjoying the story so far! I hope you enjoy the rest of the fic as well! - Jenn

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Review #14, by pinaygrl3123 Twenty: First Look at the Wizarding World

12th June 2007:
I dearly would not want to work at Gringotts. Those car ride thingies scare me and make me feel sick just reading about them. It's like a roller coaster gone wrong or something. Urgh. Hmm. Now I feel like ice cream or something and the blasted laptop still hasn't come!! Gah. It's driving me insane. But this story is just so addicting to read. Oh why'd I have to be a bookworm?

Author's Response: Whoohoo... my addiction charms are still holding up nicely! I think the Gringotts' cart ride would be fun - I love roller coasters (providing they don't go upside down) so the wild ride would be cool. - Jenn

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Review #15, by pinaygrl3123 Nineteen: Quidditch Captain

12th June 2007:
Yay! He's quidditch captain! Woot. And McGonagall is friggin' awesome, I've declared to of being so. Heh. That new professor. I don't like him much. Reminds me to much of Snape and we both know how much I just love him.. Pfft.

Author's Response: Yep... one of the few things I actually got in canon before I read the 6th book. lol... You still don't like the new professor eh? *chuckles* - Jenn

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Review #16, by pinaygrl3123 Eighteen: Coping with Fate

12th June 2007:
Blah. Little brain getting confused. Not smart to read this story at the same exact time as the sixth book... I keep getting details messed up. Laura is an extremely kind lady but I'd slap her for the way she speaks about Dumbledore. Really I would. And I'm close to doing it it. Just like I did with Snape a few chapters ago. =]

Author's Response: Lol... yes, she is very stubborn and holds grudges. Don't worry, she won't always be like that. And yeah - I know what you mean about book six - it was hard to write after it came out. - Jenn

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Review #17, by pinaygrl3123 Seventeen: A Question of Sanity

12th June 2007:
Remus + Children = ADORABLE! I love little kids a whole lot right now!! =] They are soo cute! Gah. Remus needs to get with their mom like RIGHT now so that he can be their surgate father or something. Cause he is just too cute with them. And Lizzy is just awesome. She's my new favorite character in this fic. Really she is. Heh.

Author's Response: *grin* I love writing children. I can relate to their antics so much because of my own. The only characters I love writing about with children more then Remus is Harry and Ron - they are fun... Thanks again for the review! - Jenn

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Review #18, by pinaygrl3123 Sixteen: A World of Grief

12th June 2007:
Oh. So here's the reason that the fic is under Remus/OC. Interesting. But yeah. I'm not on the new shiny laptop. Still hasn't come in. *fidgets while looking out the window* Anyway. I'm sure she'll be a bit more happier now that she has her two kids. Great chapter m'dear.

Author's Response: lol, yeah, it took me forever to get to that point in the story. And thank you again so much for all of the reviews! They really made me smile! - Jenn

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Review #19, by pinaygrl3123 Fifteen: The New Defense Teacher and New Restrictions

12th June 2007:
Excellent. Remus is at Hogwarts. Heh. Yeah. And that's cool that Firenze has a daughter. Hmm. I hope the whole DA things go well. It did the year before, for sure. And the new professor seems kinda iffy. Anyway. It's 1.30 at night so I'll stop here for the night. Who knows. Maybe my next review will be made to you from my new laptop! *squeee* Adieu.

Author's Response: So much going on and yeah, that new professor isn't quite 'right' is he? lol... laptops are cool - hope you enjoy yours! - Jenn

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Review #20, by pinaygrl3123 Fourteen: Returning to Hogwarts

12th June 2007:
That's cool that Luna and Neville are now in the Order ring of people. You know. I happen to like authors who do large series, like you are. They are really nice when it comes to answering reviews. Which I love. Answers to my reviews and, well, authors being nice. Anywho. Yay! They're at Hogwarts now! =]

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the new members of the order and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to answer the rest of your reviews - I've been behind and catching up is hard right now. I do hope you'll enjoy the rest of the series! - Jenn

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Review #21, by pinaygrl3123 Thirteen: Going from Bad to Worse

12th June 2007:
I x3 Remus. Really I do. I've no idea how many times I'm going to say it, but I do. I really do. At last Laura let them talk. And I hope things are going fine with Harry. *hugs Remus* Oh. And I'll be doing a lot of hugging as well. Heh.

Author's Response: Yep, I agree... Remus is awesome! - Jenn

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Review #22, by pinaygrl3123 Twelve: Shocking Announcements

12th June 2007:
Aww. *hugs Harry and shoves chocolate at him* I hope he's okay. And that's horrible that Sirius had to die before he got his pardon. Aw. And Remus wasn't there! That is the most shocking part of it all. You would think he would be there... I wonder why he wasn't there.

Author's Response: *sigh* Poor Sirius, he died just before things could really look up for him. Not fair really. And Remus was supposed to be there, but he couldn't leave his duties. *shifty eyes* he was um.. preoccupied..

Harry thanks you for the chocolate and I thank you for the review! - Jenn

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Review #23, by pinaygrl3123 Eleven: Lost and Hurting in an Unfamiliar World

12th June 2007:
Oh wow. I feel sorry for her, but then again is kinda rude, but I would fear more if she weren't fighthing against the British like she is. I mean, she American. ;] But yeah. I hope Lizzy and Lissa are okay. At least, I think Melissa is the name of the other girl. Not sure.

Author's Response: I tried not to overdo her rudeness and anger, but I know I would be even madder if I'd been in her position. I couldn't even begin to imagine having my children taken from me like that. But don't worry, it won't last forever! :)

And the girls are both fine, you'll see them soon! Thank you so much once more, for all of the wonderful reviews! - Jenn

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Review #24, by pinaygrl3123 Ten: Summertime at Headquarters

12th June 2007:
Remus Lupin is my hero. Kidding. Though he kinda is. I guess. I dunno. But he's awesome that is HILAROUS about Sirius going drag like that. Truly wonderful. =] I wonder how their adventure will go. And I want to know where the American family went. I loved that little Lizzy.

Author's Response: *chuckles* I had fun writing and thinking up that part! Just seemed like something Sirius would have done to get out and get away from Headquarters for a while! - Jenn

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Review #25, by pinaygrl3123 Nine: One Sided Conversations

12th June 2007:
*laughs* That was cute of Remus to try and not sneeze as to scare off Elizabeth. Gah. Just makes me love him more. Haha. =] I really wish Sirius wouldn've to die. Remus and Harry are just lost without him. Life has not been easy for either of them. I hope they're okay when they seventh book rolls around. I'll seriously cry and burn my book if Remus dies.

Author's Response: I just love Remus, his character is so fun to work with. And I know he loves children (JKR made him a teacher after all) and I tried to keep him as in canon as possible.

I agree with you about how much they have suffered through, but they do have each other - for now. - Jenn

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