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Review #1, by TheHalfBloodPrincess A Pinkish Opening

22nd November 2005:
I like this story! Good job! *pats back and hopes you won't bite* hehehehe...heh..._^_

Author's Response: Oh, I don't bite-- I nibble occassionally ... LOL! Thankies very much, Luna

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Review #2, by Mandie Rush A Pinkish Opening

30th October 2005:
yay!!!!!! i love thats so raven... now you have to read my stories!!!!

Author's Response: LOL! I'm pleased you liked it! You only had to ask on the forums though, if you wanted me to read yours! Luna

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Review #3, by silverlunamoon A Pinkish Opening

24th April 2005:
I like the story so far I wish you would update soon!

Author's Response: Thou shall try too! Thankies for reading, Luna.

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Review #4, by thebestreviewer A Pinkish Opening

23rd March 2005:
OMG That's So Raven was MY idea but the Disney Channel stole it! Good story, though...update

Author's Response: Really-- I'd complain ... Lol. Thank You-- I really need to stop starting new stories. I've only finished one. Luna

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Review #5, by beauxbaton_bound A Pinkish Opening

11th March 2005:
I dunno what "turd" was thinking....!!! This is a great story!!! It's so cool that you took your idea from that show but you changed it!!!!!!! UPDATE NOW I DONT THINK I CAN WAIT!!!!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Now-- I wish I could fill your request and I am working on the next chapter but it's so hard for me at the moment. I have loads of exams and musical dedication. Sowy! Luna

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Review #6, by Raven A Pinkish Opening

10th March 2005:

Author's Response: ... Okay ... But I said the title was based on the series and I don't use any of the characters. Oh, and like you care ... Luna

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Review #7, by kewlo A Pinkish Opening

28th February 2005:

Author's Response: Thanks ... I think! Lol.

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Review #8, by Luna Lovegood A Pinkish Opening

18th February 2005:
OMG I LOVE UR STORY. im a big fan of 'thats so rav en' but not the disney network. but ur new little spin on this is great. please update soon. :) hehe GO YOU!

Author's Response: Thankies so Much! There is a second chapter on the way-- it's called psychic sniffles. Luna

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Review #9, by H P Fan A Pinkish Opening

17th February 2005:
Well, that certainly was funny. I have only seen bits of That's So Raven and this is pretty much exactly like it. Just one little problem: It's Madam Pomfrey, not Pomphey. Just wanting to correct you, there. Good job with the story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much-- I feel stupid that nobody has ever told me this before-- as idiotic as it sounds, Ive been spelling it wrong for ages. Thank you for reading and telling me-- good point to mention never rely on a spell check! Thankies-- Luna

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