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Review #1, by Belly Oooop...i'm a gryffindor

8th May 2008:
Hey, this story is doing great so far, just maybe review a bit, you know? Break up a few chapters, fix a few spelling words, thats all. All in all, a very good story!

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Review #2, by CrystalClear Helping people

10th March 2005:
Ooooohhhhh!!! I really like this story, it's very well written, please keep up the good work!!!! =) I read it all in one day, that's got to count for something!!! =) Anyway, also I'm actually looking for people to analyze my stories and review them, so if you could, that'd be great! =) Thanks! Anyway, I have three stories as of the moment: Alone (sad one-shot), Cruel Irony (will be a full length draco fanfic, only 1st chapter posted so far, and Stranded in Darkness (OC fanfic, still in the making, 20 chapters so far, my first...blah, blah) you get the point. neway if you could read one or all of them, either way, I'd really appreciate it and thank you!!!

Author's Response: all in one day...Kool....well if i get time i will read yours...thank-you for reviewing and i hope to see you back here soon xXx

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Review #3, by Jossie Helping people

8th March 2005:
Hi,I am back.Two chapters,good job.They maked me laugh.I just knewthat Peter snores.I hate him.I am happy you put there some Snape.I like Him.Hope there will be something beetwen her and Remus when they got older.Perfect couple.I love Remus too.Fe is o cute, you know.But maybe she will have something with Sevie?Luv it all.Update as soon as you can.See you soon.Jos

Author's Response: more snape soon...i love him...i hate peter too...and i adore!!!!!! Remus and Sirius!!! (Remus more tho (:) Hope you had a good time....and i am planning to update soon xXx

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Review #4, by Jossie Detention and a Caballito?

25th February 2005:
Is it how it is supposed to be or it somehow gone wrong?Cause I mean that there's chap num.10 and after that there is chap num. 13?Is that just bad numbering or something.Isn't Evelyn/Mythra some kind of Spirit / fairy of forest if you know what I mean?Miss[You are a Miss yeah,if not you have my apologize]Corisande you are given 50 points fo this chaps.and of course you're excused from next potion class. :-D Luv it all.Update as soon as possible. PS: If I won't review for next week, don't worry.I will in a second I got back home.Going to skying course with my class.Wonder how I'll hold on there without such a good stories as your one is, cause there is no internet.Prehistoric,isn't it?Such a lonh review,don't ya think?See you and your story soon.Joss/Tamara

Author's Response: Ok well i wrote and updated three chapters and the editors on varified the third one...the previous two are still in Limbo...weird huh? I am a Miss thank-you OOOOO fifty points!!! AWWWW i like potions tho...but as long as i don't get homework i'm fine....not telling (about the whole spirit thing)
Have fun skiing...i've never even seen snow *sigh*...ANd i LOVE the lenght of your makes me think and think about updating when i'm made to think this long...ow now my head hurts i've been using my brain too much...hehehe Have fun on your trip and don't break any bones *touch wood* xXx Miss Corisande xXx

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Review #5, by Jossie a bad day?

21st February 2005:
Jeeze.Its amazing how quick fingers you have.I just read what I tought was last chapter and look!theres another one.Now I dont like the libarian either. Will be today another chappies? hmmm. wont be bad. It brings light to such a stuuuupid days as today.Bye-Bye.Jos

Author's Response: Hehehe...No more today but i assure you (if i can get on to the computer) i will put some more up tomorrow...Thank-you for means alot to me xXx

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Review #6, by Jossie DADA

21st February 2005:
Nice quick writting you have.Didnt even hope you update so soon.I like her being so smart in DADA.wonder how she will do in potions.Last chapter was cute.Lucius being such a git as alwys.And you can put some more Severus in the story.OOOHH Evelyn is so smart.Gonna read some book. :-)

Author's Response: hehehe...let me just say you guys havn't seen the last of snape....xXx

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Review #7, by LupinLover Reasons beyond Reason

21st February 2005:
loved it PLEASE UPDATE!!!!

Author's Response: the next two parts are in 'limbo' xXx

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Review #8, by Jossie The morning after

20th February 2005:
Good job.Love it.But that you ended it in the middle of the sentence was not níce!Having fun up there, yeah?should be forbiden.Looking forward next chappie.Update soon. PS:Malfoy-in which year he is?Is he that elder than them?Thanks for such a nce story.Became one of mine favourites.Jos

Author's Response: LUCIUS MALFOY: in the 5th book he's 41 and Sirius is 38 wich means that when Eevee and the Marauders are in their first year Lucius Malfoy is in his 4th year which makes him 14.

The next one is in 'limbo' aswell as the one after the sentence will be completed in no time xXx

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Review #9, by Trixy Valentine Reasons beyond Reason

9th January 2005:
HEY!!! i want a hugg too!!! i love your stories and can't wait for the next part!!!

Author's Response: *huggs trixy valentine* thank-you for reviewing

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Review #10, by Hibijibi Oooop...i'm a gryffindor

9th January 2005:
Wow she's been through alot!!! NEXT PART!!!

Author's Response: wow *huggs hibijibi* THANK-YOU FOR REVIEWING!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! well you know what i mean *stepps away from Hibijibi* the next par is posted now and will be up when the editors say so. xXx Corisande xXx

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Review #11, by Hibijibi finding answers

9th January 2005:

Author's Response: Thank-you xXx

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Review #12, by Hibijibi CHAPTER 3 (sorry i forgot to put ths one in) Memories

9th January 2005:
Thats cruel!!!! but WHERES LILY!!!!

Author's Response: lily? whose lily *evil grin* xXx

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Review #13, by Hibijibi un expected occurences

9th January 2005:

Author's Response: who *innocent look* ? xXx

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Review #14, by Hibijibi Reasons beyond Reason

9th January 2005:
lucius is a B@ST@ARD!!!

Author's Response: tis true tis true xXx

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Review #15, by Karen un expected occurences

18th December 2004:
It's obnoxious. ^_^ And for a Mary Sue story, this is going all right.^_^

Author's Response: why thank-you...i think xXx

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Review #16, by allainemoore Reasons beyond Reason

12th December 2004:
great first chapter so far! *sigh* i love remus...keep it up! ^_^

Author's Response: next one posted now so i hope you read it...i know this is sooooo needy but can you please tell people about my stories xXx Corisande xXx

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