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Review #1, by AlyGranger The Ice Cream Parlor

18th January 2006:
ooooo...awesome story. i can't wait to read more!!! btw, my stories aren't goign up. the site rejected them. Your stories are so perfect!!! lucky *shoots you a jealous look**bursts into giggles for "the look" because she was joking*

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Review #2, by mischeif_managed Expressing Feelings

12th March 2005:
wowowowoowow is good!!!!!! like ure story! keep going, if u feel like reading mine it's 50 first dates and is and l/j one!

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Review #3, by ronsgrl The Ice Cream Parlor

10th September 2003:
did u sign my review 4 hogwarts dating game i am not sure which annie did

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Review #4, by BlueStones The Ice Cream Parlor

19th April 2003:
cool! Great story! Interesting, but great! Please read my story \"Unsuspected Darkness\" I would really like some feed back! ~Katy

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Review #5, by M of LMK The Ice Cream Parlor

16th March 2003:
It\'s good! Keep going!

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Review #6, by Magnolia The Ice Cream Parlor

16th March 2003:
Hey! This is good! It\'s interesting, but don\'t worry interesting can be a good thing! If you have time would you please click on my name and read \"The Dream\" I\'d REALLY appreciate it! ~Magnolia

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Review #7, by Corey The Ice Cream Parlor

23rd February 2003:
I really liked the beginning of \"Confused Emotions.\" I think you should keep writing more.

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