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Review #1, by Beverly_sister Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

8th December 2005:
lol funny. very...er......original!

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Review #2, by KitKat Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

21st November 2005:
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!...that..was....*wait for it*....AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....i laughed my arse off the whole story!!!!....GREAT job!!!!!....be sure to write ALOT more of these stories (because most of the stories in the 'humor' section SUCK!!!)....~*~LOTTA LURVE(better than love)!!!!!!~*~

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Review #3, by I_Heart_harry Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

17th June 2005:
OOH I LOVE IT!!! So vunderbar! hehehe!! Write more!

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Review #4, by psyche7537 Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

8th June 2005:
yep penguins i love penguins

Author's Response: lol. don't we all?

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Review #5, by ckitten Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

22nd March 2005:
Hey that was soooooooo funny. It was stupid but good in the context of a dream. I also LOVE how you did the ending it was so clever!!!!!!!

Author's Response: ^_^ Thank you... I think. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #6, by jojo Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

12th March 2005:
lol never knew penguins could be soo threatining lol hehe. Very Very funny

Author's Response: ^_^ thank you! You are the first reviewer i've had on this fic for a looooooong time.

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Review #7, by elanna riddle Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

15th February 2005:
lol, lol, lol, one question thought what is this shuffleboard?

Author's Response: Lol, thanks for reviewing. Your the first review in (counts on hands and feet), well a really long time. Shuffleboard is a game I don't really know the rules to, but is basicly a game when you use a stick to push a hockey puck type thing across the floor and onto a drawn on the floor triangle which you get points for... I think anyway. O well, I hope that made sence.

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Review #8, by blackstarfire Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

18th December 2004:
lol and that is all there is to say about it lol

Author's Response: y thank you. i'm glad u enjoyed it. thanks for reading! ^_^

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Review #9, by ImmortalOne18 Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

14th December 2004:
Hilarious!!!! Nothing can beat the 'spiders want me to tap dance line'!!!!!!

Author's Response: ^_^ i'm glad u liked it. i thought so too. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by Dizzy Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

12th December 2004:
That was hilarious!! Penguins! hahaha!!! i like the shuffle board part, and the cheese and general Fuzzykins! This is great!!

Author's Response: ^_^ I'm glad you liked it. I thought those were good touches. Thanks for reading!

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Review #11, by Smitty Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

11th December 2004:
BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MINDA LURVSES TEH PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!! W007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.o Penguins r teh 4W350M3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: lol, well thats good. ^_^ ok so that means... awsome right? i'm still not that good at understanding those. thanks for reading my story.

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Review #12, by Julie Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

7th December 2004:
Very cute. I love Ron muttering under his breath at the end. Really wouldn't surprise me if that's what Harry was thinking at that point in the movie. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you. I thought that was a good touch to it. Thanks for reading it. ^_^

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Review #13, by DarkFairy Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

7th December 2004:
LOGAN!!!!!!!!!! hi! lol. roflmfao!!! i love it PENQUINS!!!!!!! lol ange see ya at school!

Author's Response: hi. ooooooook then. glad you liked it! ^_^ cya.

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Review #14, by Miguel Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

6th December 2004:
I though it was hilerious.

Author's Response: Thanks, i'm glad you liked the story.

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Review #15, by Bubblechimes Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

6th December 2004:
Hi! Awesome story! Bubblechimes P.S. I'm a girl named Emily. If you want to respond to a girl who LOVES your story, my e-mail address is Bubblechimes@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Author's Response: Thank you. All-righty then. i'm glad you liked the story. thanks for reading it.

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Review #16, by swirling_vortex Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

6th December 2004:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! that was SOOOO funny!! *gasps for breath* oh dude...

Author's Response: lol. i'm glad you liked it ^_^.

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Review #17, by whataboutneville Harry Potter and Voldemort's Army

6th December 2004:
LOL. yea, there were some laughs. penguins, lol. and general fuzzykins. ROFL. good job. hahaha. voldemort turned his death eaters into cows. does that mean they're all females now?

Author's Response: Thank you. ^_^ I'm glad you liked it. hmm... posibly*ponders*. lol. i think he must have i guess. I never really thought about it... so yes they are all females now.

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