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Review #1, by gummybear Chapter 50 - No Turning Back

6th May 2009:
I love this story so much! i love all your storys! Also I just love the ending dramatic!!! Oh please write more storys! 100/10 in my mind!

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Review #2, by tonksloveswerewolves Chapter 1 - The Portable Library

2nd May 2008:
The only problem I had with this chapter is that they actually passed History of Magic and (in Harry and Ron's case) Divination. Harry passed out halfway through his History Exam, Ron never paid attention, Neville is so forgetful, Hermione is perfect and rememberd of course, but also HArry and Ron never try in divination.

But I'm not saying that to be critical, I just felt like pointing that out. I'm bored, I have writer's block, and I need something to do with my hands!

Excellent chapter, really. Just ignore the first paragraph altogether. 9/10

Author's Response: haha, I realised that at the time.. but well its FF, so it doesnt really really matter..
thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Maverick Chapter 38 - Joy to the World

29th February 2008:
A good chapter. Sorry to be the one pointing out mistakes but I think you used 'obnoxious' in place of 'oblivious' in the above chapter.

Author's Response: knowing me I probably did! haha I wrote this so long ago.. Oh well - I'll just have to change it sometime!


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Review #4, by forzabella Chapter 45 - Temporary Forgiveness

11th January 2008:
OMG everyone forgot about the puppy! LOL

Author's Response: hehe x

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Review #5, by Bubblecharms Chapter 50 - No Turning Back

10th July 2007:
Exellent story! I think I will read the sequel. Your an exellent writer.

Author's Response: thankyou very very very much! x

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Review #6, by The Dark Lord Zamorak Chapter 1 - The Portable Library

26th April 2007:
This looks like it's going to be a great story, I look forward to reading it.

Author's Response: I am very glad!

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Review #7, by White Guy Chapter 29 - A 'Realistic' Dream

30th March 2007:
Look at my favorite list to see some good ones.
I cannot think of the starting story but the last one that is a wip is called harry potter and the war of shadows. sumtin like that. the others are good too. just look at my favorite author list and check some of them out.
bye the way i like your story and how you have added your own meaning to the prophesy. hopefully there is a sequal.

Author's Response: thankyou very much!

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Review #8, by BRSrocks Chapter 49 - "Have and Amazing Time"

27th March 2007:
I thought wormtail was dead, or am I thinking of another story?

Author's Response: possibly? I cant remember..

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Review #9, by BRSrocks Chapter 47 - Quidditch at its best!

27th March 2007:
i hope that it is a h/hr or a r/hr. not that it wouldn't be a bad on if it was a r/hr, but i personaly hate cho. never really cared for her

Author's Response: haha, I hope I can change your mind.. or at least change Cho..

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Review #10, by stichka Chapter 49 - "Have and Amazing Time"

24th February 2007:
i love the story. chapter 50 is not complitly finished it, ends at the middel of the sentench. could you please fix that.
you'r fan

Author's Response: I thinks thats because of a glitch on your computer.. because it works perfectly find on mine.. but maybe I am just seeing things! lol

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Review #11, by thegoldensnitch Chapter 50 - No Turning Back

20th January 2007:
but i m looking forward 2 the sequel
and this was a really good story
bi thanks
x x x

Author's Response: WMAHAHA! thanks!

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Review #12, by Prongs_Potter Chapter 15 - The New Plan

21st December 2006:
Malfoy used an undforgiveable, surely some time in Azkaban. Great story by the way.

Author's Response: :D thanks!

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Review #13, by Harrie Chapter 50 - No Turning Back

2nd November 2006:
This story is unbelievable!!! I really like it. It's so cool. Your ending is way cool. I can't wait to find out whats going to happen.

Author's Response: me too... lol

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Review #14, by j Chapter 49 - "Have and Amazing Time"

30th June 2006:
OK how is wormtail here if Harry already killed him earlier.

Keep an outline of your work

Author's Response: hmm.. sorry but i cant even remember my own story.. isnt that depressing! wow.. you foundmy loophole.. dang namit..

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Review #15, by ohhhdear Chapter 50 - No Turning Back

10th April 2006:
Ok... I've read the whole story.
To preface my remarks; by day I write and edit training manuals for a major software firm.
1. This story has a lot going for it. Exciting plot, fairly good dialogue, true-to-canon characters, (though I detect quite a bit of X-Men salted here and there!).
2. You *desperately* need the assistance of an editor for these reasons.
a. You may have run each chapter through a spell checker but there are so many misspellings and grammatical errors it is difficult to read.

b. Some things happen and are not followed up on. For example; Harry's gift to the Weasley's of so much money! Why, then, would Ron need Harry to buy him a trunk? And why would Voldemort not know Harry had fought him in the Chamber of Secrets (during the H-V duel that Tonks watches)? That's who Tom Riddle is... especially since COS was before GOF and Voldemort was incorporal. Voldemort would know what was happening to himself as he attempted to regain a body through Ginny?

3. The ending... oh dear. It's blunt, abrupt, and leaves a sour taste in the mouth. After you and your readers investing so much time in this story, and expecting *some* kind of tied up ending, Harry just... heads off on a motorcycle he's never been taught to ride. Did you just get tired and bored writing this story and need to end it fast so you could go on to other things? You owe your readers better than this.

4. Please invest in a small book called "The Elements of Style" by Strunk & White and memorize it. It is to writers what "Hogwarts, A History" is to Hermione. A tiny treasure of facts and how-to's that will enable you to write much better.

Forgive me, please for dissecting your work. I know from personal experience it is difficult to hear criticism of something you've spent so much time and effort creating. Your story needs just a little polishing to shine!
Best regards,

Author's Response: wow thanks for all the pointers! i would love to polish my story.. actually correct all the spelling mistakes, and write a better ending.. right now, but i have no time what so ever at the moment with all my school work and what not... that book sounds very interesting, i may have to look for that next time i am book shopping.. umm.. oh sorry about the ending i wa a bit tired of the story when i wrote that.. but i did want to leave a cliffhanger.. sorry if it was crap!
anyways thans for all the tips (and sorry if this review is hard to read and full of mistakes.. its past my bedtime, and i have a cold, which is making my head all stuffed up)
ta ta
Iced xo

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Review #16, by Rose1611 Chapter 32 - Trouble on the Train

28th February 2006:
Great story!!!! I really like this story , sorry i haven't reveiwed earlier instead of waiting till hapter 32, but i have been so busy i hardly have time to read the story, but anyay Happy B-Day!!!!!!

Author's Response: aww thankyou! :P

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Review #17, by chessscout Chapter 50 - No Turning Back

27th February 2006:
Wonderful story! Off to read the sequel...

Author's Response: lol! good luck with that!

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Review #18, by chris Chapter 50 - No Turning Back

15th January 2006:
holy <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored such a good story....

Author's Response: lol.. well.. thaaanks!

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Review #19, by Dumbeldores Army Chapter 50 - No Turning Back

29th December 2005:
Ok i finally finished it. I have been reading this story for 10 hours straight. Its awsome. Its almost 1 in the morning i think i am going to start on the sequal. Great Job!

Author's Response: LOL! go to bed! you must be really really tired! but.. yeah your like me.. i cant get enough of a story... i sometimes put it on my laptop so i can read it in bed... lol! :D -iced

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Review #20, by Dumbeldores Army Chapter 47 - Quidditch at its best!

29th December 2005:
love your story but i dont know if i will be able to forgive you if Tonk's or Remus die!

Author's Response: loL! you wont have to! ... :D:D -iced

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Review #21, by Dumbeldores Army Chapter 34 - 11:30, Christmas Day

29th December 2005:
Sweet twist in teh end ..

Author's Response: :D -iced

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Review #22, by Dumbeldores Army Chapter 25 - Temper! Temper!

29th December 2005:
I think this is one of my favourite chapters of your story so far too. You are very very creative. You should be a author when you are older. Please dont expect critisicm from me lol i will not give it. I find saying that a story that somebody has worked hard on is very rude to say its not good and what not lol

Author's Response: i agree with you! lots of people work very hard on this site.. and when people critise them.. there self esteem lowers a lot... i reall hate that! thanks for your great reviews! -iced

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Review #23, by Dumbeldores Army Chapter 22 - The Potion Tester

29th December 2005:
Sweeet. I like the way you make it so they have to go back to the chamber of secrets. Your very creative. Nice job.

Author's Response: thankyou! :D -iced

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Review #24, by Dumbeldores Army Chapter 19- Pheonix Feather Quills

29th December 2005:

Author's Response: lol! i am soo glad you liked it!

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Review #25, by Dumbeldores Army Chapter 14 - The-Boy-Who-Lived

29th December 2005:

Author's Response: WOW! THANKYOU! lol thanks very very mcuh! your two kind.. -iced

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