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Review #1, by Hannah the end

13th November 2012:
What on earth happened with the fires???

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Review #2, by Hannah halfway

13th November 2012:
LOVE Crabbe and Goyle teaming up with Neville!! LMFAO!!! Truly amazing!

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Review #3, by kchang the end

17th September 2012:
LOL reading your story just made me LOL at every chapter. Creative thoughts, I thought, since I had to imagine them together before the fifth year. Haha, it was a good read. Thank you for writing!


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Review #4, by Lorrain the end

5th September 2012:
What the heck? What about the fires?

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Review #5, by Lorrain fire and suspense

5th September 2012:
Why is she completely ignoring the pain he caused?

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Review #6, by Izzy the end

16th April 2012:
Aw...perfect ending!! Soo sweet! I love how u made Draco so sweet!

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Review #7, by Hedwig and The Owl Post the end

16th September 2011:
It was ok. Could do without to much uppercases, ya know? Kinda irritating.

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Review #8, by M Well, it\'s about time!

8th August 2011:
Bulgaria's not a free country. Neither is England. Or Scotland.

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Review #9, by scooby doo be doo halfway

8th January 2011:
haha crabbe and goyle
i didn't know they could do more than stuff their faces with muffins lol :)

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Review #10, by jrchalut the end

2nd December 2010:
Huh? What happened with Voldemort and the torch thingies? Very confused...loved it, but confused!!

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Review #11, by fffan.critique a pair like no other!

18th August 2010:
You have a wonderful imagination and story line. But as much as I enjoyed reading this story, this particular chapter (ch.13) was not really as good as the other chapters. it's much to gushy and not at all like draco or hermione. Please stick to draco calling hermione "granger". it's his character, regardless of whether or not they are dating. that's just who they are. don't forget that. this entire fanfic is excellently written, but just don't forget to keep the personalities of the characters as who THEY REALLY ARE. and try to keep out the super duper lovey dovey stuff. stick to the classical romance that we all like. but on the whole, GOOD JOB. out of the thousands of dramione fanfics i've read, yours is extremely well-written. keep out the good work!

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Review #12, by fred_weasley the end

22nd June 2010:
Excellent story, I couldnt have written it better myself, you should do a sequel. lol.

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Review #13, by Brittnii the end

2nd March 2010:
Sorry I didn't review earlier but I just want to keep reading
It was great (all of them)
I so didn't want it to end!!

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Review #14, by _hermione_jean_malfoy_ halfway

4th August 2009:
oo, can't wait to tread on!

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Review #15, by _hermione_jean_malfoy_ the past

28th July 2009:
i cant wait to read more!!

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Review #16, by _hermione_jean_malfoy_ what went wrong??

23rd July 2009:
Short, but good. I'll carry on reading.

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Review #17, by Isa_bell the end

17th June 2009:
It was good! Does the story have a sequel?

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Review #18, by nancy the past

6th June 2008:
hey..i like the way it started in the first chapter but in this chapter you kinda went a little fast. you just barely described the emotional and mental status of the character and also you failed to describe the setting of the scene, you just jumped directly to the characters and the dialog. I don't mean to be harsh or anything. it's just an opinion..hope you don't take it in a bad way.=D

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Review #19, by Dru Dreams the end

30th January 2008:
I know it's been a long time since this story had been added but I came across it and really enjoyed reading it! Thought I'd let you know.

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Review #20, by Mrs_S_Black040 the past

5th January 2008:
you have a problem with tenses. you might want to have some one read your work before you post it. and you lack detail. you failed to inform that you had changed the time setting. it confused me a bit.your a good writer just a bit mediocre

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Review #21, by Mrs_S_Black040 what went wrong??

5th January 2008:
well. your spelling sucks. type it on word then paste it here. that should help. um. good plot so far though a bit confusing.why did they breakup? other that that pretty good

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Review #22, by fallenangel2009 the end

14th December 2007:
was kind of disappointing cos you didn't really lead on from the fire after making it seem somewhat important... but still, god effort...liked the whole story apart from the end :)

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Review #23, by riku13 the end

8th December 2007:
what a good story, but could you please make a sequel+

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Review #24, by alfling1990 the end

14th November 2007:

sequel please?

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Review #25, by Anonymouss the end

14th October 2007:
Absolutely hilarious story !!! loving all of the original ideas !! it would be amazing if you wrot the story about how they got together!!! =)

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