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Review #1, by Fred Home Again

12th December 2014:
Don't apologize if you're like it they if they don't that is their problem not yours. Keep writing.

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Review #2, by abbstar12 The Last Will And Testament Of Sirius Black

25th July 2012:
in the book he left every ting to harry, why is he leving lot of his stuff to moony?

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Review #3, by Blazeroth The Last Will And Testament Of Sirius Black

12th July 2011:
Wow your story sucks so far. Harry seems to be a wimp and the will was weak. Don't think i'm reading all of it.

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Review #4, by MusicLife2288 Legilimens

13th January 2011:
I think this is the best chapter so far

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Review #5, by MusicLife2288 Snape's Change Of Heart?

12th January 2011:
I love the way you described the chain of gossip lol you're a funny one

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Review #6, by MusicLife2288 Home Again

9th January 2011:
I love it! And to all the nay sayers about non canon stories its called FAN FICTION for a reason!

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Review #7, by Mrs Lily_Elizabeth Potter The Woes of Severus Snape

23rd July 2010:
Oh my god this chapter was hilarious I loved the Snape/ Sybil part I was actually crying with laughter and I can not wait to read the rest of your stories.8/10 for the laughter factor :)

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Review #8, by 57nlupin97 Returning Home

19th April 2008:
i really like the pairing of ginny/draco!i think they go goog together!

Author's Response: So do I, at least for now!

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Review #9, by grace phillips Epilogue

28th December 2007:
that was GREAT never thought of imposters brillont!

Author's Response: For some reason, I always found myself wondering about impostors for the rest of the series after the fourth book. JKR probably didn't intend for that to be the effect of the booki though. :)

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Review #10, by trouble_twin Returning Home

28th September 2007:
i love this chapter so much !! i cant see harry and snape shopping !! that is well funny ha ha ha

Author's Response: Got to admit, not the most likely of things to happen!

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Review #11, by trouble_twin A Lesson In Apparition

26th September 2007:
ur well funny!!! i love this story !!

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #12, by music_is_life Epilogue

23rd August 2007:
Very original. I have to say that you have an amazing imagination. Great story, i am looking forward to the sequel.

Author's Response: Thanks, and I've always been a little too over-imaginative :)

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Review #13, by music_is_life The Infiltration Of The Order

23rd August 2007:
I love your story. Some parts are so hilarious. I mean, who could think of a more messed up dream, and the teachers sabotaging each other. Brilliant! Best story i have read on this site in ages.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks. Glad you think so! :)

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Review #14, by 5am Epilogue

1st August 2007:
All i can say is wow and I'm going to the sequel PRONTO!!

Author's Response: Thanks, hope you enjoy the sequel.

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Review #15, by Charley A Lesson In Apparition

19th July 2007:
Ron could be a spider Lol

Author's Response: :)

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Review #16, by Damian OWLs and Letters

2nd July 2007:
"Dear Harry,

We’re all going to Diagon Alley today and I wanted to know if you were coming. We’ll be meeting at the Leaky Cauldron at around midday and Lupin says either he or one of the Order will portkey you there. If you can’t/don’t want to come then write back and we’ll send more members to take you by force.

One word,


Author's Response: Thanks! :) (I'd forgotten I'd written this to be honest, I even made myself smile. How sad is that!)

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Review #17, by BlackRoses911 In The Garden Of Black

29th June 2007:
This was great! I loved the duel, although I wish Harry could have taken Remus out, haha! 9/10

Author's Response: Ah thanks! Wouldn't be quite as realistic if he could though, would it? (Realistic in a world of wizards and duels... yes...)

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Review #18, by DarkHeart Epilogue

10th May 2007:
a most enjoyable read.

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #19, by don't have one Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests

16th April 2007:
Hippocampus? do you mean Hippogriff

Author's Response: No, I mean Hippocampus.
See Here

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Review #20, by Valarie7505 The Feast

4th April 2007:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY even though its late very late lol 10-10 my bday was 3 days ago on April 1st lol well great story luv it as always!

Author's Response: Do people disbelieve you when you say it's your birthday on April fools then? And thank you for very belated birthday wishes. A more recent happy birthday to you too.

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Review #21, by Valarie7505 The Past Just Keeps Getting Worse

4th April 2007:
didn't James come out before lily in the real book and movie? hold on harry... your mothers coming said his father or something like that?
anyway 10-10

Author's Response: Shush... I can't remember what I wrote any more, but I'll assume I'm wrong. I usually am, so damn. That's annoying. Oh well, thanks for pointing that out! :o)

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Review #22, by mistoshanks Azkaban

13th September 2006:
OGM!!!!!!!!! Awesome story! I'm a AD/MM shipper and I love all fics. Only AD/MM are my fave(duh)!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!

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Review #23, by Heather Azkaban

4th September 2006:
I Found your fic while I was bumming around here a few days ago and I'm hooked! Love it!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you liked it! :o)

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Review #24, by db The Strangest Meeting

28th August 2006:
i dont think u went to far with the teachers. nice to know htey have a sense of humour!!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #25, by Nuala Unwanted Revelations

27th August 2006:
omg i knew it (some of it ) i guessed ron was acting different and was probs a death eater but when so many chapters went by I changed my mind is that why ron animagueus is a snake? cuz it isnt ron its ???
well great twist !!

Author's Response: Yeah, that's exactly why and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! :o)

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