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Review #1, by hypercell Oopsies

3rd March 2008:
Sigh...This is awesome! Please write more! at least try! This is so good! WIll all of hogwarts turn into 3 year oldS?

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Review #2, by caldestine Oopsies

1st July 2007:
its hallarious! i was laughing through the entire thing!

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Review #3, by mrsmolly How old will i be tomorrow?

4th April 2007:
please please finish this story!!!

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Review #4, by ronxdraco Oopsies

22nd October 2005:
hey.....update soon!

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Review #5, by Prongs Potter How old will i be tomorrow?

12th October 2005:
Gr8 story! Keep it up cause i am like- wow! :-) (sorry i am a bit confusing!) ya...... so anyways, update and well- BYE!!

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Review #6, by Ellie Oopsies

1st October 2005:
I love your story! Please update!! Harry is the cutest little toddler in the world, i aven't seen a story like this so far with Harry getting younger. do you know any stories like that? because yours is gr8.

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Review #7, by DADA_teach Oopsies

9th September 2005:
Good, Good, please update soon

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Review #8, by Saranya Oopsies

16th August 2005:
omg this story is so cute....good job

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Review #9, by Aunie Em Oopsies

8th August 2005:
Pleez continue this !!!

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Review #10, by Wyrmskyld Oopsies

10th June 2005:
XD!!! I love it! But there are only two chapters. ;_; More? Soon?

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Review #11, by Archaelady Oopsies

5th May 2005:
Its a very funny story and keep up the good work.

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Review #12, by Reka Mina Kintar Oopsies

27th April 2005:
awsome story! get the next chapter out soon!

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Review #13, by HAWEE How old will i be tomorrow?

4th April 2005:
I love this story it is so cool Harry as a 3 year old is really funny-imagine horrible old Dudwy putting mud in Harry's chocolate milk!

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Review #14, by red_hot_snitch Oopsies

4th March 2005:

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Review #15, by madeye Oopsies

27th January 2005:
i really like ur storie, please hav more up soon

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Review #16, by Miguel Oopsies

12th January 2005:
Very weird, update soon though.

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Review #17, by lillyeverevans Oopsies

11th January 2005:
lol...i luv it...harry is so sweat!

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Review #18, by bluecow219 [not signed in] Oopsies

5th January 2005:
OMG! HILARIOUS! LoL, this is great! Oooh, you should have one person from each house! There can be the Ernie Mcmillan person and....and...Luna! Okay, so she's not in their year - oh well! She can be two years old! Aw, that'd be so cute! Jeez, even as a child Draco was a brat! Truly great story - on my faves as soon as I sign in! [I have to be on our other computer] Update soon!

Author's Response: That's not a bad idea... I might end up using it if i run out of idea's. Would you mind?

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Review #19, by ss10009 Oopsies

2nd January 2005:
cool story! added to my faves right away!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #20, by swirling_vortex Oopsies

2nd January 2005:
HA!! so funny, now malfoy is 3 years old too!! and soooo cute, omg!!! keep writing!! ps: i would not mind hearing about ur accident

Author's Response: well, i was surfing and this huge wave crashed me right into the shore, then my board crashed right into my leg and ripped of all my toe nails on my left foot, i have absolutly no toenails on that foot now and almost no skin. And it broke my leg and my big toe, which sucked 'cause i couldn't go into the water for the rest of my trip :( anyways i'm trying to update right now but its not working *sigh* i promise the next chapter will be out in a few days!

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Review #21, by OntheVerge Oopsies

26th December 2004:
I cannot wait to see what happens next! I love that Draco is a kid now too!

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Review #22, by Charmed Ravenclaw Oopsies

23rd December 2004:
This is really cute! Awe! Draco the 3 year old.

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Review #23, by whitestag Oopsies

23rd December 2004:
ohhh i get it draco is 3 and he is bossy not harry, harry is crying *snuggles with harry* dont cy i love you *hugs draco* you so cute you know wat you want! so cute apoligize to harrry he isnt a baboon!

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Review #24, by whitestag Oopsies

23rd December 2004:
omg he is so cute and bossy *snuggles with baby harry* arent you the cutest thing ever!? yes you r , I CANT WAIT TILL THE ENXT ONE

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Review #25, by padfootwalks4eva Oopsies

23rd December 2004:
Lmao! Yes Harry! Make your minons dance! *cackles* Lmao! Great story and update soon! =D

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