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Review #1, by xXHermione's TwinXx If Tomorrow Never Comes

25th April 2006:
wow amazing!!!!!! a real tear jerker!!! well done!!!!!i loved it!!!!

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Review #2, by Starfire Potter24 If Tomorrow Never Comes

7th October 2005:
Very good story! I loved it!

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Review #3, by Angel Hope If Tomorrow Never Comes

28th August 2005:
awwwwwwwww that was soo sad and it was really good. kinda took me a while to get round to readin it but im glad i did.

Author's Response: it took you a while to get around to it? thanks?

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Review #4, by Angel Hope If Tomorrow Never Comes

6th August 2005:
OMG ahhhhhhhhh yay I LOVE THAT SONG!!! yay!! i havent even read it yet but yay!!!!

Author's Response: im flattered! yes i know i love that song too...thats why its on here lol. well, when you read it, i hope you like it!

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Review #5, by kilala_babe If Tomorrow Never Comes

15th June 2005:
I LOVED IT i cryed becasue the samething happend to me you are a Great wrighter keep up the good work this stiry made me remember my Branden i lost him to when i was 15 iam now 18 it has not been very long but it stle hurts but i have a lot of good memoriys so thank you

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Review #6, by Lovestruck90 If Tomorrow Never Comes

15th June 2005:
Im ok........ i swear..... *sobs* oh its soooo sad!!!

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Review #7, by Nina_wife_of _Fres If Tomorrow Never Comes

17th April 2005:
oh my god!!!! that song always makes me cry ........ you wrote this really well! I love it! well done ::claps::

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Review #8, by tomfeltonisdeadsexy If Tomorrow Never Comes

12th April 2005:
*sniff sniff* how sad. but very well writen. great job!

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Review #9, by HWayre If Tomorrow Never Comes

22nd March 2005:
That was so sad I have always hated Draco but now I not to sure. But great story any-way

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Review #10, by YOU ARE STUPID If Tomorrow Never Comes

19th March 2005:
tomorow will come morron, go smoke some floo powder crack head.

Author's Response: wtf?

Author's Response: tomorow may never come////try reading Revelations

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Review #11, by lolliepop_gurl If Tomorrow Never Comes

15th March 2005:
**Wipes tears away** it's so sad, i can't say i love it coz i hate it when people die, but its excellent, really well written and so so sad. I'm putting it in my favourites

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Review #12, by Aidayla If Tomorrow Never Comes

14th March 2005:
I've never been a Draco-Hermione shipper....but I really enjoyed your story regardless.

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #13, by 0o0_Hermione_0o0 If Tomorrow Never Comes

13th February 2005:
OMG *sniffles* That is such a tear jerker! that is the best one-shot shory yet! I'll be sure to read your other story as well!

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Review #14, by HarrysDragonfly If Tomorrow Never Comes

13th February 2005:
Just so you know, Ronon Keating doesnt sing If Tomorrow Never's Garth Brooks

Author's Response: sorry but, i have the cd, and yeah he does

Author's Response: Garth Brooks wrote it, he didnt sing it

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Review #15, by theonly1whoeverknew If Tomorrow Never Comes

31st January 2005:
you should have put a giant WARNING YOU WILL CRY!! this is fantastic

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Review #16, by liz_anya If Tomorrow Never Comes

2nd January 2005:
Ooooohhh... this has 2 b 1 of the saddest fanfics I've ever read. Mind, I'm not a D/H shipper AT ALL, but I absolutely love this story. *tears* Ne1 have a tissue?

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Review #17, by Anoynomous If Tomorrow Never Comes

27th December 2004:

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Review #18, by Kim If Tomorrow Never Comes

20th December 2004:
Nice plot line and character development. I like the inclusion of Pansy, who most people (myself included) forget about completely. As far as writing style goes, I want to warn you about your use of passive voice. You say, "The state of everyone was very sad. Pansy was being held in Ron’s arms and was in a flood of tears. Ginny and Harry weren’t crying, but Ginny was hanging onto Harry’s arm as if for dear life," but it would be MUCh stronger and flow better to say, "Everyone shook with unshed tears. Pansy collapsed in Ron’s arms and finally broke down and sobbed. Ginny hung onto Harry’s arm as if for dear life." Also, avoid cliches such as "for dear life." Try instead, "As though letting go of him would be letting go of their friend forever." In terms of plot, you're very abrupt. I would try adding more conversation at the beginning, allowing the current lives of the characters to build. Instead of telling us that Voldemort is gone, show the changes in the wizarding world, or maybe Hogwarts since we are familiar with it. Instead of informing us of Hermione's romance, tell us how it developed. You make me curious - why would Draco and Pansy have become good? What in their personalities brought you to the conclusion that they instead of others joined Harry? Why do you say Pansy came later? Finally, I think this might be a real song, or did you write it? Either way, it fits very well, but I would like an explanation of who is saying it, or is it in the background. Maybe denote it more seperately with >><< or other marks. If it is someone else's, credit it. You have a wonderful start, and a clear and consise writing style. I expect to see excellent writings out of you!

Author's Response: thank you so much for the response! i really appreciate authors who try to help out others, and dont jut say "OMG SO GOOD! UPDATE MORE!" which seems to be getting old very quickly, as on 5 years ago...,. i will of course pay attention to your advice and apply it to my writing (which i am not as fond of as people say i should be)! thanks again, eb1981

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Review #19, by gemini69 If Tomorrow Never Comes

16th December 2004:
OMG!!! I think I'm gonna start bawling now! I need to go off and have a good crying jag and eat about a pound of chocolate! That was soooo good. Bria

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Review #20, by lil_lust_potion If Tomorrow Never Comes

10th December 2004:
omg im like crying !! it was soo sad

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Review #21, by lostsoulsforever If Tomorrow Never Comes

7th December 2004:
wow, oh wow... *tears* that was sad! absolutely amazing, but sad... love it!

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Review #22, by fourthiv If Tomorrow Never Comes

6th December 2004:
that was so sad...

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Review #23, by natalie If Tomorrow Never Comes

2nd December 2004:
that iz well good. write more coz it iz so good

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Review #24, by trickyteetee93 If Tomorrow Never Comes

1st December 2004:
wow that was realy scary and sad but it gave a good message espesialy now when the world is getting to its worst point ever and just so you know i tell every on e that i love that i love them at least twice a day

Author's Response: youre so right! thanks for the reveiw!

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Review #25, by kait hobbit If Tomorrow Never Comes

1st December 2004:
i'll tell you right off the bat, I'm not a d/hr. person but that was really really good and I loved the song, i just have one question, RON AND PANSY! (sorry, overprotective of ickle ronniekins). Once again this was brillant!

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