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Review #1, by Brightpaw The Life and Death of Draco Malfoy

12th July 2014:
This was lovely! I doubt you'll read this, as this was finished so long ago... but I noticed in your response to one of the reviews you mentioned The Death of Ivan Illyich. I totally thought of that when you mentioned Draco's injury! It just came out of nowhere in the same way. Though by the way, I absolutely hated reading that and this was so much better!

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Review #2, by Twisted Misery The Life and Death of Draco Malfoy

10th January 2009:
This was beautiful!!! I really enjoyed reading your story!! you're really talented!

Author's Response: woah.

Thank you. Wow.

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Review #3, by Anony_Mouse The Life and Death of Draco Malfoy

18th November 2006:
Oh my gosh, that is so sad! It's wonderful! You actually made me sad that Malfoy died, and (no offense) I normally don't like him very much! You also mad the Ginny/Malfoy pairing work! Kudos to you! ***Hands candy*** Good job!

Author's Response: Well, seeing as i basically ripped off (terribly) the Death of Ivan Illyich yeah, thanks for the compliment. It gives me faith in myself.

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Review #4, by pens82 The Life and Death of Draco Malfoy

10th October 2006:

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Review #5, by Angel of Grief The Life and Death of Draco Malfoy

5th July 2005:
Oh, my God... It's so sad!... Although the "good Draco- who comes out in the end" is a theme that i often have used, and am thinking to publish one of my stories about that... Loved it, anyway!!!!! I think you are right about Draco, as well as all the others who have seen him in such a light are... Everybody has a good side!

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review! Very thoughtful of you to actually explain yourself (I just got my first flame yesterday, and that warm fuzzy feeling has yet to go away! It was quite funny actually. It was on another site of course...).

I agree, no one is evil, even Draco, it just takes him longer to figure it out.

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Review #6, by BabyPhat The Life and Death of Draco Malfoy

1st February 2005:
that was beautiful...

Author's Response: Is it really?Thank you very much. I'd hoped that people would respond to it, just this isn't what i'd imagined people to be telling me. Beautiful... Hmm...

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Review #7, by Krazycase The Life and Death of Draco Malfoy

26th January 2005:
That was Beautifully written.

Author's Response: Thank you Krazycase. I don't know what to say, just, thanks.

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Review #8, by Ash Black The Life and Death of Draco Malfoy

11th January 2005:
>> That was REALLY sad, and you displayed such a passionate Draco... great story. You are completely right about Draco!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I know most people argue that draco's just a nastly little slytherin, but just because you're nasty, doesn't mean you have no soul, no feelings. I truly enjoy writing about him. Exploring what could possibly be going through his mind.


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Review #9, by Cor_leonis The Life and Death of Draco Malfoy

4th December 2004:
Nice writing. I'll admit, I never really pictured Draco as Lucius's puppet. I always thought he was proud of his father, bragging about how lousy Hogwarts was and all that. Interesting that you paired him with Ginny, but the snide remarks seemed to work. Good job.

Author's Response: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the review. It is very much appreciated! I'm glad you thought my 'spin' was interesting. Unfortunately, i don't think that i can take comeplete credit for it. I'm pretty sure i've seen it (the draco thing0 else where. Not that my fic is completely unoriginal. The plot was all mine, and Leo Tolstoy that is.

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Review #10, by mistyqueen The Life and Death of Draco Malfoy

29th November 2004:
this is such a sad story other than that it is well written and now i must resort to my homework b/c i have a major essay project grade due tomorrow and well it sucks so i have to leave this sob review of my pain ...lol just kidding anyway koodus p.s. school sucks:)

Author's Response: sorry it's so sad. I hope it's not too depressing. well, what do you expect when a story has 'the death of...' in it's title? Well, if it had been labled 'humor' .... ah, who knows? thanks for the review. I love them. there the only things that keep me writing in this stressful and crazy work, i mean, world. Thanks again. by the way, have you read my personal information? That comment seems familiar...

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