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Review #1, by zoe The Headmistress

12th February 2005:
that was messed up! but funny!

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Review #2, by Pheonix Feather The Headmistress

19th December 2004:
Very quirky and funny. I like how Hermione has split personalities. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks! And stay tuned, pt3 coming soon ^^, (gee, I sound like one of those annoying commercial people).

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Review #3, by ginny_lover The Headmistress

14th December 2004:
Sorry for calling your story "weird." I still like it. Hey, I wrote a story. Please R&R, ok? Thanks. P.S. My stories called "The Video Game Wars." It's in the General category.

Author's Response: That's OK. It's meant to be weird. And of course I'll read your story....it sounds fun!

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Review #4, by ginny_lover The Headmistress

10th December 2004:
ok, now your story's getting weird, but I like it. Keep going.

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Review #5, by meluvshp The Headmistress

7th December 2004:
hi! it is me! i am back! *u scream in terror and run far far away* vry nice! LOL Gryffindork

Author's Response: *hides behind tree* No.....I am not here! *puts on pink bunny mask and jumps out* ROOOOOOAAAAAAR!

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Review #6, by lala The Headmistress

1st December 2004:
Hahahah!Yay,Dan is here!But where's Rupert?:( This is so funny!And I'm sorry for the Ron mix up,he seemed smarter than usual to me<_<.Heh. Still,update soon(not rushing)

Author's Response: Sorry......I didn't want to include lots of people. And Ron is kinda sane (if you wanna call it thaty =P) so I suppose Rupert wouldn't affect him much. Sorry....I'm glad you like it!

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Review #7, by Terrance Walker The Very Much Altered Third Year

1st December 2004:
It was hard to follow because there was a partial E.E. Cummings style to it; the paragraph did not change when the speaker changed thus I was confused. Otherwise it was decent, it was slightly humorous.

Author's Response: er..........

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Review #8, by ^_^ The Headmistress

30th November 2004:
Very amusing.

Author's Response: Glad you think so! =)

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Review #9, by lala The Very Much Altered Third Year

29th November 2004:
ha,that was funny!and I like how you made ron the only smart one(excluding the twins)write more!

Author's Response: Um actually ron isn't smart......eg: that sandwich could have killed u by cholestrol! He only thinks he is smart. =) thanks for reviewing! Chapter 2 is coming soon!

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Review #10, by meluvshp The Very Much Altered Third Year

28th November 2004:
hahaha i like it! and DON'T i repeat DON'T give up on ur ther story! i 4 1 like it!

Author's Response: Thanks meluvshp! Ur always giving me positive things to write to you!

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Review #11, by ginny_lover The Very Much Altered Third Year

28th November 2004:
Just the laugh I needed. Thax! It was so funny that I couldn't stop laughing-and I'm still laughing. Great work! Hack-cough-hack!

Author's Response: ^_^ Thankz! Wow, you like it? Cool!

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